Why I can’t see the GOD?

Air or electricity cannot be seen. It does not have a form.

But we can sense Air or experience the electricity.

According to Kalki Bhagwan “God is formless and can be experienced only through his manifestations. The easiest one is when he incarnates on the plant in a human form (avatars).

Kalki is Avatar of Vishnu who will come to end the current Kali Yuga.

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  1. it is not necessary that GOD can be experienced only through his human form…
    but..we all are the Luckiest as Kalki Bhagwan is there with us today!!! to teach us everything!!

  2. Amma Bhagwan Sharnam
    I have prayer to AmmaBhagwan for my very great desire. But it is not completed.The thing happened is completely opposite.


  4. Everyone, just wait till december 2012 & u will see the world changed completly, people who now disagrees with the existance of superpower will come to know about it & it will be proven scientifically, also, there will be no diffrences of nationalities,reigion,castes etc….So Jus hang in there till the YEAR 2012!

  5. it is not necessary to see god, if u experience then automatically you see it.
    Pray for it to Amma Bhagwan
    R U completed Youth Deeksha?
    If not please take it? It change ur life completely/

  6. Hi Everyone,

    SUB : Tell Me Whats Your Problem I Will Tell You How You Can Yourself Solve It. Tell Me What You Want And I Will Tell You How To Get it All BY Yourself. It Was Never As Simple As That. As a Matter Of Fact It Was Always As simple As That.

    Remember following when you ask any question.

    1. It Should be within Three Sentences flat.

    2. It got To be specific.

    3. I will not answer some questions if I feel not to answer.

    Lastly I will Anwer Only One Person Every Week.

    Since over 25 years I had a desire to know about the Birth, Life & Death. Why This Is So? Was the Question.

    In Year 2000 My Father passed away. He was a very Strong person. He did not have any of health injuring habbits. He preyed to God regularly. Yet in his final days he was very weak. Did not want to even move. Such a strong person and in end became such a week.This has frightened me of the Old Age. This has driven me for the search of whats life very strongly.

    In 2001 I was in depressed state of mind. Then I met Dr. Sudhir Aurora. He has been a sort of philosopher stone in my life. From depression I slowly but very firmly rose. I had ups & downs but none that could shake me anymore. I was very steady. I began reading lots of spritual material. One upon other I found fantastic information which I always desired. But I could never say now that is it to myself. So the search continued.

    Meanwhile since 2003 I have stopped preying to God and going to Temple. Though if my friends or my spouse wanted I would visit a temple, I would bend down infront of God. But my heart was never there. I was having a fine time of my life by general standards.

    In Dec 2006 someone told me about Amma Bhagwan. Now I felt that this is all 19th century superstition these people are talking about. But listened to them next occasion without judgement. Asked many questions that surely annoyed them sometimes. I couldn’t care less. I wanted to know what is it.

    So In Jan07 I landded a Vardepalem for Phal Diksha. The Bhajan and & Kirtans I deeply hated were the part of teaching there. Then I remembered Dr. Aurora saying when you can not change a situation try to enjoy the situation. As i have already paid the Diksa fee, came all the way down to this place, I decided to take part fully in the proceedings. So I went into Bhajans fully. All the people there talked about solving their common day to day relation and financial problems. I found only myself to be without any of these common problems. None was looked to seek about what the life is about. To top it up Padukas did not move for me for seven times. All Tom, Dick and Harries Padukas were moving. Damn, I said this arn’t no place for me. So at the end of 2nd day I have decided to quit.

    However My spouse and other two persons persued me to be there for the third day. That was the 180 digree turning point of my life. I began to clearly understand what the life is about. This can not be stated in words. As all know the words are too limited. A single sentence can be understood by diffrent people to carry diffrent meaning.

    Many of my questions started to get answred effortlessly. Later again Dr. Aurora guided me to have experience the things conciously. Cautioned and asked me to watch for the games of Ego.

    There are so many things just happening in my life. I Have to put in about 25% of efforts 75% of efforts are put by Amma Bhagwan or the Divine or The Supreme Energy or The Allah, or The Jesus Christ or Lord Buddha, Lord Mahavira The Jinendra or whatever it is..

    Now I know why to prey. How to prey. In last month or so AmmaBhagwan through me has helped/ guided about ten people.

    I can Help anybody who seeks. I seek the guidance of AmmaBhagwan to do so.

    Feel Free To Seek Any assistance to solve the problems of your life. I ask them for answers to Amma Bhagwan. Their answers are conveyed through me. I can Also teach you to how to ask directly for help From Buddha, Allah, Jesus Khrist, Lord Ganesha, Amma Bhagwan or any other God you ever belived of.

    Why we should have 100% faith in the Devine And How to Have that 100% faith.

    This is from a person who always doubted the very existance of GOD.

    Warm Regards,

    Mr. One Many All One

  7. Hi Everybody there,

    Hope the Divine help is coming in everyones life.

    What did you say, not yet in your life. Don’t you worry, it will come. This only means your “I” is still very strong. You yet believe that your and your sole efforts and work will always pay off. Nothing else matters much.

    Fine. Very fine. Keep going the way you want. If you are going to seek the devine, it must be a desire deep within you. Or you are better off without Divines grace.

    The life goes on. On the way you will always find the sign posts to guide you. Never mind, you may ignore them till one day you, by yourself think of understanding the guide posts.

    Occasionaly take a time out to sit quietly. All by oneself. Look at all those things you have achieved. All those successes you have manufactured out of your sheer hard work. Look how you have conqured the adverse environments.

    Ask quietly to yourself do you realy feel fulfilled?

    If yes, keep marching the way you had been.

    If no, then you have only one thing left not done i.e. seek the Divine, Look for the God, Allah, Jesus Christ, The Buddha, AmmaBhagwan and any of the figures looked upon in your society as Godly Image.

    And yes please forget the old notion of you have to suffer to be blessed by God. Forget you have to sacrifice for to be loved by The God.

    As a matter of fact first love yourself. First be satisfied yourself. First be happy yourself. The by product of this is you will be of great help and solace to others automaticaly. Don’t worry your inner voice will always guide about what is sheer selfishness and what is Caring/Loving oneself.

    A wealthy man can definately help other financialy. A strong man can definately be of some use to weak’s.

    A Happy Man Can Easily Distribute Happiness Easily.

    Take your time. Don’t go to him half heartedly. For he is your shephard, he is your creator. For Behold you are part of his, He will never punish you just because you are little late in seeking HIM/HER/THOU/GOD/ALLAH/JESUS CHRIST/BUDDHA/KRISHNA/AmmaBhagwan and for scientific scholers the ENERGY, the FORMLESS.

    Please remember the gender I have used earlier in my quotes above have absolute no meaning. Its neither HIM or HER. Its one HIM & HER.

    Love for me & love for all.


    One Many All One
    [email protected]






    ask your teacher at brahmakumaris centre (of your area) about it … and communicate me later (only after u under go one weeks course)


    RAVI TAMBADE([email protected])


  9. hi everybody.
    i was a very “rational” and logically thinking person before i attended my youth deeksha last week. my experiences were similar to the ones described by Mr one many all one above.
    now, i not only believe in the power and might of the avatar, but i have also started reading/searching for more. i am looking forward to attend the mahadeeksha ASAP. there can be a thousand different ways in which god can manifest into our lives but we will be introduced to his might and power only in the way that he feels right for us. i request all of you who havent received deeksha yet to do so ASAP. it is the transformation that everyone deserves. just think of being there and the rest will fall into place. for further doubts, feel free to ask me.

  10. Dear all,

    Please read the coment by Mr. Ravi Tambade above. He was nice to guide me. He definately has the true brotherhood they have at Prajapita Bramhakumari Institute.

    Yah. It has been years I heard/read about that Institute. Never bothered to know what it is about. After Mr. Ravi’s advice I decided I would make a point to visit that institute yesterday.

    Today during my work timings I could find Prajapita Bramhakumari’s (PB) gathering held at a place.

    Now do not get surprised. Since I had known AmmaBhagwan these kind of things i.e. that a thought comes to my mind and very soon AmmaBhagwan make it to realise.

    At the gathering I could spend half an hour. Its organisation which promotes the Brotherhood. It preaches that we all are the childrens of one God. Fundamentaly we are all one.

    Very soon I will attend the course of seven days. Each day 45 minutes only. They also emphasize on ones own personal experience.

    That looks as attractive as my lovely AmmaBhagwan. That also speaks somewhat like my Gracious AmmaBhagwan. Same thing in little different format.

    Why not enjoy all kind of GODS.

    I feel that you guys and girls and why not the Aunties and uncles also can make visit to Prajapita Bramhakumari’s place nearby you.
    They have the branches spread all over India.

    But when you are there listen carefully. Don’t bring the knowledge received at Varedapalen in between. If you do than you may miss the single beauty in both i.e. AmmaBhagwan And Prajapita Bramhakunari. The similarity is striking and lovely.

    Bye Bye.

    Love for me, Love for all
    One MAny All One

  11. I’ve been to Nemam . Its so relaxing when u once meet Amma Bhagwan. I’m going for the youth course .So if u want to learn from god and get that eternal feeling within u, You can contact me on 9833263133

  12. Hi Everyone,

    I am just back from Nemam.

    I saw Amma. She is pure love, Beauty and Grace all together.

    Oh! You ought to see it to believe it.

    As a matter of fact I didn’t go there. The Ma has taken me to her. It all happened just like that. I have spent about 33,000/-. That is a big amount from my earning point of view. But all that money was arranged by Amma. Was spent in meeting her. Her money spent for me, to get the divine Darshan.

    You too may not have that kind of money. Just prey to them. They will arrange for you. They have arranged for me. They will arrange for you. For them I am no better than you.

    The love and peace I found there is indescribable.

    She is bringing so beautiful things in my life. I don’t have to put in any effort.

    Please do not worry if nice and beautiful things are not coming to your life without effort. They will come. Just seek them. Just stretch your hand for help.

    No, you do not become dependant on them. You rather get liberated from the daily efforts of staying alive.

    Neither you need to leave your religion. You need not to convert. You just have to seek your Family, Community, Nations Deity. Or for some religions no deity but The Formless. Just go to it as a child goes to their parents seeking anything they want to their parents.

    They / It always loves us. For we doubt them. Even then its not our fault when we doubt. A day will come in all of our life to get their grace. For some little sooner and for some little late. For some like a heavy rain shower for some like a light drizzling rain.

    Please have patience. Seek and it shall come.

    There is no escape from their grace. For they love thief and saint equaly. They don’t compare. They don’t condemn nobody.

    Praise your Deity/The formless. Praise The AmmaBhagwan.

    Just prey them. Any way by preying you won’t loose anything. Sure you may gain.

    Love for me. Love for all of you.


  13. Are you involved?

    Brahma Kumaris World spiritual University Love and world peace But what do they really sell?? 70 years of Broken Families and wrecked marriages. Child Abuse, suicide, intoxication, Brainwashing, mind control. Psychological abuse. Sex ban. Violence. Targeting recently bereaved widows. Financial abuse and tax fraud. Failed BKWSU Predictions of Destruction. Brahma Kumaris fake founder. Historical Re-writes. The missing millions.
    Association with the British Prime Minister Tony Blair and his wife Cherie. BKWSU Media chief called to Wikipedia Arbitration.
    Unfounded claims that it operates under the UN (United Nations Organization).
    God’s Word “Internal” Copyright Document of the BKWSU
    BKWSU attempt Child Abuse Cover up at Global Retreat.
    BKWSU Lies and Smokescreen.
    BKWSU students being openly asked to give gifts of silver and gold.
    BKWSU Advises Celibacy for Happiness.
    BKWSU used legal gagging order against husband forbidding him to talk to his own children.
    BKWSU accuses theft.
    BKWSU removes and vandalizes articles critical of the organization.

