Remembering Chernobyl Nuclear Nightmares

Twenty years ago y’day, the world’s worst nuclear disaster blew the roof off the Chernobyl Nuclear Power Plant in Ukraine. For many people, the event seems far off, and much has changed in the decades since. But for those who live in Chernobyl and other former Soviet towns, afflictions from nuclear accidents and experiments remain an intimate part of their lives.

I hope human learn something from it. There is still great dangerous because of Nuclear bombs.

Photographer Robert Knoth and reporter Antoinette De Jong have traveled through the Ukraine, Urals, Kazakhstan, and Siberia to capture, in searing black-and-white portraits, the way that nuclear radiation has forever altered the humans who face it

The E-Mail Time Capsule that automatically email you in up to 20 years later

This is funny but really cool stuff, just imagine you are getting an email from the future. lets you create an e-mail time capsule that will automatically email you in up to 20 years later. It will be a big surprise for you in the future.

Most time capsules involve cramming stuff into a metal box and burying it in a hole in the ground. It’s a method that works –but it’s so primitive. What if you could write an email to yourself, and be assured of receiving it twenty years in the future?

That’s what we’ve done with this email time capsule. Simply fill out the fields below, decide how long you want the capsule to be sealed for, and hit send. We’ll do our best to make sure the message gets delivered.

I hope email ID remains same after 20 years later and most important capsule keep all the information in database and email them on time ;) The E-Mail Time Capsule is here, don’t forget to leave yourself a secret note for the year 2025