Resetting RX and TX counters

You need to remove driver related to Ethernet card. Under Linux use following commands:

1) Find out driver attached to eth0 using following command
lsmod | less

2) Remove the driver using rmmod command:
rmmod driver-name

3) Again insert driver into kernel using
modprobe driver-name

For example, let us assume your driver name is 8139too , then your command should be (log in as root user):
# rmmod 8139too
# modprobe 8139too

Verify that RX and TX couters reset:

Under FreeBSD use following the commands:

Get list of loaded drivers, and find out ID of device driver related to Ethernet
# kldstat

Remove driver
# kldunload driver-ID

Load driver into kernel:
# kldload -v driver-name

Don’t try this command on remote server via telnet or ssh, at it will take down your connection. For more information please see
FreeBSD : How to unload (remove) device driver (module) from kernel
FreeBSD How to list device drivers (modules) loaded in memory?
FreeBSD : How to unload (remove) device driver (module) from kernel

How Do I Remotely Reboot Linux System?

A remote Linux / UNIX server can be rebooted using following methods:

A) Login to remote server using ssh as root user and use any one of the following syntax:

ssh root@remote-server-ip


ssh root@remote-server-name

When prompted for password please supply remote server root password.

B) Type reboot command as follows:


You can also save time using the following reboot command over ssh session:
ssh [email protected] reboot
ssh [email protected] reboot