    Members are encouraged to purify their minds by the practice of Raja Yoga. Humanity is currently reaching the end and thus the world will be destroyed a time they refer to as “Destruction”.
    Brahma Kumaris teach that the sexual relationship is the parent of all other vices and the prime cause of the unhappy state of humanity.
    Celibacy keeps women free from the bondage of husband family and society.
    Belief that Raja Yoga is the precursor to all world religions and that Abraham Jesus Buddha and Mohammed and others must come to them to be taught religion … in their current re-incarnation on Earth at present.
    Beliefs that they and only they are angels or are training in order to become angels and that their senior practitioners are already well developed as angels so as to appear in visions or traveling around the world in their angelic forms that they are the inspiration of the form of angels through out all of history and art. Brahma Kumaris are the inspiration of the form of angels or Gods and Goddesses as seen through out all of history and art and that they are worshipped by religious followers. Beliefs that they are the only true and direct representatives of God. and yet have been accused by cult experts of “allegedly using ‘pernicious’ methods to control its followers”of being “a reclusiveworld-rejecting organization”. The Brahma Kumari World Spiritual University a self-proclaimed University status not recognized by any external authority.
    Dinosaurs existed only 2500 years ago scientists just made a mistake of a adding a few zeros.
    Brahma Kumaris believe that The world is only 5000 years old a Cycle of Time that repeats itself identically….That is right …The Brahma Kumaris believe that you will read this again exactly the same in 5000 years time.
    Social and psychological problems faced by ex-followers have included two suicides within one family a brother and an ex-surrendered sister.
    Followers of the Brahma Kumaris have suffered rape and physical violence from their families and partners due to stresses caused by the Brahma Kumaris.
    Documented incidents of child abuse within the organisation brushed a side by leaders as due to the bad karma of the children suffering sex abuse and outside of their responsibility the perpetrators avoid punishment or reporting to police.
    The Brahma Kumaris believe that mothers must not have attachment for their children and encourage followers whose children do not wish to lead a celibate life to fend for themselves.
    The Brahma Kumaris call non-BK “normal” human beings “Shudras”which defines as “lowest caste untouchables” and their religions … Judaism Buddhism Christianity Islam Sikhism and so on are all “The Path of Ignorance” and unable to bring salvation.
    “Only you BK can understand these maters of knowledge and none else.” (The Brahma Kumaris God speaking. Revised Sakar Murli dated 3.1.06 page 3. )
    Discreet historical revision and re-writing of their God’s spoken word to avoid controversy such a sto accommodate increased world population (that is right God does not know how many children he has …) to change speculation over the timing of the Destruction of the world
    World War II 1950 1976 1986 –96 Year 2000…. Any day soon and other matters.
    The Brahma Kumaris believe that the Jews were responsible for their own suffering at the hands of the Nazis.
    The Brahma Kumaris operate a number of front or “service”
    organizations Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual University
    Prajapita Brahma Kumaris Ishwariya Visha Vidyalaya
    Brahma Kumaris World Spiritual Organization
    Brahma Kumaris Educational Society
    Brahma Kumaris Association
    Asociación Espiritual Mundial Brahma Kumaris
    Raja yoga Education & Research Foundation
    Learning Center For Peace
    The Meditation Center
    Inner Space
    Living Values Education Program
    Self Management Leadership
    Visions of a Better World Foundation
    The Janki Foundation for Global Health Care
    Brahma Kumaris Community Education Resources
    Eternity Ink and others.

    And that is just the tip of the iceberg What else do they have to hide?

    To read more http://www.brahmakumaris.info http://www.bkwsuwatch.com

    There are only two fixed truths about the Brahma Kumaris. Firstly they see themselves as being vastly superior over all other religions and all other people. Secondly more money property and land has flowed into its coffers for its own uses than has ever come out of it.

    Their God Shiva states that humanity “receives salvation through Knowledge“ “Knowledge is a source of income” and asks BKs“ Sweet children ask your heart whether you have become fragrant flowers who spread the fragrance of Knowledge“

    I believe I did.
    This is an independent letter based on my own research and experience of the BKWSU Raja Yoga organization. If you or your family are considering joining the BKWSU please investigate these claims to see if there is any truth in them and demand response from the Brahma Kumaris at your local centers.

  14. on 05.08.2007 there was a puja at jalgaon venue is rotary hall west,mayadevinagar.the puja is held under mrs.gauds presence.at first i have no any faith such this.but on saturday my wife called me for ammabhagwans paduka darshanam & i am very glad when i sit before the photo of ammabhgwan&paduka with open hearted worship with a problem in my mind the paduka with steel plate comes to me thouroughly.hence i think YES THE GOD IS THERE.AUM SAT-CHIT-ANANDA PARBRAMAHA PURUSHOTTAMA PARAMATMA SHRI BHAGWATI SAMETHA SHRI BHAGWATI NAMAHA:
    ammabhagwan keep blessings for all.

    On sunday there was a program of ammabhagwan astadevi kalash pujan at jalgaon the venue was rotary club hall at mayadevi nagar.approximately 1500to1750people with their kids at there.from 10.30am to 4.30pm with very peace andsatisfactorily mind at there.accordingly me realy AMMABHAGWAN was there in the hall.everybody feel it.

  16. Hi All,

    The above coment about Bramhakumari by Jh Lancaster must coming from some great suffering or strong commitment to ones own ideas.

    However the best part of it is in end he says ” those are the findings of his own research.”

    Rightly as said by him, I would tell every one not to get into believing anything blindly. Do your research. Get confirmations. Then only go ahead.

    For almost four months I have enquired and checked about AmmaBhagwan. I have asked all kind of doubtful and suspecting of real motives of AmmaBhagwan. I have doubted them almost 100%.

    You got to check what kind of personality you are.

    If you are devotional type, Never having doubts about Gods AND Godman then you can straight way go and fall into the feets of whatever and whomever you want to.

    If you are logical and questinable kind than you must keep asking the questions. get yourself satisfied. Doubt it.

    Importantly, Receive the answers and information without bias. Without prejudgement.

    You will get answers to all of your questions.

    There is no way the God can be away from you. There is no way the Fundamental truth can remain away from you.

    Yes this is the kind of experience I am getting these days.

    I am finding that all the answers for my questions are already existing around. All things I ever dreamed of desired of are already around.

    Then why I didn’t have them.

    Simple I didn’t know the way to get them.

    Now I have learned the way. The main thrust of learning, i got at AmmaBhagwan.

    As a matter of fact it could have been through as diverse as Allah too.

    However I am whole heartedly greatful to them anyway.

    My this week ending today was phenomenal.

    First time I worked for long hours without getting tired. First time I had Scheduled off. I had time to care for my body. I had time to do the kind of service I enjoy doing. I had time for my family. All my job assignments are in total control.

    Never in one week I had time for so many things.

    And now on it is going to be so.

    I have to Thanks many for this in my life. I don’t even have to mention their names. I love them and I thank them for whatever they did for me.

    Love for me Love for All


  17. Mr One:

    I came in contact with the devotees of AmmaBhagavan about a year ago and since then my family (my mother, sisters) starting worshipping AmmaBhagvan. I too don’t have any thing against Bhagvan but I have a problem convincing myself totally that He is an incarnation, the divinity that people they that they are (Amma & Bhagavan).

    The padukas of Bhagavan moved for me a couple of times when I inhenrently prayed to show me the nature of their divinity. In otherwords I prayed Bhagavan to produce doubtless belief in my heart. Actually I am willing to go and meet Him, talk to Him.

    A have a couple of questions that I seek your help on:

    1. Are you convinced to the core of your heart, without any doubt that He is the incarnation?

    2. Why is it that one has to pay huge money (to have to talk to them I need to pay a 100000 Rs. for 5 people itseems. Money is not a financial problem, but the fact that such huge money is necessary to meet the divinity causes moral concern. It shouls be freely available – right. Why are they asking for huge money. What about poor people who want to have darshan and conversation with Bhagavan.

    3. Moreover salvation/moksha is not something one can give something. It should inborn. It is the cessation of our Advidya/ignorence of the nature of God. So what is the nature of the Grace that Bhagavan bestows obn his diciples?

    4. Also the promise that a total transformation to golden age of moral purity of the society by 2012 seems hard to believe.

    Such are the questions that are stopping me from having a total faith in the divinity of Amma Bhagavan. Also there is too much bad propaganda and “Amma Bhagavan scam” notices all around the web, which are causing me trouble.

    Your help is appreciated.


    Ravi (you may write to mr to [email protected])

  18. Before answering your questions i am giving an introduction to Enlightenment.

    The state of this whole creation is bliss. This whole creation is one Unitary movement & it is in the state of bliss. If you are in a illusion that you are seperate from the rest of the creation then you will face problems. This illusion is dividing man from man. You can actually traceout this illusion through observation of your mind reactions. Since this observation process is so much complex, most of the people are not trying for it.

    You can do this process by following any path
    1) Bhakti maarga(Through devotion) – Like Anjaneya swami, Christ and shiridi sai baba….
    2) Gnana Maarga(Thru Self-enquiry) – Like buddha, J Krishnamurti …
    3) Seva maarga – As far as i know Mother theressa.

    But Today the people are heavily conditioned by their prejudices. And today this environment, people & work culture doesn’t allow us to do think about ourselves & try for enlightenment. So God with so much love & Grace incarnated in this earth to help us to break this conditioning.

    See my response inline to your questions … Search for RKY.

    I came in contact with the devotees of AmmaBhagavan about a year ago and since then my family (my mother, sisters) starting worshipping AmmaBhagvan. I too don’t have any thing against Bhagvan but I have a problem convincing myself totally that He is an incarnation, the divinity that people they that they are (Amma & Bhagavan).

    The padukas of Bhagavan moved for me a couple of times when I inhenrently prayed to show me the nature of their divinity. In otherwords I prayed Bhagavan to produce doubtless belief in my heart. Actually I am willing to go and meet Him, talk to Him.

    > : Cooool.

    A have a couple of questions that I seek your help on:

    1. Are you convinced to the core of your heart, without any doubt that He is the incarnation?

    > : If i say Yes, Does your mind changes ? How does it matter ?
    Oh My Friend I will give you one suggestion.
    Dont follow anybody. Start your enquiry by observing your mind conditioning. In your path ask bhagavan to help you, then you will observe that some change happened in your mind. This change can be found clearly when you are aware of you mind conditioning. Then belief will be your natural state. Till then dont believe anybody.

    2. Why is it that one has to pay huge money (to have to talk to them I need to pay a 100000 Rs. for 5 people itseems. Money is not a financial problem, but the fact that such huge money is necessary to meet the divinity causes moral concern. It shouls be freely available – right. Why are they asking for huge money. What about poor people who want to have darshan and conversation with Bhagavan.

    > What bhagavan dream was to enlighten all 600crore people on this earth. To change this many number of people bhagavan want 70K enlightened persons. What these people will do is – Some people will give deeksha and some people will medidate to change morphogenic waves. Where these people will medidate – the place where it has more energy levels. Bhagavan found this place in varadaiahpalem near chennai. The building is constructed according to vaastu in a way that it will spread the grace to all over the world. And bhagavan wants to construct this building with majority percentage of the money from indians. So he introduced these kind of concepts. Because majority of sat-karma should come to india. Because he born in india & Golden city is in india. Moreover we are the guru for the whole world.

    3. Moreover salvation/moksha is not something one can give something. It should inborn. It is the cessation of our Advidya/ignorence of the nature of God. So what is the nature of the Grace that Bhagavan bestows obn his diciples?

    > I wont agree with this point. Bhakti maarga atlast will lead to the cessation of the self. For example Ramana maharshi(who followed the gnana maarga) strongly recommended the bhakti maarga. YOu can take the example of Bhagavad-gita also. If it is inborn buddha wouldn’t have this many number of disciples.

    4. Also the promise that a total transformation to golden age of moral purity of the society by 2012 seems hard to believe.

    > It is not that after 2012 everybody will be enlightened. No. From 2012 the enlightened people are going to dominate this world. LIke the corrputed people are dominating this world now.

    Such are the questions that are stopping me from having a total faith in the divinity of Amma Bhagavan. Also there is too much bad propaganda and “Amma Bhagavan scam” notices all around the web, which are causing me trouble.

    > MY friend, Please try it once. Observe with your own knowledge – what is happening in this world, what is the purpose of amma bhagavan and probably meet those persons who had witnessed tremendous change.

    I will repeat one of bhagavan sentences “You create your moral values, I will help you achieve that”. So you create your own way he will help you to achieve that.

    Your help is appreciated.

  19. Hi Ravi K,

    You write nice and to the point.

    You are of the kind who are destined to be guides for yourself & many.

    Pl. Keep it up

    Love for me Love for all

  20. when are you people going to wake up????? i have been to youth, mukthi and maha deeksha. i know all the things that re happening there. all your so-called miracles are just one of the good things that happen in everybody’s life.

    think back, forget that there is bhagwan and these dasas.. how would your life have been?? any different?? ?

    now think again has the desire for which you entered this movement been fulfilled????? no but then theres an explanation for everything.

    if you got wat you wanted its because bhagwan blessed you, if it dint happen its because you didnt do seva!!!!!

    wake up india!! wake up!!!!!!!

  21. For you the answer is ‘no’. It is not the case with everyone. For the people who transformed, there wont be any desire. They will understand what is the actual meaning of desire.

  22. Ellam Jeevarasigalam Nalavodom Valvom AmmaBhagawan
    Vanakam im from Malaysia and my family is very keen to know more about AmmaBhagawan and want to take Deeksha as soon as possible.
    We have a strong urge to visit AmmaBhagwan in India but our financial contrains are very bad and am praying to feel AmmaBhagwan and want to communicate with them both but today 13/12/07
    I dreamt AmmaBhagawan saying that He is coming to my house and wants to take away all my problems and i was on top of the world
    Infact im just waiting when is the next time he is going to meet me …
    Very eager to see and talk to them both
    Cant wait
    Matha Pitha Guru Deivam Annuthe Jeeva Rasi Ellam Nalamodu Vaalnum
    Naandri AmmaBhagwan
    Naandri AmmaBhagwan

  23. NO,

  24. Hi Tara,Yes u r right I found the Real God with BKWSU.But this is not Kali Uga.God says it is Sangam Uga.He has come to relieve all of us from our burdens.

