Dells PC for open-source OS

Dell’s E510n PC comes with no operating system installed and is geared for customers who want to use open-source software such as Linux. This is really a good news for people like me because we can install whatever we want and the cost will remains low. See photo here and full article here. Also note that few days back Dell Released its First Linux Consumer Product with Mandriva

Squid proxy license

Squid is an open source proxy server. It is full-featured Web proxy cache, designed to run on Unix (linux/BSD/Solaris etc) systems, free and open-source software.
As Linux admin most of the time people ask me about Squid proxy license. Squid is copyrighted by the University of California San Diego. Squid is licensed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

For more inforamation please visit:
GNU General Public License and GNU project.
Offical squid website