When goof-up to beat all goof-ups

The Rajiv Gandhi University of Health Sciences did it. It was a goof-up to beat all goof-ups during exam held in August by University. It was a tough start for first year medical students they were given a question paper based on old syllabus, while repeaters were given question paper based on new syllabus. :O
Everyone is blaming technology i.e downloading mix-up is the main reason (call it E-confusion hee). According to University it was the problem of colleges who are responsible for this mess. The papers were sent online, and university official claims paper codes and timetable were given to all colleges, whose administrations messed up and distributed the wrong papers. They (college) simply downloaded wrong questions papers sent by university.
I can only say it is students it is bad luck for all students. Everyone is crying on technology. But sorry to say this is not technology who is responsible for mess-up. Technology is tool and one need to use it carefully especially if it is playing with future of students. Those who got wrong questions papers they can’t clear the exam and hope university arranges re-exam, although university officials have ruled out this possibility.