  25. NO,
    WE cant see the god . if he is like a human body then he can’t give you the
    freedom from the cycle of “LIFE AND DEATH”.so we will have to consider
    himself as a soul without body.

  26. Yes, I can see God Amma and Bhagawan.
    Why you can’t.
    We are verry lucky person that we can see God Amma and Bhagwan.
    Few days ago I have one question i.e ” Few year ago that the persons are very lucky who can see Saint Tukaram, Saint Dnyaneshwar and Shri Saibaba.
    Today I can say that I very lucky than them because I can meet and speek with God Amma Bhagawan.

  27. haray bagahawan eppa than type paninan cancel arhi,any way appa namasthay and i love u bagahawan give my kind regards 2 my loving amma appa. appa my o?l result is coming in this month appa can u understnd i think. appa nan enna panna ennakku oray confusion na erukku, Rajesh dhrshsa j vandha podhu nan enna g panna endu kayttan appo avar sonnar {edho par amma vision than importan nee romba big think panna waydam 1st u study well endu} appa nan endha field da choice panna? i feel helpless appa. enkitta enne brilliant erukku endu thayriyadhu appa, but appa i have 2 archive in every think. amma and bahagawan pls srilanka vanga i love u so much

    yours loving kadaikutty daughter

  28. oops! appa my ordinary leval examintion result varudhu endu type paninan but spelling mistake sorry appa. nan enn panna tum dharmak kaha…………….. i feel i’m useless.
    loving daughter

  29. Nmasthay Bahagawan and amma.
    oops! appa my ordinary lavel examination result is coming i left a spelling mistake in my comment. appa appa ……………………………………. i have 2 do something 2 this dharma but i’m ooph confusion. i like 2 come India but bahagawan ……………………………………………….. i mis uuuuuuuuuuuuu appaa

    yours loving daughter


    Who says u cannot see god?
    God is every wherywhere.
    Even u are the instance of god.
    Just try to deminish the wall between u & god……………………………

    may god help u forever………….

  31. Sree Ammabhagvan Sharnam,

    Recently I have attended Break Thru at Poona guided by Achrya Samdarshanji in the month of Feb-08.Now I am in a breakthru state with the timeless insightes of Sree Amma Bhagvan.
    Thanks to Sree Amma Bhagvan.

  32. hey guys i just want to ask you all one thing..
    how does your bhagavan get his money and acres of land…?????
    if he is god then why does he going for luxury…..
    any ordinary person with a little head can teach you all he is doing…..
    you can do nothing by 2012 i promise you!!!!!!!!

  33. I am one of those fortunate ones to have met Sri Amma and Bhagavan. I am aware of the activities of the Founders. They have a university where courses are conducted, they have a temple where one can perform poojas and homass and the third one is the Friends group through which several social activities are being carried out for the up liftment of the poor.
    Infact I have attended the course at the university. I am really amazed by the processing that takes place during the course. What any body says you have to experience it to believe. Your mind becomes calm, your attitude changes and the whole outlook changes after the course.

    Within a short timje one can achieve this. You will be taught to realise your own GOD and process will take care of you.

    It is entirely different from the other organisations. Final esence is that one has to reform, have good relationship with others including your own people,be sincere,be helpful etc., The training at the university will definitely gives necessary directions to the individual.
    This is the philosophy of the Idian religion. Personally We at home are extremely happy and we are gratful to Sri Amma and Bhagavan.
    Infact the guides there are selfeless and devoted . They have renounced everything and joined the movement.

    Infact there were quite a few experiences my family members had in recent times. It is amazing. Sometimes it becomes very difficult to comprehend the events that takes place.

    I request the readers to kindly go through the “REAK THROUGH” courses as and when you get a chance and see it for yourself.

    Dr.K.Radhakrishna, Professor and Head , BMSCE, Bangalore

  34. These babas and ammas take advantage of the innocence of the ordinary people, everybody is having problems in life and these babas become gods to solve problem, every late they realise that they are cheats and Mr Vijay Kumar(Kalki) LIC agent and his wife are too good at that. Infact these babas are letting the hindu religion down. Please wake up protect the hindu religion.

  35. Hi Everyone there,

    Its been long time since I last time been to this site. Read new nice comments. Couple of contradictory comments. Very nice indeed.

    Few are feeling that innocent people are being cheated. Bhagawan is amasing massive amounts of riches.

    When I read this I find my image reflected in them which was before 2007 Jan. No God. All Baba’s do is loot. Temples and holy shrines are machines for few to make fine living.

    I still agree that there are numerous Babas Cheating people all around, also the holy shrines have become money machines.

    It is never matters what they are. It always matters What you learn there. What you gain there. How your life is enriched there.

    Go to these places. With blank mental image of neither it is good or bad. Have the experience. If one finds upliftment in ones life then keep it. If doesnt then go on and sream that it is a fraud/ imposter.

    I am blessed by AmmaBhagwan. With the movement since Jan 2007. Still its so easy for me to take any harsh derogatory remarks about AmmBhagwan very lightly.

    They are like Akash( the Sky). What ever worst possible a human can do to the Akash will the akash be effected? No!

    They Are GOD incarneted, No they are GOD. That is why Bhagwan himself said to me ” When He Looks At Me He Finds Himself In Me” & ” You Create Your Own GOD” .

    Ponder over these statements for a while. Be quite and let their essence sink in you. Its lovely. He is so powerfull and all encompassing. The beauty is he is ACCEPTING YOU AS EQUAL. Those who admire and also those who criticise. This is not possible At human level. It must be able to happen at God level only.

    Sooner or later evevry one will know the truth. Its just matter of time. We are all Destined to be united and become one with the whole.

    Take your time. Thats the way it is like it or not. Once you know, your lips will curl up in smile. One would utter ” Ush! what a Huuuuuuge and LOOOOng roller coster it has been.

    Love For Me Love For All

  36. Hi There,

    Its nice to know that lot of people had fantastic results and changes in there life. Very good.

    My father has been a real pain in my life. He had done lot of unjust to me. He deserves to be behind bars for what he has done to me. But I do not have that power to do that.

    Now you guys and all others at AmmaBhagwan say that we should have fine relaion with our parents. Thats not possible for me with this kind of father.

    It would have not possible for you fellas too. Mind it. Dont just lecture around with all that forgiveness bullshit.

    I am suffering from depression and anxiety. Even i have to be on prescrptions and that is creating bad side effects.

    I want justice. The truth should be revealed. The villians(my family) should be made to pay for their horrendous sins.

    Forgive, forget, let go, accept, surrender are not coming from within.

    Now will some one tell me If AmmaBhagwan are truely God (Whom I have begin worshipping lately) then why are they not supporting the truth.

    Inspite of all the cruelty shown by my family members why do they want me to forgive and forget when it is not coming from within.

    Why are we considered rejected pieces.

    AmmaBhagwan says that if we are not having good relations with family then the Diksha will not work on us.

    How the hell one can forgive these kind of Demon family.

    Dont preach. If you know and you are wise/ powerfull than make it happen through me naturally.

    Does any one have answers? Can anyone assist me? Give me justice? Remove the pain, The Hurt, The Anger from within effortlessly / naturally.

    Specialy Acharya Samdarshiniji,

    can you help me to sort this out. Or may be some Divine being who is made to read this.

    For communication I am leaving my email I D below. I will appreciate if I am guided with mail attachment of webcam video.

    cell no. 098220 16909

    Email ; [email protected]

  37. Its very distrubing to see how bhakti and make a person dellusional. No matter what happens, when you pray to Amma Bhagwan and it does not get answered it is explained away as your karma, not releasing the “I”ness etc etc etc etc etc etc. And people go into a stage of self delusion and believe even what is not! I have been part of the processes even up to the the Deepening process. What has happended is no different then what I achieve doing pranayama and meditation at home. People were being asked to pay huge sums of money for the processes and for meetiing Amma Bhagwan as well as donations for the sole purpose of building the Golden temple. In the mean time a huge campus is opened in Fiji. Where did the money for the Fiji campus come from?
    I was part of the group that was into self denial and self delusion that Amma Bhagawan were real and legitimate. I had attended the initiate 3 day process, then the 7 day process, then the 14 day process and then the Maha Deeksha. I fooled myself into thinking that something happened. After all we are intelligent people and will not admit that we have been conned. To admit to being conned is to admit that we are fools.
    So I had been fooling myself that things have happened and even made stories to convince myself and others about the effects of the Enlightenment process during the experiencing sharing in satsangs.
    Some time back I realised what was truely happening and I saw the way we (or rather I since I can speak for myself although there are a lot of people who have come to this realisation) were being fooled.
    For a l0ng time I disassociated myself from the Amma Bhagwan con game and continued the path myself and followed the divine. After a few years people started hounding me for the Deepening process. I said to myself ” Okay, I am open enough to admit I may be wrong about Amma Bhagwan and the whole sham. Let me go for the Deepening process and keep an open mind and see what happens.” So what happened? Nothing other than what I normally experience when I practice the Pranayama, Kriya and meditaion at home!
    I suggest that you take a real honest, hard look at yourselves and see how you are being fooled. I know that your egos will not allow you to admit that you were wrong. But thats all I can do. Just point the facts. The rest is up to you. You can take a horse to water but you can’t make it drink. Just like that I can point out what is wrong, it is upto you to see through the veil of deception.
    Trust youself… deep down you know what is the truth.
    A Nobody

  38. hello everyone i myself is a devottee of sri Amma Bhagwan.Before some days it was telecasted in India TV about Amma Bhagwan and they tell so many things about them.i am not ready to accept those but people who do not hav much knowledge about Amma Bhagwan will believe it…So whats the remedy???

  39. I had been a (regrettably) a devotee of Amma Bhagawan and in my previous post i had detailed the extent of the lie and what bhakti can delude people. I had gone for ALL the enlightenment processes. I had met Bhagawan and Amma (Personal dharshan) I had read all the Kripa Darshan magazines. I had bought all the VCDs of Bhagawans’ lawn darshans. I had bought a lot of CDs of the oneness movement, even from the Kosmic studio in USA. So I think I had certainly qualified as someone who “have knowledge about Amma Bhagawan”. I have been in the thick of the movement and I am no longer part of the scam. Let me explain to you how the ego plays the games that Amma Bhagwan misuses for their benefit. You know the story of the “Emperor’s New Clothes” where the emperor was fooled into thinking that the imaginary clothes were real and wore it and walked around his kingdom. Everyone who saw him did not want to admit that they were not special enough to see the clothes and pretended to see the clothes and said “Wonderful, Excellent etc etc”. Only when a small boy saw the Emperor and said that he is naked did everyone realise the truth.
    I and others in the group ad gone for the 14 day enlightenment process. No one got enlightened. But everyone (including me) pretended that something happened and convinced ourselves that we were enlightened. One person in our group shouted that nothing happened and told this to everyone. Everyone sympathized with him and even I said that he was not open to the deeksha that is why he is saying this. Basically everyone tried to justify that the enlightenment process works and that person was wrong in saying that nothing happened. I remember my conversation with a fellow devotee. We were discussing about the guy who said that nothing happened and that all tis was a scam. The fellow devotee said “The enlightenment process really worked on him. He is enlightened. He just does’nt know it”. I know realise what nonsense that was. Have you heard of anyone who was enlightened and did not know it?!! See the level of the self delusion what everyone is in? Even the small boy / man saying “He is naked” / “Nothing happened” is still not opening our eyes.
    Famous western devotees like Freddie, Kiara Windrider were declared by Bhagawan as fully enlightened. When they also realised the scam and deciet and left the oneness movement, they were branded as not enlightened. Have you heard of anyone being enlighened and later becoming unenlightened?!! In the vedas it s said of Brahman/God “baktha paradheena” and “Yathoktha Kari” meaning God will come in the form the devotee sees or desires and Gos does as what the devotee wants. Amma Bhagwan is exploiting this as God will give you what you pray for even if its through the concept of Amma Bhawan.
    You need to really see for yourself what I real. Look deep down within you. Even if it is painful look. The ego will not allow you to realise that you have been fooled. Only when you truely look can you see the truth that Amma Bhagawan are cheating people.
    A Nobody

  40. I would like to know about AmmaBhagwan I want to meet them please guid me

  41. There was a joke which we used to say to make fun of people who do not get the point. “After reading the complete Ramayana your are asking who is Sita!!!” In spite of what I had shared with you, people can not still see the point.
    Have you heard of Jiddu Krishnamurthy? Read his books. You will clearly see that Bhagavan has plagurized from Jiddu Krishnamurty. All that stuff about completely experiencing anger turns it into joy and so on. All this is from Jiddu Krishnamurthy. Check on the net for Bhagavan’s background, you will find that he used to work in the school of Jiddu Krishnamurthy.
    I guess its no use ranting to you people. You guys are like lemmings running over the cliff who can’t help themselves.
    So all I can wish you guys is Geronimo!!!!!!

