My Linux Teaching experience

No one is born knowing how to live. Knowledge comes with learning. I’m a teacher and as they said ‘No teacher is without fault’ and there is no such thing as a perfect guru.

Teaching Linux, I have come realise that people are receptive to criticism and advice much more than we believe them to be. As a teacher I need to guide student, and not to shout at him/her or call him/her an idiot when she makes a mistake. I have to always start where he/she is and work from that position. Only then I can create an urge in him to know more. Oh boy, when I see my students moving faster than me and masters the art, it gives me more happiness.

And that is why I share knowledge with others via this tiny site/forum. Freely sharing knowledge with others has two distinct advantages.

* By helping others to improve, I can contribute to the growth of Linux and to the growth of others.
* Shearing knowledge helps me too. To be frank it improves my own understanding as I attempt to teach others and always challenged by their questions.

I hope others can learn something from my experience and contribute back to Linux and your good teaching will helps others.