Reduce Hardware Piracy with EPIC

Interesting development; from the article:
Hardware piracy, or making knock-off microchips based on stolen blueprints, is a burgeoning problem in the electronics industry.

Computer engineers at the University of Michigan and Rice University have devised a comprehensive way to head off this costly infringement: Each chip would have its own unique lock and key. The patent holder would hold the keys. The chip would securely communicate with the patent-holder to unlock itself, and it could operate only after being unlocked.

The technique is called EPIC, short for Ending Piracy of Integrated Circuits. It relies on established cryptography methods and introduces subtle changes into the chip design process. But it does not affect the chips’ performance or power consumption.

=> Unique locks on microchips could reduce hardware piracy

Microsoft to update it anti-spyware software to remove Sony Anti-Piracy rootkit

Microsoft said that it is goona update it anti-spyware software to remove Sony rootkit. It will remove the file-hiding capabilities of the anti-piracy software installed by some Sony BMG music CDs. Get more here

Microsoft Windows XP Legal version for Rs.1000

Yup Microsoft India to release a low-cost version of its Windows software for India in an attempt to check high piracy levels. It will cost us Rs.1000/- only. So you don’t have to purchase Rs.200/- pirated CD now. Just get legal version :)
Full article here.