  42. Dear friends,

    There is one thing that keeps some from getting experiences of Divine Grace or the Miracles.

    That is lack of Faith.

    I am with the AmmaBhagwan movement for close to two years now.

    I am a intelectual kind. Like to check, examine and satisfied before coming to conclusions.

    I did my own style of investigation on AmmaBhagwan and I found for myself they have the Divine powers and are capable of creating miracles.

    In their philosophy I found that there is Pure Bhakti and also Gyan Marg. On many occasions The Bhagwan has quoted that he sees all the human beings are as powerful as the Bhagwan itself. But they all are mostly unaware of their state and power.

    AmmaBhagwan, I feel are that energy menifestation which has the full memory of what it is part of. Or Are the ones who are in human forms but with full awareness of the connection/ extension of the creative source.

    Hence they have the ability to speed up our rememberence of our own connection with the source which is called as God or universal power.

    Secondly in my life there have been flood of guide books from many Masters which say that the God is within. This has come to me especialy since i have got inducted into the AmmaBhagwan path.

    Yes the God the Universal power or the Brahman is in us. But do we believe it? Did we experience it? Do we realy know that we dont die only change the body?


    This all is just a mere information for us. For now I think we need to take the help of those who know this or who have experienced this.

    Thats where the role or action of Guru’s or AmmaBhagwan begins.

    As they say we should take step ahead from where we are.

    Its foolish to try to take the step directly to the satge we would like to reach. That is the experience of God within.

    Those who disagree with AmmaBhagwan and their philosophy are also very fine. I think their path of self realisation must be different. I wish all the very best for them.

    AmmaBhagwan Sharnam.

  43. hi thanks for your exposé . it is good to see so many learning the truth and dumping kalki . he is a confirmed fraud and the sad part is that people have been made to believe that happiness and peace can be bought from kalki just like a pound of potato . ask kalki’s son krishna and his wife sadhana to shave their head and be a saint rather than traveling in mercs and living a life of a king. one got to follow that he preaches . i also wish to bring to light the way krishna goes around buying land . he just beats up or kills the people who own land that he wants . there are plenty of cases pending against him in courts like madhurantagam , chengalputu, kanchipuram, etc. ( if any one wants proof i am happu to provide the same give me your e mail address ) he has a set of socalled bodygards which include Ramesh, David , Prabakaran of chennai, senguttuvan,manohar(vao), Munusamy (vao)of kanchipuram dist and the local cops are in their payroll . how can this kind of family be called a rep of god and Hinduism . see my next post .

  44. Advaita- Meaning One without the second. I guess this is the line of thought that you are using when you use the ID “One” Although I suspect that you have used it in relation to Oneness movement. So let’s look at it from an Advaitic point of view.

    There are a lot of gurus and Godmen that apparently teach or bestow the truth and in the beginning it all looks very genuine and their enthusiasm and efforts on behalf of those before them looks and feels like the real stuff. But after a while something always starts to go astray and this I have noticed is quite common. Yes the intentions are still worthwhile and grand like enlightening humanity- but then the range of truth starts moving from the truth to just plain mind stuff which at best is a personal hallucination being thrust upon the rest and sublimely being expected to happen to them too. Many guru / teachers are quite good in teaching – good with words, good with inter-personal interaction and group dynamics. And quite skilled at moving people to tears or laughter. Their stories of meeting their ‘God or Masters’, of being burnt in the fire of truth as they call it, and maybe even naming themselves after some river in India in some effort to signify that they are no longer who they thought they were… all of this makes for wonderful stories and the Dasas and Acharyas are extremely good at it. As do the cathartic experiences of ‘awakening’ popping up among eager devotees at satsangs. But what this has to do with the quiet at the center of one’s heart escapes me… Depth means absence of the presence of awareness of oneself – it seems to me that these stories and skill sets have nothing at all to do with this. I have nothing to take anything away from these folks, but rather to simply say that the quiet of a Ramana Maharshi, a Nisagardatta… is to my eye at least, missing from the entire system of multi-level marketing created under the guise of the oneness movement touring around giving satsangs or just Deekshas. Many are also promoting mystical and magical stuff to gain acceptance but are as hollow as the mouths that spew them.

    When it comes to mystical experiences, yes I agree that they are very real….to the person that is having them. But it is still enmeshed in duality wherein there is a vision and an experiencer. This dualistic experience is still in the mind if it is not experienced by the sense organs. I am not dismissing the changes that the people experience after the mystical episodes. They are as real as the effects of a Placebo. There is documented proof of the power of “faith” or belief in the cure generated by a sugar pill. People, during sleep, dream of unicorns and dragons. Are they real? Why is it that dreams in sleep are unreal yet visions (or dare I say day dreams) in Deeksha or Enlightenment processes real? So “faith” can be a precursor for further delusions. Faith is important, but in the right direction. There is no denying that “Faith” has also created monstrous cults that had people commit suicide in masses. Even in science, that is quantum physics, there is no room for faith like it was prior to quantum mechanics. First people had the faith that the earth was flat. Then they had the faith that the earth was the centre of the universe. Now it is the new truth that the earth is revolving round the sun. Quantum mechanics is now disproving Newtons laws of physics at the particle level.

    Realization in Advaitic terms is seeing that the rope is not a snake. This is the primary realization. The final realization is not just that the rope is not a snake- but that there is no snake. So the question of mystical experiences being real is very debatable since in reality when the experiencer disappears, the existence of the experienced is irrelevant. The problem with accepting mystical experiences is that it creates a sense of doer ship and this creates a euphoric condition. This experience then takes precedence and one falls into a rut wanting to experience the same again and again. This can loop and prevent one from reaching the experiential understanding since the person can turn to a mystical junkie of sorts.

    From a psychological perspective, a person suffering from schizophrenia can be surrogated and called enlightened. Because when you look at it, it is not schizophrenia but normality that can be termed split minded or dual. In schizophrenia the false boundaries are disintegrated. So you could say that schizophrenics are suffering from the truth of non duality. But we know that enlightenment is not suffering from the truth, but being the truth.

    When Amma Bhagavan says that they will save humanity by bringing oneness- that itself is a contradiction. Shankara, Ramana Maharishi, Jnaneshwer, Nisargatta Maharaj, Jesus, Rumi, Tao etc all have said that that there is only Brahman / Tao or some other word that mean the same thing. That Consciousness is all there is. So when there is a savior (Amma Bhagavan) and the to be saved (humanity) that is itself dual. The duality of me and the other is the illusion. So is there any one to save? Can oneness be created when it was always oneness?

    When you say “God the Universal power or the Brahman is in us. But do we believe it? Did we experience it? Do we really know that we don’t die only change the body?” that is again duality. Everything is Brahman. There is no Brahman “inside” you. There is no inside and outside. When everything is Brahman, there is no inside-outside, up-down, here-there. All this are the duality which is the illusion. A famous guru once said “The path to self realization is from HERE to HERE”. There is no state to get to, no place to reach. There is no “we” to change bodies. It’s simple. If “we” are there- there is no God. If God is there- there is no “we”. The illusion is in the duality of me and the other. The Duality is in God and me. The ultimate illusion is that we are unrealized. The path of self realization brings us full circle to the clear and experiential understanding that we have always been that. It is only the illusion that is making you think otherwise.

    Enlightenment can never be bestowed since there will be the duality of the giver and the receiver. What can Brahman give to Brahman? All there is is to awake from the illusion. Is there a special technique that you use to wake up from your sleep? Maybe you give yourself deeksha! The only way to awaken from a dream is to just wake up. Nothing else.
    A Nobody

  45. Hey One,
    Just out of curiosity, just what were the battery of tests that you used to determine that Amma Bhagawan have divine powers and are capable of performing miracles?
    A Nobody

  46. I am sitting in my living room waiting for the morphogenic field radiating from the oneness temple to enlighten my neighbour. Its been 7 months since the oneness temple has been open. Still no mass enlightenment happening. Maybe this will only happen in 2012. Then why was the need to build the oneness temple????
    Come on people give your explainations. I am sure that they will be interesting!!
    A Nobody

  47. The whole idea that the oneness movement was pitching since they began was that they will bring about enlightenment to the world exclusively through the “DEEKSHA”. All the processes that they had from the 2 days program in 2002 till the deepening processes in 2007 the central theme was that enlightenment will be bestowed to humanity through the deeksha. Man does not have to do anything. The deeksha will do everything. Even Bhagawan’s mahavakya was “Man cannot make it on his own, it has to be given to him”. And this meant that Amma Bhagawan will give enlightenment.
    After all the propaganda on the power of deeksha, the oneness movement is now going around saying that people have to work on themselves and build awareness and snippets of Advaita teachings are being taught by Bhagawan such as “Thoughts are automatic”. The whole focus has shifted from the deeksha to working on oneself by buidling awareness. Advaita has been all about awareness and now the oneness movement is shifting the focus to the teachings that bring about realization and promoting it as their own.
    You know that the Acharyas discourage reading other teachings and ask that one just listen and be with the teachings of Bhagawan. If people had only started reading books on Advaita or the teachings of Ramana Maharishi or Nisargadatta they would have been on the path of self realization a long time back.
    Its very sad and pathetic the way that the oneness movement is folling people. Now its soo easy like hearding cattle-cattle have no say on their own.
    Wake up and smell the coffee people. Wake up!
    A Nobody

  48. I abolutely agree with you & feel sad for those who are still associated with this cult & those who are joining them newly. Now they have started approaching page3guys as well; Reaching bollywood & filmstars is ofcourse a medium for earning bounty. I regret my experience where I was associated blindly for 5 long years from 1995 to 2000 where I saw all the tragic events in my life. (Main reason being the monks & followers told that you need not worship anyother God as he is the sachidananda & the 10th Incarnation of Vishnu; we (our family acted foolish by ignoring our ancestral Gods) (Ancestral Diety etc)). First instance was my father expired, one of my sister became a schizophrenic & another sister of mine got married & separated during this time & my mother lost her vision (right eye) due to a glaucoma but nothing could be done & lastly I also did not have a good job in life where I was longing for the same alongwith my family wellbeing and that was the main reason for coming to this cult; I regret for meeting the people who introduced me to this cult . I with full frustration threw all this photos & anything associated with him on 31st December 2001. I really started see a positive side on my life now. I am really happy to state that I am out of it now & self employed currently owning a company. I request people to not blindly go by words or speech. All the so called “experience” is a bogus. I really really regret those 5 years which I have lost if the same is back I think I can achieve much move in my life.

  49. Anamika, I sincerely empathize the issues you have shared in your post. Just as the contents of a bottle can only flow out when the cap is removed, you have taken control of your life and let the grace of Brahman or God start flowing again in your life- by removing the bottle cap of associating with Oneness movment. Never feel guilt over what happen to you in the Oneness movment. The lie is hidden when in the in a group and The words of Nietzsche come to mind “Insanity in individuals is rare- but in groups, parties, nations and epochs, it is the rule”. So you and I as well as others who still with and not with the Oneness movement were part of the mob and the mob mentality had made us blind. I guess this is the aspect that the Oneness movement knew and exploited and infact they were even dangling it in front of our faces. They were calling it Universal Mind or Global consciousness.

    Now that you are out of it and living your life, live life to the fullest. The only person wo can make your life happy or miserable is only you. So go ahead bindas and be happy and live life to the fullest and don’t give a damn what others think. After all, others don’t live your life for you- you do.
    A Nobody

  50. Hi,

    See Don’t Look and Anamika,

    Both of you have been in the Oneness movement and have your own experiences to share.

    Very well indeed.

    Both of you write very well. Especially The See Dont Look quite knowledgeable.

    As for me I am still with movement and happy with the things turning out in my life. Of late I am able to see lot of things going on me. The tape recorder in me. The feelings in me.

    Anyone who feels that He/She had seen enough of AmmaBhagwan and they are nothing but very smart frauds they definately should seek different way that suits their life.

    I wish them all the best.

    For now I still have my own experience that since I have been with the AmmaBhagwan I am sort of opened up.

    Hence I am Gratefull to them.

    For me still i feel they have awareness and they are Awakened Beings. They have the capacity in them to assist others process of self realization.

    I do know and agree Shri AmmaBhagwan have been gradually changing the Jeewanmukati Process or enlightment process and commitments about it.

    I feel that they must be having good reasons why they are doing that. If and when shall I know, I will definately put them here on blog.

