American and European companies want to setup N plants in India

French and American N-tech firms eying India according to new article in times of India.
All of them just waiting for the nuclear deal to be cleared out in Washington.

According this TOI article sources, Westinghouse, GE, Atomstroy Export and Areva will be at the starting line-up to bid for nuclear power reactors for India.

Now if I consider past history of US and high interest by big tech firms means the congress will pass the said bill.

An extraordinary dinner that changed my life

Shaily Mishra has published very nice article in Times of India’s The Speaking Tree section titled as “An extraordinary dinner that changed my life”. From the article “One night God appeared in my dreams and asked me to have dinner with Him the following night. The venue was the restaurant not from my home and time was 9 pm I was confused. Should I go ahead and keep my dinner appointment with God or dismiss the invitation as a crazy dream?“. Read the full article online

This story gives very nice message “you have to be honest with God everyday.” This is what happens most of time with me. I am only honest on holey days and other days I do not remain honest. I am still thinking on this one….

King – Kong – Amateur team claims It found signs of Bigfoot in kerala India

King - Kong - Amateur team claims It found signs of Bigfoott

It look like Peter Jackson’s king kong movie giant character was true. A team of amateur claims it found signs of Bigfoot. They found the footprints of a giant man who had shoe size of 29″. According to them giant was:

  • Weighted over 400Kg
  • May have been as tall as 17 ft
  • Full grown male had 29 inch foot print
  • Footprint found at Karalmanna, kerala, India.

If I considering any average height of male (5 ftp 6/” 6ft +) today it was really a giant. S R Krishnaswamy the man who lead the team said that “This is a site where many unknown geological, archaeological and anthropological facts lie buried”. I guess carbon dating and other scientific method may through some light in coming days. Only after detailed analysis, we can accept stories regarding giant and his Bigfoot.

Times of India has more information: King Kong in Kerala

Google earth images created storm across India

Legally you are not allowed to take photos or visit military installation. However google’s earth allows to have eye on India Air Force (IAF) yelahanka base, HAL factory, PM’s house, parliament house other important location in country.
Googles new released images allows anyone to see all these important location. You can’t see sensitive location such as white house, but here it is displaying all sensitive location.
Government of India announced inquiry, as result of this google earth site may be get blocked if order by government. Check out google earth india image of Rashtrapati Bhavan and yelahanka base below:

Indian Air Force (IAF) yelahanka base
Indian Air Force (IAF) yelahanka base

Rashtrapati Bhavan
Rashtrapati Bhavan

According to googlecommunity

India seems to have lost Kashmir to Pakistan on Google Earth. Yes, that is how the map shows India-Pakistan borders.. Kashmir, India does not exist, but Kashmir, Pakistan exists.. the international borders shown have completely carved out Kashmir from India”. This is serious problem and remember Microsoft did same mistake and that cost them lot of money. Same thing can happen with Google.