Proof: Practice makes a man perfect

This article explains why repetitive studying and training is effective. It makes you perfect. Based upon my personal experience, it is true. Now scientist got proof that backups the claim.

Practice makes perfect — or at least that’s what we’re told as we struggle through endless rounds of multiplication tables, goal kicks and piano scales — and it seems, based on the personal experience of many, to be true. That’s why neuroscientists have been perplexed by data showing that at the level of individual synapses, or connections between neurons, increased, repetitive stimulation might actually reverse early gains in synaptic strength. Now, neuroscientists from Carnegie Mellon University and the Max Planck Institute have discovered the mechanism that resolves this apparent paradox. The findings are published in the Jan. 4 issue of Science.

=> Novel mechanism for long-term learning identified by Carnegie Mellon researchers