    About my name “One” that is very simple actually it is “OneManyAllOne”

    After I got introduced to Shri AmmaBhagwan, One evening i was on net.

    One – Just a thought occured to me that it looks like we all are “one” as we go back and back to the origins ( Reference – Shri AmmaBhagwan, You will see it When you will believe it- Dr. Wyne Dyer, Conversation with God – Neal Donald Walsh and recent being “The Secret”, The Quantum Physics ” That everything that is a form of enery. Manifested and unmanifasted.)

    Many – From this one it looked to me” many” must have manifested.

    All One – Then in course of our evolution ” All” once again become “One”

    And thats How I took My email name as OneManyAllOne.

    No big Knowledge or theory or metaphysical experience as such. Neither did I study Vedanta, Upnishadas, Tao or such great things. Yes I do read Osho.

    Thats it.

    Wish you all a wonderful life in the way you choose for yourself.

    Love For Me Love For All

  51. Hi One,

    I do not discount your experiences with Amma Bhagawan. And that fine. But its still yours and no one else can have the exact same experience as you do. For example, eating a banana- everyone has eaten a banana and knows what it tastes like. But ask each one to describe in detail what it expereinces like, besides just saying that it tastes sweet, and each person will give a difference decription of the experience. May be they may be the same in some general way, but each one will give a different explanation.
    Say you see a man walking his dog. What do you see? The man’s wife might say he is wasting his time instead of doing something around the house. The man’s doctor may say that he is getting exercise. A policeman might say that he is walking towards a bank or something. An animal activist might say he is mistreating the dog by keeping it in a leash.
    So you see each person will see something different from the other and describe the experience of eating a banana differently.

    So when you tell people you have experienced the miracles and power of Amma Bhagawan and expect them to have the same experience that you had, its not possible. Because your experience is your own and yours only. You can not expect another to have the same experience.

    Having said all that, be clear that what we experience with our sense organs (eyes, nose, ears, skin) can be generally (repeat generally) the same with all people. That is the experience of duality of the experiencer and the experienced. Anything else that is expereinced without the sense organs are all created by the mind.

    When you say that you are now able to see “The tape recorder in me. The feelings in me.” that is awareness. Are you saying that you have developed awareness after getting into Amma Bhagawan? Awareness has always been and always is and always will be. Its just that many people and just not aware that they are awareness. Without giving a deeksha or oneness blessing, just pick someone who does not even know of Amma Bhagawan. Just tell him he or she is only awareness and to just watch his or her mind or feelings. After some time, even they will also reach the same expression that you had said.

    Anyone who has done a Vipasanna course will also tell you the same. Meditation is just to build the awareness that one is awareness. If you want you can slap people on the back side and tell them to meditate every day, soon they will also the peace and calm that meditation brings. Then you can tell them that the slap on the back side is responsible for the effect that they are experiencing .

    You do not have to convince anyone. But are you true to yourself? It takes real strength to admit one is wrong. it happen to me too. I was also in denial when I was in Oneness movement. But it took a great effort to really see within myself and admit to myself that I was wrong.

    Were you there when the Oneness movement was giving leyham in the processes. Everyone was having great expereinces. Just like any one drugs. The day the stopped given leyham, because people started reporting mental problems, there were no more “mystical” experiences. I was there when the leyham was given. And believe me I have done my share of experimenting with drugs in college. And what I expereinced was exactly the trip one gets after taking drugs.

    I do not have anything against you. I don’t even know you. But as one human being to another, don’t let your belief blind you. Be very truthful to yourself. Even if you are truthful to yourself and continue to maintain yourself externally as if nothing has changed, its still enough.

    But be truthful to your self to the core of your being.
    A Nobody

  52. Hi One,

    What our problem with the Oneness movement is not that it appears to work for you and did not work for some of us. The Oneness movement GUARANTEED repeat GUARANTEED enlightenment by PAYING large sums of MONEY for the Mukti processess. So if a guarentee is given either give enlightenment or give back the money. No that is not done. And if anyone asks for a refund, then only will you see the real face of the Dasas.

    Since no one is getting enlightend (just go ahead and name at least a few who are really in realization) then what is the whole enlightening the world about.

    I have seen dasas forcing people who can not afford to pay for the processes to take loans promising that once they complete the process unending grace will come into their lives. I have seen the people who had subcummed to the pressure and now in a very bad state where they have to sell their homes to pay of the loan and buy a much smaller house.

    What kind of oneness is this when people are being forced into debt?

    If anyone promises to give you something and you pay for it and ultimately you do not get it, what would you do? Lets take the example of a car. Would you keep quiet or demand for the car or your money back?

    No one is questioning your experience, but what we are questioning is the way the Oneness movement is, in the bare facts, cheating people.

    Just by giving your expereinces will not wipe out the damage of so many people. If you do have something that can address the issues that people have Oneness movement, then I am honestly open to hear you out. Not just some explantions on your experiences.
    A Nobody

  53. See Don’t Look,

    Hi you and all there.

    You are definately very knowledgeable in the area of the spirituality.

    Secondly you have the patience to read and go through waht I wrote. You did get what I meant to large extent.

    You are tolerent enough not to reject ideas contrary to you.

    Having said that,

    Yes i have experienced the better understanding of the questions bothering me, I have experienced better family relations for me,

    yes I have experienced 7 fold increase in my income compared to 2006-2007.

    Yes i have difficult situations and somehow solutions come from some source or other.

    My success and achievemnts are on rise.

    I do not see anything else to be responcible for it then AmmaBhagwan and I myself in a way for it.

    As Ammabhagwan is the awakened consciousness and me yet a dorment or unawakened conciousness.

    The duality is there in me. Yes today it is there.

    A day will come it will become Advait. But for today I am not experiencing the Oneness. It shall be experienced by me one day thats I am sure of.

    I had been with the movement since Jan 2007.

    For me lot of things are happening with lesser and lesser efforts.

    So for now I am the believer in the powers of AmmaBhagwan.

    For others they too should go with there own experiences and not depend upon my experiences shared herein. Yes I agree with your suggetion. Its absolutely right.

    Only thing is they should neither believe blindly nor deny outright any of the phenomenas.

    Give an independent and unbiased opportunity for things to unfold for you. Then take them as they are experienced by you without prejudice.

    Yes about the qustions posed by you or the explanations desired by you I have following to say.

    As per me ( What I think)

    Its simple anything that is making your life simpler and happier one should follow on the path. Any path where we feel rejoyced and urge to tread on with ease we must go on.

    Any path that we feel very tedious. Our heart feel not there we better leave and seek other path.

    For there are many paths and many Gurus to suit variety of temperment of Human Beings.

    I shall definately remember your advice of being truthful to me.

    Yes, of now I am.

    Do whatever you want just check that you do feel good from within you. I wish you all the GoodLuck and Happiness for the path you choose to tread upon.

    Love for me Love for All

  54. See Don’t Look,

    Though I have spent money in the AmmaBhagwan Movement, Spent time in the movement, People near to me have known that I am the follower of AmmaBhagwan I assure myself that I shall be true to myself to accept and show others if anything against AmmaBhagwan is found by me.

    For now AmmaBhagwan Sharnam because thats my experience.

    Follow your own path. Goodluck.

  55. “Sarvam khalvidam brahma” All of creation is Brahman. So if all is Brahman and the sense of “I” and “Me” are illusions then no one can say that Brahman or God exists. Think about it- God can exist only if there are people praying to a God. So in self realization or liberation when the self or ego disappears will there be anyone to see, think, pray or praise God or Brahman. After all- all is Brahman. Nirvana means extinction- which is the extinction of the experiencer. No experiencer- No God or Brahman. This is in line with the teaching in Zen Buddhism which says “What is the sound of a tree falling in the woods with no one around”. This means that if no one there to here the sound of the tree falling, does the sound exist? This is also in line with expressions in Advaita like- The eye cannot see itself, the finger tip cannot touch itself.

    Consciousness cannot be aware of itself. So if all of creation is Brahman then how can one be higher than others? The divinity of Brahman is in all of us. In the realization of Brahman there is no up-down, inside-outside, lower-higher etc. All this is the duality of the Maya or illusion. Given this how can one person be more divine or godly than others? After all, all is Brahman.

    The ignorance of this leads people to believe that a person is better than they are and the person is placed on a pedestal. If people really examine why you feel reverence they will find that they have been conditioned like that. May be they have been told to do so or they are unconsciously following the herd. “Always respect the divinity that has descended to save humanity.” “When you question divinity it is your ego talking.” And many things like that. The main thing is fear that prevents people questioning the actuality of the Divine person. Fear- that something bad will happened to them if they question or doubt.

    So you see ignorance and fear helps people like these big time gurus to grow rich by exploiting the ignorance and fear of the people.

    Calling these people with divine names or titles does not change the fact that they are as normal as another human being. They still need to eat, sleep and go to the toilet just like everyone else.

    But I guess people are too scared to even think about it, so they wallow in their perception of divinity and special ness.

    It is said that the problem is not finding a true guru. The problem is finding a true disciple. A true disciple will definitely question what is being taught and what is expected of him/her. This just goes to show that the true disciple is really serious about spirituality and self realization. So how many true disciples are out there? Just a few. And how many insincere disciples are there? Millions. So just where are these millions? Following these big time gurus, who know this and want to exploit people for their own benefit.

    Buddha advocated the practice of vippasana. But how many Buddhist do practice vippasana? Most Buddhist believes that enlightenment was only for the Buddha and hence follows rituals of prayer with incense rather than practice vippasana.

    Praying to an external person, photo and believing in concoctions of miracles is much easier than going within and seeing the illusion. Take a word like “coincidence” and add “divine” you get another word- “miracles”. “Miracles” seen in everyday things like finding parking space, getting a job, getting a problem solved. This can only be claimed if one claims to be the doer.

    Everything are concepts and ultimately all concepts have to be dropped including concepts of God as well. What would people say or do if they were told that their whole life was one big concept? The answer or reaction can be summed up in a 2 letter word- “NO” and maybe followed up with a 4 letter expletive.

    Even that 4 letter expletive is also a concept.

    A Nobody

  56. Namaste

    I have to admit I have been troubled by Amma being genuine, when I seen her on TV during “Oneness”, I have to wonder that during the blessing, it looked rather rehearsed and I’d not imagine that people who are genuine avatars paying money to see them. There defo IS a lot of fraud going on in the planet as a whole and in relation to the western world being used as the ages, we are due to go into the Aquarian age by 2050, when you study the governing planets of the sign, Uranus and Saturn (off the top of my head), is seen to be a logic and spiritual time.

    I can’t help by getting a suspicious feeling about this. And when I do get a dodgy feeling, it quite often is right. Hence I am not liking the feeling at all.

    Love and light

    K xx

  57. Happy New year- to false beliefs or delusions that are still around.

    Why are these Godmen in India still so prevalent even when they are exposed for the falsity that they promote? It is an inherent aspect of our own societies. Society tends to develop a herd mentality and everyone starts having blind unquestioning adoration of people placed on a pedestal. You can see this even in abusive relationships where the abused still maintain the relationship and even defend the abuser if people point out the truth. Sometimes even literally pointing out the problem in the relationship, the abused still does not accept the fact. The abused is blinded by primarily fear and shame. This prevents one from see the truth as the truth gets pushed to the unconscious. There are even some abused people who even go to the extent of blasting the people who are trying to help get out of the relationship and telling them to mind their own business. Many try to justify the abuse as something that is their own fault. All discriminating faculties seem to have disappeared. You can see this occurring in all strata of society. I am sure people would have witnessed a particular scene at some time or the other. The husband is beating the wife in public view. When people try to stop him physically, the wife jumps up and starts shouting at the people and tell them to mind their own business.

    This kind of behavior is more pronounced when it comes to so called Spiritual Messiahs. In their eagerness to promote their Guru or symbol of Spirituality people many times distort the truth by adding stories of miracles and superhuman feats. This is exactly what is meant when it was said “there is truth in every legend”. The truth is just a person. This added with the exaggerations are what are being floated around. But you know what; this is quite prevalent in our society. Advertising and Marketing is just that. Once a product is established, the momentum generated will carry through and it takes more effort to bring it to a halt.

    The thing is we are living in difficult times. And people are just trying to find answers to their problems. But what people don’t understand is that the solution to their problems is not out there but within themselves. All spiritual practices- be it pranayams, asanas, kriyas, meditations are all tools to guide one within. It is only within that all the answers and solutions are found. Not in an external figure who although teach all the tools still inculcate the dependence on the external or Guru.

    An anonymous guru on the web always closes his writing with “The Guru is within you”. People have to just connect with it. But can people do that? I mean people can be so much in denial that they deny the existence of the lie that is right in front of their eyes.

