The 50 Best Robots Ever

The 50 Best Robots pictures

They’re exploring the deep sea and distant planets. They’re saving lives in the operating room and on the battlefield. They’re transforming factory floors and filmmaking. They’re – oh c’mon, they’re just plain cool! From Qrio to the Terminator, here are our absolute favorites (at least for now).

From Wired Magazine with love: a nifty trip down memory lane that also doubles as a nerd test! There are plenty of familiar faux faces here, just waiting to say hi. R2D2, Hal 9000, Robby the Robot, Optimus Prime, the “classic sexbot” from “Metropolis,” the Terminator, and the Iron Giant all show up for the party. We were pleased to see the attack droids from the 1984 Tom Selleck sci-fi thriller “Runaway” and David Hasseloff’s first lifesaver, Kitt, the “smooth-talking, self-driving” Trans Am from “Knight Rider.” Even the Tin Woodman, “though technically a cyborg,” makes an appearance. Yeah, a lot of this stuff is super geeky (Autonomous Benthic Explorer, anyone?), but what can we say? Nerd out and see how you score out of fifty.

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QRIO Robot # 6

We are the web

Ten years ago the World Wide Web came into being for most of us, and
Wired Magazine is marking what has been a remarkable decade of life
changing technology with a series of articles in its August issue. Today we see blogs, wikipedia, open source projects, peer-to-peer networks behold the power of the people.
It may seem obvious now, but those who first imagined the Web had an
uphill battle to persuade people that it was possible – and would be
useful. Kevin Kelly’s “We Are the Web” details the public and
democratic nature of what we now rely on daily. And guess what by 2015 everyone alive will (on average) write a song, author a book, make a video, craft a weblog, and code a program. 175,000 books were published and more than 30,000 music albums were released in the US last year and at the same time 14 million blogs lauanced worldwide. Sure we are the web and future seems to be bright!