How do I upgrade Windows 2000 or 2003 server nework card port speed?

I have already wrote how to upgrade port speed under Red Hat or Debian Linux. If you would like to upgrade or downgrade port speed under Windows 2003 server just use following guideline.

By default, most dedicated hosting service provider or your network administrator will provide you (hook you to) 10Mbps connection to Internet. If you would like to upgrade either of your port speeds to 100mbps or 1000mbps, you need to ask your network administrator to make port upgrade at network switch level. Once the network admin changed the port speed you need to make changes to Windows 2003 networking.

Please note that information outlined here also applies to Windows XP and other version of Windows operating systems.

=> Click on Start button
=> Open Control Panel
=> Select Network connections
=> Select the network interface (if you have multiple network cards) i.e. Local area connection #1.
=> Right click Properties
=> Click on Configure button
=> The driver properties window should open on screen.
=> Select the Advanced tab.
=> Select Link Speed & Duplex from the property list.
=> Select the Value tab to the right and set the port speed you are upgrading to WITH full duplex:

  • For 10 MBS Select: 10Mbps/Full
  • For 100 MBS Select: 100Mbps/Full
  • For 1000 MBS Select: Auto

=> Select the OK Button.
=> Save the changes and close, the network related windows. It may take upto 1 minute for new settings depend upon switch and traffic.

How do I upgrade Windows 2000 or 2003 server port speed?

Mumbai Rain floods and IT

Recent record rain in Mumbai took its toll on IT too. Many call center located in Mumbai diverted work/call to Delhi and Bangalore. This put lots of pressure workload in this cities.
Network administrator had their worst nightmare. Many of cities ATM, phone lines, Mobile networks were down. Although connections resumes now.
My friend needed some money here in Delhi so he went to SBI as well as HDFC ATM and guess what both were down due to rain in Mumbai. Most of the banks in India have data center in Mumbai and rain hits it very badly. In these days of cutting edge computers, Internet, and satellites banking operations should be easy. I don’t believe then don’t have backup servers and routing in first place :( . We claim to be number of hot spot for outsourcing jobs, but we don’t know how to handle such disaster.
These days lots of private data center exists in Delhi, pune, bangalore cities. Why banks in Mumbai partner with them for backup servers and routing i.e. outsource your work to other cities in India itself so rest of the people get service.

Because they have don’t have backup plan in Mumbai the entire banking network went on blink (network is unreachable!!!). This is not good for for developing economic.

Nearly 800+ people are feared to have been killed in worst-ever floods and loss of billions of dollars. May they rest in peace.

Wikipedia has article on Maharashtra floods of 2005.