    A Nobody

  58. Continuing from where I had stopped on the irrationality experienced by people being abused, there is a famous experiment conducted by Stanford University by one Professor Zimbardo. He conducted a famous prison simulation experiment at Stanford in which all participants were free to leave at any time. Repeat ALL participants understood that they could leave at any time. The student participants were randomly assigned to be prisoners and guards.

    The chilling finding was, as the days passed, the participants regressed, became identified with their roles and “forgot that they were free to leave”. What started happening was that the students assigned the role of guards as days passed became more and more abusive to the point of being sadistic. The students who were assigned the role of prisoners become so enmeshed in their roles that they forgot that they could leave at any time and were accepting the abuse. One of graduate students was so alarmed at the deterioration in people’s psychological state that she persuaded the professor to put an end to the experiment before things deteriorated further.

    So you see that even in a controlled environment where people know that they can leave, they do not. So what happens to people in cults like the oneness movement where the lines of control are not like in an experiment but in one’s life.

    Let your instinct guide you and not your ego or psychological justifications. You are free to leave at any time. This is just like the Advaita teaching that part of the illusion is that one is not liberated and is bound.

    A Nobody

  59. Hi all There,

    Wish you all a happy new year.

    Let us try to remember to be happy for whatever reason we can find to be thankful for and be happy.

    I think it is one thing to have great knowledge and it is other thing to know it. To have experienced a thing.

    Let us examine ourself wether what we know is our experience or it is knowledge.

    Whatever it it is let us accept it as it is. This is I found to be quite chalanging. on many occasions I thought that the knowledge I aquired by reading books of great masters as my undrstanding.

    I think its ok to know that we need to have the experience and right now more or less waht we have is information or knowledge and not our own experience or knowing.

    Mere having a deep wish or desire to know or understand or seek the experience of The God or the universal spirit will someday show it to us.

    If the God is within or outside doesnt matter. He shall be there where he truly is.

    Till then I think it is wise to take assistance from some master or Guru. For me that one Is My AmmaBhagwan.

    Well this is what I think.


    Love for Me Love for All


  60. Know that experiences are also part of the illusion or Maya. So having to depend on experiences is not dependable. The Yoga Vasistha states that only self knowledge is the way. When it means self knowledge it means self enquiry, looking into the activity of the mind. Know that even the mind is part of the illusion. If one were to follow the method of Neti Neti, there will be a point that one is nothing and at the same time not nothing. The non-dual aspect of consciousness or Brahman is not experience able simply for the fact that in the non dual state there is no experiencer and experienced.

    Also what makes you think that what we see is reality? For example, if you examine anything in this world at the atomic level, what do you see? A nucleus with electrons, protons revolving around it. There is a lot of space between the nucleus and the particles. So when we look at something which is mostly empty space why do we not see the empty space? Because if you take into account the space occupied by the nucleus with electrons, protons it would come to about 0.000054 percent. So what you experience is not reality.

    So why expect so much from experiences when what you experience as an experiencer is part of the illusion?

    A Nobody

  61. Hi Nobody,

    Going by what you wrote above, You must be great knowledge powerhouse may be an enlightened being yourself.

    or May be not.

    “So why expect so much from experiences when what you experience as an experiencer is part of the illusion?”

    What you said above is what I too read in enlightened masters books. But This is not my knowing.

    Is what you wrote about the non duality is you have realised or knwon by yourself? ( Honestly)

    If so bless me or guide us to know it.

    May be I am guided by my Guru AmmaBhagwan that I get the knowing part from you.

    They come in my life in all kind and form and events.

    Thank you very much.
    In the rememberence and Awe of Shri AmmaBhagwan

  62. Hi One,

    It would seem that you are interested in labeling people with your hypothesis on whether I am enlightened or not. But before getting into that, can I enquire if you know what enlightenment is? What is the measure that one can use to check if someone is enlightened?

    Basically, what is your definition of enlightenment and what is it that, in your opinion, enlightened people think and go about doing things?

    Please note that I am not trying to ridicule you or compare sizes (mine is bigger than yours sort of thing) but I just would be better suited to respond if I knew what is it that you think “it” is.

    A Nobody

  63. Hi A Nobody,

    Thank you very much for your reply.

    What enlightment means to me is what I read in books of the AmmaBhagwan, Osho, Buddha, wayne Dyer, Ekhart Tolle, Neale Donald Walsh etc.

    Nothing of my personal Knowing. It is knowing or label as described by those who have experienced. So it is secondry.
    Plaese I have no interest in adding more information about enlightment. So drop that.

    What I have requested you is

    “Is what you wrote about the non duality is you have realised or knwon by yourself? ( Honestly)

    If so bless me or guide me to know it.”

    I repeat, Precisely Bless me or Guide me to know the ‘Advait’ knowing it.

    May be my Guru Shri AmmaBhagqwan Desire that I Know/learn it from you
    (If you wish you can directly address it to me on my email [email protected])

    with warm Regards

    Love for me Love for All.

  64. Hi everybody,

    Yah though I am the Follower of AmmaBhagwan, I too is having my own sets of ups and downs.

    But life has become simpler. Life has become easier. Money inflow incraesed. The likes and dislikes have been reduced. Relations more on quieter side. Yes ther are differerences occasionaly. However, They get resolved /settled in lot shorter time.

    And I like it. Thats it. No big achievement , no small achievement. All that is thats it.

    I am getting books that talk on same subjects.

    I am get to see TV shows not belonging to Hindusiam or AmmaBhagwan but explaining similer principals.

    I am helping others in wahtever little way I can.

    I am getting lot of guidance and assistance in my life.

    I still find the two human beings are different. I have not experienced the oneness that AmmaBhagwan described as yet. I am still experiencing the duality.

    But the Life has become simpler and easier. Little more smooth. little. Littel More comfiratable.

    Like it take it.

    Dont like it just drop it.

    What I think is for everyone there is a way made out to lead their life in their own way.

    All The best folks, may you get your way soon and have a life that you like.

    Love for me Love for All.

  65. Hi One,

    In the scriptures the process of liberation has been categorically stated as following sravana, manana and nidhidhyasana. This means hearing the truth, reflecting on the truth and meditating on the truth. The way to the truth is through the self. What is the self; it is YOU at the core. Not the superficial you which one is identified with in daily life.

    Hearing the truth needs no further explanation. Reflecting the truth is primarily referred to as reflecting. The reflecting is enquiring within you. You are the Brahman or consciousness or more precisely the manifestation of the consciousness. So there no where else to go but within yourself. Going outside of oneself is to be in the illusion. Find out the truth within yourself. It is and always been there. What is meant by meditating on the truth is not the meditation processes that people perform as an activity. It is actually “being” the truth.

    Most people try to attain God or Brahman or something else of that sort. Can any one say that they know God or Brahman? No because true God or Brahman is just a concept for anyone so why try to attain or experience a concept? Before one tries to know God or Brahman does one know who they are? I mean truly who they are. What ever one knows about themselves are also concepts that relate to outside of oneself. What ever it is it is not the true you. The true you is the self.

    So how do you experience the true self? It is quite simple. Just be with the thought or feeling of I am “this or that”. Stay with that. Then cut off “the this or that” and what you have left is the I am. Difficult? Okay, then close your eyes and enquire what you are if you do not use your memory, thoughts, feelings, emotions, impressions, concepts etc. What are you? Are you man or a woman…….or neither? Anything that you think you are without using your memory, thoughts, feelings, emotions, impressions see if you are that or not that……or neither. If you do it sincerely what you are is the non-dual I. Can you explain this “I” without using your memory, thoughts, feelings, emotions, impressions etc? No you can’t. this “I” is like a state but is not a state. In that “I” what is God, Brahman, love, hate etc etc? Nothing! Because all that will require concepts based on memory, thoughts, feelings, emotions, impressions etc to explain or define. If you find it difficult, get someone to talk you through it or you can even record it yourself and play it.

    So what is this “I”? Can you notice that this “I” is also awareness? The non-dual, aloof awareness. You will see that you have always been that and nothing else. All else are temporary and changing. This “I” or awareness does not change. But know something; this awareness cannot be experienced outside of awareness! Try it. When the understanding hits you, you will be amazed.

    So is this enlightenment? I don’t care! Because to me enlightenment is just a word- a word in the dictionary. It is a concept and what you experience and find out for yourself is not a concept. You are finding what you are which is beyond any conceptualization and doesn’t require any.

    The more you be with the “I” and remain with the awareness, the more will become clear. In that “I” nothing matters- love, hate, world, universe, guru, enlightenment mean nothing without using your memory, thoughts, feelings, emotions, impressions etc. No one can take you there except yourself. No God, Brahman, Guru, nothing can take you there except yourself. Any Guru can only point out the way but the journey has to be taken by you only. No one “bless” you to see or experience. That is also a concept. Once you have connected with the “I” (which you have always been), the outside does not matter. It just is.

    Try it and then tell me if you cannot experience Non duality. Even non duality will not mean anything. Because even that too is a concept.

    A Nobody

  66. Hi “A Nobody”

    What you wrote above looks good and intelligent. God bless you..

    Thank you very much.

    Love for me Love for All

  67. Hi One,

    Your welcome. Although I think the reason you wanted me to “Bless me or Guide me to know the ‘Advait’ knowing it” is to basically try to put brakes on my posts rather than a real interest on your part. Never the less, I have posted the guidance which has taken me a whole lot of time and effort to come to understand and yes “”expereince””. Needless to say you can trash what I have written or if you are really sincere apply it and see what happens.

    If you really did understand what I have been writing about, you would have realised the “phenomena of Amma Bhagawan”. By trying to ascribe the responsibility to Amma Bhagwan guiding you to other sources is delusional. If a crow lands on a branch of a coconut tree and at that exact time a coconut falls, did the crow make the coconut fall?
    Something to think about.

    A Nobody

  68. Hi ” A Nobody”

    Thank you very much.

    I again appreciate your concern to warn all about the Scams the Shri AmmaBhagwan are.

    I also appreciate the time and effort you must have put in to make it put down in words.

    You look greatly hurt and do not want others to get hurt. Thats very noble concept indeed.

    What I understand from your guidance above is it looks very good indeed.

    well for now I dont get (understand) it well and have no heartfelt desire to leave the Lord AmmaBhagwan.

    I am finding AmmaBhagwan grace/guidance/assistance in my everyday life situations.

    Take care.

    warm regards,

    Love for me Love for All

  69. Dear Yash Kumar,

    There was a certain period in my life when i was away from my home and didnt like the available company.

    Therfore I know how boring it becomes when we are alone.

    When we are in these situations time just doent seem to pass. Looks stand still.

    You can communicate with me. if you desire you can see my mail id in one of above comments.

    Love for me Love for All.

  70. In the year 1929 a speech given by Jiddu Krishnamurti contained the statement “My only concern is to set men absolutely, unconditionally free.” This he has repeatedly said even in television interviews. Infact this is the line used to introduce Jiddu Krishnamurti.

    Does this ring a bell?!

    I have said before in post number 50 that Bhagavan used to work in the school of Jiddu Krishnamurti and that many of the teachings are plagiarized from the teachings of Jiddu Krishnamurti and here is an example of a clear rip off. The slogan of the Oneness Movement is “TO SET HUMANITY TOTALLY AND UNCONDITIONALLY FREE”.

    Here is a clear example of the con and yet it is claimed that the teachings of Amma Bhagavan are different from what was taught before by anyone.

    I am reminded of a line from the Bible- “Having eyes, see ye not? And having ears, hear ye not?” Mark 8:18.

    A Nobody

  71. People must have seen videos of Bhagavan in which he says that he comes from cosmic conscious whereas all the others come from planetary consciousness. Oneness University has a duality of 2 consciousnesses!

    All the scriptures, be it in Hinduism, Buddhism, Christianity etc as well as many enlightened masters like Ramana Maharishi, Nisagadatta, Shankara, Jesus, Gurujieff, Ranjit Maharaj, Buddha, etc etc etc (the list goes on) have all said that there is only ONE consciousness. Repeat ONLY ONE. Yet Bhagavan claims in his distinction between himself and the rest of humanity there are 2 consciousnesses.

    Bhagavan also had said that humanity can design his or her own enlightenment! Now this is really wonderful. Enlightenment is the death of the ego, so who can choose to “design” their enlightenment!!

    These are some of things that come to mind when I recollect some of the things and I am just penning it down. It amazes me how I gullibly swallowed the stuff at that time. This like wondering how I ever wore bell bottom pants!! But at that time it was the fashion.

    People are still being told a lot and it is inbuilt with a fail safe mechanism ensuring that people do not try to doubt what the Oneness University is saying.

    In the marketing field there is a saying “There is a sucker born every minute” and the Oneness Movement really understands this and uses it for their advantage.

