How Do I Remotely Reboot Linux System?

A remote Linux / UNIX server can be rebooted using following methods:

A) Login to remote server using ssh as root user and use any one of the following syntax:

ssh root@remote-server-ip


ssh root@remote-server-name

When prompted for password please supply remote server root password.

B) Type reboot command as follows:


You can also save time using the following reboot command over ssh session:
ssh [email protected] reboot
ssh [email protected] reboot

Linux Playing encrypted DVD

Linux includes xine, totem or other DVD/movie player softwares. However when it comes to encrypted DVDs most of the DVD player software under Linux generate error:

libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.

Many DVDs use css for encryption. To play these discs, a special library is needed to decode them, libdvdcss. Due to legal problems, Debian and most Linux distro cannot distribute libdvdcss, but it is available on other places on the internet. If it is legal for you to use css, you can download & run script (same script may be installed at location

A) Just login as root and type the command:
Visit url and download the script then type the command:
# ./

OR try as follows if wget is installed in your system

# cd /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples
# sh

B) Once libdvdcss installed you can use them without problem.

C) However in some cases even after installing the libdvdcss does not resolves the problem. Some encrypted DVD still reports the problems such as:
“The source seems encrypted and can’t be read. Are you trying to play an encrypted DVD without libdvdcss?” OR “Media stream scrambled/encrypted” OR error windows as follows:

Xine DVD Software Error

Totern DVD Software Error

This problem can be solved by two ways:

i)Try to update your DVD software such as xine or totem

ii)Or install VLC media player. Under Debian GNU/Linux install vlc using atp-get command :
# apt-get install vlc

iii) Then start vlc and play DVD as follows:
Click on File menu > Select Open Disk > Select disk type > DVD > Click OK

Setup VLC DVD Software to play encrypted DVD

Please note that do not select/click DVD disk type as DVD (menus). This will result into same error. From Navigation and Video menus you can control rest of the operations or move to next/previous titles in DVD.