Internet Explorer 7 Beta 2

Yesterday night I updated my version of IE 6.x to IE 7.0 beta2. After all this is new version with tabs. So I just wanted to find out how it looks, whether it is better than FireFox web browser and most important CSS support.

IE Tabs

They are almost same as FireFox but one neat feature it allows preview of all tabs on one page

Internet Explorer 7 tabs

CSS Support

I must say this CSS support still sucks. When they are going to implement it perfectly only god knows.


Overall it is not at all polished GUI but again it is in beta may be final version will fix all these problems.

Internet Explorer GUI

PS: FireFox is out :) grab it here

How do I restart inetd service under Linux?

inetd is a daemon on Linux (BSD/Unix) systems that manages Internet services. inetd listens on all ports used by internet services such as FTP, POP3, and telnet. When a TCP packet or UDP packet comes in with a particular port number, inetd launches the appropriate server program to handle the connection. This uses memory more efficiently, as the other daemons do not run constantly.

Under old version of RedHat Linux you can restart inetd (login as root user):
# killall -HUP inetd

Note above command should work with almost any Linux distrobution.

New version of RedHat Linux (Fedora) comes with xinetd daemon, which can be restarted as follows:
# service xinetd restart

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