    A Nobody

  72. 21st December 2012 is about 3 ½ years away and the Oneness Movement is strongly pushing for everyone to be prepared for it. Nothing short of laying oneself down in front of Amma Bhagavan can save humanity. Don’t just sit at home a pray, you have to attend the programs which you have to pay money of course and then you can at least think of surviving the catastrophe. The more programs you do the more safe one would be.

    You know what comes to mind when I think about 2012? It’s the Y2K (Year 2000) hysteria that was promoted and ranted and raved over in the 1990s. So what happen in 2000? Anything besides IT companies making a killing in fees for ensuring companies are “equipped” to avoid the devastation of computers crashing down. Everyone now knows that the Y2K was a big scam and it looks like the 2012 is a followup to the same.

    Besides the Dasa’s and Acharya’s (who are supposed to be enlightened) who else are enlightened that would be the 64,000 that would meditate in the Oneness temple? Even if you take the population of India to be 1.5 billion and take 60,000 people (lets keep the remaining 4,000 as people from the rest of the world) that would be about 1 enlightened person for every 25,000 in India. It should not be hard to find them around you. So where are they?

    I just can’t wait for 2012 to get over to see what explanations are going to be offered when nothing happens. The explanations will definitely be interesting.

    A Nobody

  73. look whomsoever hav written that thing about ammabhagawan it is not correct i have been with them for 3 years i havenot even once felt that they are fraud.they have changed a lot of things in my life .i got job,i have cleared all my papers due to rheur grace.I am thanking the writwr who have wrote the quotation ,because it enhances our faith for amma and bhagavan after reading such articles.

  74. Hi Sibasish

    A philosopher once visited Buddha and asked him “Without words, without the wordless, will you tell me the truth?” Buddha kept silent. After a while the philosopher gently rose up, made a solemn bow and thanked Buddha saying: “With your loving kindness, I have cleared away all my delusions and entered the true path.” When the philosopher had left, Ananda, a senior disciple of Buddha, enquired: “O, Blessed one, what hath this philosopher attained?” Buddha replied “A good horse runs even at the shadow of the whip!”

    The philosopher had already predetermined what he wanted to hear and believe. And that is what belief is all about. If I ask you as to how do you know that there is a God, if you are truthful you will tell that you really do not know. What you know is what you have been told, read or conditioned through families, society etc. And this forms the bed rock of your belief system. Even to question that as a suggestion is sacrilegious and people will do all sorts of things to defend with is only a belief and not a reality to you. After all, you have been “told” that Amma Bhagavan are the real deal and you believe it. Yes, you could say that you did not believe in the beginning but examined this yourself and have obtained proof for yourself. But did you do that out side of the satsangs and not talking with other devotees? If you really are true to your self, you will agree that you started getting conditioned in the satsangs and talks with devotees.

    I think the main culprit is these damn experience sharings that are part of the satsangs. You have some people coming up in front and saying they got this and that by praying to Amma Bhagavan and such. People who are listening start thinking “I also want all that too. Let me pray real hard and follow the teachings”. The teachings to manifest what you want are nothing but plain old NLP and self hypnosis. People all over the world are doing just that and here among Amma Bhagavan devotees it is attributed to Amma Bhagavan’s grace. I think the best what Bhagavan had said that is the epitome of creating delusion is when he said “If you see my grace in coincidences, my grace will grow”!! Wow, isn’t this the best way to be accepted as a miracle maker! In fact most people who are in Dharma are people who have problems and are just looking for the best magician to solve their problems. What better magician than God in human form right? Using NLP and self hypnosis any one can get that they want, because it creates focus and concentration on the goal or result.

    Your belief creates the world you want. It is more plausible when we say “Drishti Srishti Vada” meaning ‘Creation exists because we see it’ or loosely implied as one sees what we want to see. This is exactly what Maya is and if you read the shastras / scriptures, you will know that liberation is going beyond the Maya. But you just are happy to stay in the Maya and concentrate on the illusions. You don’t even have the guts to just even consider that all this is a con game. Because you fear that if you do, something bad will happen. And that is also your belief. So go ahead and keep on “Drishti Srishti Vada” till your end.

    A Nobody

  75. Oh one more thing Sibasish. You say that you are in dharma for 3 years. My friend, I was in dharma more than 7 years. I am sure you would have not met Amma or Bhagavan personally. I have my friend. I had attended Mukti Yangyas and all the processes till deepening process which is the highest process. I know what I am talking about my friend.

    A Nobody

  76. Hi Sibasish,

    Just for clarification on the justification of Amma Bhagavan’s grace. When you wanted the job did someone knock on your door and tell you that they despreately want to give you a job? Or did you apply for various positions and used your network and finally landed a job after several interviews?

    On your papers. Did Amma Bhagavan write the exam papers for you or did you study real hard and wrote the exams yourself?

    From what you have written you seem to be a young man who is just starting out in the world. I just have some simple advice for you my friend. Don’t let fear blind you and don’t let the same fear create your beliefs. And last never lie to your self even if you lie to others.

    I wish you all the best in your start to the adventure called life.

    A Nobody

  77. Dear All,

    It is nice to see this site is blessed with intelligent bloggers.
    What is being written above is individual experience, we must apreciate it.

    When ever we seek we are right and other is somehow mislead, be aware of the true reason behind it. Thats all.

    As for me I had some lean period for past three months or so. AmmaBhagwan did not send a direct hand of God to help me out. Yes they did not.

    How ever their teaching helped me very much to float well. I could cope up with the fearfull experiences I think only because of the guidance I had from the courses at Oneness Univercity.

    I never did any promoting for AmmaBhagwan. Still I managed to do the courses. I still have my own opinion of amount of money being charged.

    What matters to me is what kind of life is turning out to be for me. I am thankful to AmmaBhawan that my life is turning out to be a good one even when I was going through the troubled times. The teachings from the courses by AmmaBhagwan have helped me greatly in all spheres of my life.

    So for all the new readers, these are two set of opposite opinions and experiences about Shri AmmaBhagwan.

    Please try to have your own way of examination to satisfy yourself. Dont believe my or others statements /experiences.

    Have your own free opinion and path. Choose one. Even if it is wrong, you can always change to other.

    Eventually I think we all have one destination to reach to and there is no other way to it.

    I Think this set of contradictions is merely part of whole plan of the universe.

    Wish you all a happy and wonderful Life.

    Shri AmmaBhagwan Sharnam.

    Love For Me Love For All
    OneMany AllOne

  78. All around the world, money is defined as a medium of exchange. In simple terms- we give money, we get something. This is the basis of global economies and it is necessary from a socio-economic view point.

    But to translate that into spirituality is down right contrary to what divinity is about. When money is brought into the realm, we are essentially saying that we are buying grace or we could also say that God is just a business man! You want grace or blessings- you have to pay for it. We can almost draw a parallel between God as a business man and the man selling paan round the corner.

    People have a great misunderstanding of what Oneness is all about. When people think of oneness and what that experience would be like, they think that Oneness is all about connecting to all of humanity and feeling abundant love. Know that one can feel love only for someone or something that is separate from oneself. Only if there is an object can a subject say I love the object. If there is no object can there be anything to love?

    Truly speaking, the experience of Oneness is really about nakedness and feeling alone. When it is truly understood that everything is just “One consciousness” and there is no then that would be quite lonely right? Imagine that you have a dream in which you have family friends, enemies and others. What would you feel when you wake up and realize that there were no families, friends others, just you alone exist? Alone can be broken down to “All” “One” just like your ID.

    I am sure that people who go to satsangs regularly will notice a high turnover of devotees. When I say turnover, I mean old devotees leaving which is being replaced by new devotees. And this is not an isolated case. In fact it is quite frequent.

    Truth can never be an opinion. An opinion is just a perspective. But truth is not a perspective. It is what it is and nothing can be substituted for the truth. Yes, each one can have their own perspective of truth based on their interpretation of the truth. But ultimately truth is still the truth.

    Talking about the truth, or explaining it in details or even pointing it out is still quite useless. Because ultimately, it is the experiential understanding that needs to happen. No one else can do it for you. Talking about the taste of mangoes even to the point of explaining it in scientific ways on how the taste is registered in your brain is ultimately all pointless for a person who has never tasted a mango before. Only one bite into the mango is enough to know the taste and then all the explanations and mental gymnastics in the world are irrelevant. The man now knows. He now knows the taste and he doesn’t even need to explain it. Just like that only the experience of truth is the one and only way. And I am not talking of the hallucinations and imaginations of flying through the sky and meeting Gods and such stuff. All this are mind games and if you want to experience such things, there is an easier and cheaper way- just smoke some Gaanja and you will see all this.

    Just like this I can only point out what is wrong. Ultimately each person has to realize it on the own.

    A Nobody

  79. The scriptures state that the state of man is in Avidya (Ignorance) which is likening to a veil. Vidya (Knowledge) is the way to remove the veil of Avidya. This is clearly not about having opinions. The truth is expressed through Vidya. Advidya is not an interpretation of Vidya, but rather the absence of it. When one clings on to the security of Avidya which is build on a lie, it takes true courage to first of all acknowledge that that which one clings on is indeed Avidya. Like the old saying goes, first one has to admit that one is sick before the sickness can be cured. If one does not even acknowledge that one is sick then how can a cure be even attempted. This is the Avidya (Ignorance) of being sick.

    In the scriptures the process of liberation has been categorically stated as following “Sravana, Manana and Nidhidhyasana”. This means hearing the truth, reflecting and meditating on the truth and being the truth. The Truth is truly understood then Adidya drops off and then one can only be the truth.

    The process comes to a halt of even after “Hearing the truth” one prevents oneself from reflecting and mediating on the truth. It is truly sad that the maya of Avidya is so strong to prevent one from realizing the truth. There is great courage in seeing the truth.

    People’s social structures change after they come into Amma Bhagavan. The friends who are not part of Amma Bhagavan are slowed phased out of one’s life. Then life becomes only about Amma Bhagavan and the people involved in it. When a person’s whole social structure is built around Amma Bhagavan, the person risks the whole structure crumbling down if the truth is acknowledged.

    Even if one is left all alone after acknowledging the truth, it does not matter. Because to see the truth removing all the veils of ignorance till one is naked with no more pretensions.

    I have seen this kind of Avidya not only in Amma Bhagavan devotees, but also in other large spiritual groups like Art of Living, Transcendental Meditation. The people who see the truth are the truly courageous ones and the only thing they can do is to point out the lie. Looking at the lie and honestly acknowledging it is dependent on each person.

    A Nobody

  80. Hello One,

    My friend, I am glad to hear that you have weathered the recent turmoil in your life. Needless to say, troubles are the other side of the same coin as happiness. Each has a part to play in the world.

    Just to comment on what you had said in your post. You had said that you have never promoted Amma Bhagavan but still was able to attend the Oneness University (Unifarcity?!) courses. I am curious, is the new requirement to attend courses to promote Amma Bhagavan? I know that previously, if one brings 50 people to attend basic program, that person becomes eligible to attend Maha Deeksha for free. Has it now changed to promoting Amma Bhagavan plus money to attend courses?

    On the point of promoting Amma Bhagavan, my friend you are a product of the promotion mechanism of Amma Bhagavan. So was I and all the other people who were or are devotees. I am sure you can not find any person personally who had a mystical calling to Amma Bhagavan. Each and every one of us was presented the concept of Amma Bhagavan by another devotee. Someone had approached each one of us (may be a friend or a friend’s friend) and told us about Amma Bhagavan with liberal doses of miracles and other fantastic stories. We are then requested to attend a local satsang and they tell us “see for yourself to divine power of Amma Bhagavan). When we attend a satsang, everyone smiles and greets us talks a lot about Amma Bhagavan and about the miracles of the courses of Oneness University. We never knew then that each one is trying to complete their quota of devotees to be eligible for Maha Deeksha for free. (This is like Amway and Gold-quest) We start think that it will do no harm to at least try to follow Amma Bhagavan and that’s when the quick sand pulls us in. We may think that we will try to examine to see if Amma Bhagavan is real and are truly divine. What can we do? Go with instruments to check the Aura of Amma Bhagavan? Get an independent astrologer to examine Bahavan’s Janma Kundli? What can we do to obtain proof? There is nothing else but to listen to the stories of people in satsangs.

    Once we attend a satsang and listen to the experience sharing of people who claim thunderous miracles we are sucked in to the delusion. We also start to crave these thunderous miracles in our own lives. It usually starts as “I was looking for parking and I prayed to Amma Bhagavan and in 10 minutes I found parking” or “I was in a hurry to each the office / meeting / function and I prayed to Amma Bhagavan and all the traffic lights that I approached were green so I never had to apply the brakes even once”. All this is just mind games because we all crave the miracles. It is soon that our desperation to also experience miracles or wondrous spiritual experiences that we start making up stories. First to ourselves in our mind, then to our friends, and then during experience sharing. I remember during one of the Mukti processes, the dasa were trying to teach us how to approach rich people to get them into Amma Bhagavan. The dasa asked ech one of us to pretend that the dasa was a rich person and speak to them like they wanted to convince them to join Amm Bhagavan. When the chance of a friend of mine came, he started speaking great things about Amma Bhagavan and how they had cured him of his kidney stones problem. The dasa heard all this and said that it was very good. They then told him to come to a room for video recording his experience. I knew him and I later asked him about the kidney stone issue. He told me he had made the whole story!

    There was one fellow in the satsang I used to attend. He was a senior devotee and he would always come late and always go and sit in front like his seniority gave him VIP status. One time when funds were being requested for building Oneness Temple (previously known as Golden Temple, Shakti Sthal), this guy comes in front and says that he has bought a raffle ticket and that we all should pray that his ticket should be the winning ticket. He also said that when he wins he will be giving half the winnings for the Oneness Temple!! Wow! He would keep the other half!

    By the way, even I had contributed money to the building of Oneness Temple and the dasas had given be a card which allows VIP access to the temple when it is opened.

    You see I have experienced the lie and for a long time I was pretending that it was all true. One day I realized that all this is just bull shit and I should stop lying to myself. My goal has always been liberation. At least, now I am “liberated” from this lie. It took courage to admit that I was lying to myself and it took great courage to leave the people I had called my friends who were still in Amma Bhagavan. For a long time I lived life without any friends and I had to make new friends. I have now a lot of new friends and life could not be any better.

    I have understood that the biggest block to any human being is Fear. That fear will prevent us to acknowledge the truth and change for the better. This Fear is the root of all our samskaras. All I am offering is the truth about the scam of Oneness University. But each has to remove their rose tinted glasses on their own. No one can do it for you.

    A Nobody

  81. I have met a Guru sometime back who is only interested in “pointing out” the truth and path- if there is such a thing as a path, because as Jiddu Krishnamurti said “Truth is a pathless land”. Now this guru is not interested in all the mystical stuff that are so prevalent all around us. He is one of those rare ones who have indeed reached a point where he is “being” the truth.

    He had started a blog in which we has written about his experiences with people who claim to be seekers of truth, but have their own twisted pre-conceived notion of truth and how they fail to see that they can not reconcile their notion with truth.

    Now this guru started this blog as an anonymous person calling himself “Bored Guru”. And I wan to respect his wish to stay anonymous so I will not name him.

    If you are interested in reading his experiences this is the link http://guruisbored.blogspot.com/

    You can see the kind of people that are around and you may be able to recognize the pattern. Enjoy the reading…………..if you dare!

    A Nobody

  82. Dear all,

    Most of us are trying to find what is right for us and what is not. Which path we should undertake and which should not. Which Guru to trust and which should not.

    I think,
    Simple way is practice the path with all the attention and dedication. See if our life is becoming lighter. See our life is looking little and little more at peace with everyday passing. Little more calmer and fulfiled.

    If so the path chosen and The Guru chosen is right for us.

    In case we are still feel bothered and taxed all the time. If our comfirt with what is everyday does not increases then the path / Guru chosen by us needs dumping.

    Or you can have your own way to check out. That should be your style that you trust.

    Thats it.

    By the way it is correct , if one follows a path and guru for certain period, spends time and money, It require Great courage to abondon it. To say that i was fool to follow it.

    The fellow Mr. Nobody above has that quality. That is great indeed.

    Bye Bye.

    Love for Me Love for All


  83. Hi One,

    You are right that most people for “what is right for us”. The search is for something or path that people decide for themselves what is right. And what is the process of arriving at the decision that the particular path is the right path? Check for increase in peacefulness, calmness and fulfillment.

    Enlightenment is in simple words the dissolution of the ego. But what exactly is the ego? Is it something real that exists? If it is real where is it? The thing is that the ego is not real. It is an illusion and that illusion can not be removed or destroyed. It simply has to disappear. Just think how can you remove a mirage? Can you fan it away? Can you bury it away? No, the mirage simply does not exist. It only exists in perception. The same way the ego which is an illusion is simply our sense or feeling that we exist, that we are a separate person who thinks and does things. But what is this “I” or “Me” feeling or sense which the ego is? If you really investigate it, it is just a person’s conditioning. A persons awareness and thoughts are determined by the conditionings. So essentially removing the conditionings is the first step to dissolve the ego. But the ego, although an illusion, will not simply say “okay you win, I will lay down and just disappear”. It will fight for its existence. The ego is not some separate entity within us. It is the person itself.

    In choosing a spiritual path, which is ultimately related to the dissolution of the ego, the ego will slyly fight its own dissolution. Just think about it. If you decide that you will commit suicide will you be peaceful and calm? No! You will be exactly the opposite. So how can the ego (which a person is) allow one to go the path that will ultimately lead to its own dissolution and be calm? The only way it will feel calm and peaceful, is if we are on the wrong path going the other way.

    We have been so glued to our conditionings that removing the conditionings is painful for the ego. It will struggle to prevent that from happening. And a person will feel more miserable than peaceful and calm. Even if one is on the right path and goes through the misery of the ego struggling, before going all the way, the ego will slyly convince itself that one has reached the end when actually it has not. Oh this can be so terrible when we start thinking that we have reached enlightenment when in truth we have not! When you realize that this is still part of the ego’s trick, you will be angry with yourself for being such a fool for not realizing it before.

    The whole story of the Mahabaratha is the story of the battle that happens in each one of us. The whole story is about destroying Dhuryodhana which is the representation of the ego. Dhuryodhana never stopped fighting till the very end when he was killed. The same is with the ego. Was Dhuryodhana ever happy and peaceful? No till the very end he was unhappy and miserable. He did everything to stop his mistaken misery outside of himself that he did not realize that the source of his misery was himself!

    So if you are going by feelings of being peaceful and clam and fulfilled, then you can be sure that you are going in the reverse direction. You can have no idea how miserable you will feel when you go on the path of seeking the truth. The misery is not about the path. The misery is created by seeing within you that which you term as ego and the things you do to stop yourself from liberation.

    We all have heard that Enlightenment is the dissolution of the ego. But have you tried to really find the ego within you? If you haven’t, then how can you go forward?

    Ultimately, a Guru can only point out the truth to you. He cannot carry you to the end. All the true Gurus have always said that we have to find the truth ourselves by working on ourselves. Study our own selves. That is the only way. And you can sure that when you encounter the truth about yourself, you will not be happy and peaceful. Because you will realize that the one you are trying to get rid of is your own self. Then you will feel like you are taking your own self to the gallows.

    A Nobody

  84. Have you ever tried to assure a child that a particular activity, for example a giant wheel or roller coaster ride is not dangerous and that the safety belt or harness will keep them safe? No matter what we tell them or how we explain it, the child will still not be convinced. The child may say okay, but in its mind it still is scared. There is nothing that you can say or do to make the fear go away. Even showing them through a demonstration by yourself does not convince them. The only way that they can get over the fear is to actually get on the ride. Once they do get on the ride, they realize that the ride is actually fun and not scary any more. That’s when the fear vanishes.

    The same is true of people on the path to enlightenment. Someone can tell you about enlightenment. Someone can demonstrate the process of enlightenment. But ultimately, a person can see the illusion of bondage only by themselves. Nothing else will work. Another person, no matter what their authority or stature, can not bring about that realization. The realization has to dawn on oneself on its own.

    Only a person who is on the path of Spirituality for enlightenment can understand what I am saying. I find that most people are into spirituality for solving their problems in life. So how can all this things about enlightenment make sense to such a person?

    It’s funny how I did not realize that most people who are into Amma Bhagavan are only looking for the grand magician to solve their problems. People who are really serious about enlightenment will have understood the scam and would have moved on. The ones who stay back are the ones who are entangled in the issues of daily life. May be your life may have improved. May be your business or job is doing great after getting into Amma Bhagavan. Even if someone tells you that the Oneness Movement is a scam, people will not believe it because they fear that if they let go of Amma Bhagavan their good fortunes will also go. If you really look within will you devotion or fear?

    Just like the child that fears the ride, each person has to confront their fear on their own. No one else can do it for you.

    A Nobody

  85. Dear All,

    AmmaBhagwan Sharanam,

    We all have different paths to tread upon in our life.

    For long in my past I use to consider the things which I thought were right were only right and why so many others cant undestand the simple fact. I criticised the massfor major part of my life. looked them down thinking them to be fools. Not using there brains. Supersticious and what not.

    Only to learn at later part in my life that there various stages in our life journey. Something will look ridiculous to me but it may look very right and precious to other. There is no need for anybody to go around to correct others. There is no need to get frustrated that others dont understand a simple logic and explanations.

    Right and wrong things will keep changing its perspetive in our life as we move on.

    I Think the humanity as whole is constantly evolving. All the people are at various stages of evolving.they all are moving towords reuniting with whole. when it will happen probably no one knows.

    I think everything in this universe is happening with perfect syncronized manner.

    The universe has been in place since how long actually nobody knows.

    It is such grand and self sustaining phenomena. We are a very tiny tiny tiny particle in it. It is definately knows how to take care of itself. That includes the Human Beings in It.

    So lets Live.

    Love Me Love For All

  86. The Yoga Vasistha is an important spiritual text which is considered world wide as an important text especially in the path of enlightenment. This is a very serious text and previously in the days of old, this text was not available for everyone to read nor was it taught to the masses. In the days of old people did not have to pay huge sums of money for getting teachings or guidance from Gurus or Sages. The only criteria were seriousness and determination. People who were into spirituality for mortal benefits were not taught the path of enlightenment. People in general at that time were simple and did not even have the intelligence or discrimination (buddhi or viveka) to truly understand what true spirituality was really about. Because of this reason the Sages and Gurus did not teach the serious stuff. Only very few people who the Sages or Gurus thought were worthy or sufficiently mature to be able to understand the teachings and brave enough to tread the path of enlightenment were taught. The majority of people were given prayers, mantras and rituals to keep them busy.

    The Yoga Vasistha is about the teachings of Sage Vasistha to Lord Rama. Only when Sage Vasistha saw that Lord Rama had reached a certain maturity did he then teach Lord Rama the teachings of the path to Liberation. Now an important point is reached some where towards the end of the text which I will explain in simple terms.

    Sage Vasistha went to a lot of details and explained about the nadis and chakras and kundalini and so on. He explained that the kundalini rose through the sushumna nadi passed through the chakras and on and on and on he explained all this in a lot of details. After Sage Vasistha finished, he asked Lord Rama if he understood what he had said. Lord ram replied that he did and he also started narrating the whole thing again. When Lord Rama finished, Sage Vasistha said that he did not understand it. Lord Rama then said “What are you saying; I just finished explaining exactly what you have just now explained!” The Sage Vasistha replied “Yes I agree, but what I have been explaining to you are stories for the UNENLIGHTENED. The truth is there are no chakras, nadis, or kundalini. There is just the deep understanding or realization that all this is part of the illusion.” Now the above, that I have put in quotations, are not exactly what was said. I just simplified the message in a simple and concise manner. Something like the way Gandhiji’s message was conveyed in Lage Raho Munna Bhai.

    People who think they are on the path to liberation or enlightenment think that they can DO something that will lead to enlightenment. But this is still part of the tricks of the ego. The ego is the one that wants to DO something. So people were given all this stuff to DO and when they DO and DO and DO they will finally realize that all this activity is not getting them anywhere. Then only is the truth presented and then only the deep understanding or realization hits them. The realization that they truly do not exist as a separate entity so who is to DO things?

    This is exactly what the Buddha went through. He was DOING a lot of practices, fasting etc. He finally got tired and stopped DOING and that’s when the truth dawned on him.

    We are now living in a different age where teachings are everywhere. Not like before when a person had to prove his determination and intelligence before being taught. So in this age where we have all the scriptures and spiritual texts available, it is very easy to misunderstand and get lost in the DOING.

    All the scriptures and spiritual texts have repeatedly stated that enlightenment can not be given or gained through sheer effort. It has to happen on its own but for that happening the conditions have to right. The conditions are right understanding and right discrimination.

    This is not about trying to prove that anyone is right or wrong. What I am trying to do is just offer information that could help if one is really serious about enlightenment. Everyone knows that there is Maya or illusion. No one would argue if it does or does not exist. But how will you know that you are still in Maya or illusion? Just like Sage Vasistha saying that all the practices are part of the illusion, all these multi-level marketing Gurus or Godmen are also part of that illusion which the ego still clings on.

    Just take any of the people in the past who were considered enlightened. Examples- Ramana Maharishi, Shankaracharya, Nisargadatta Maharaj, Buddha etc. Were any of them “GIVEN” enlightenment? No, the conditions were right for the realization to happen to them. No body put their hands on their head and gave them enlightenment.

    If you are really serious about enlightenment then only consider what information I have been sharing. Other wise just forget everything. If you still need help to live life, get a job, make money etc; then go ahead with what you are still doing. But at least be kind, considerate and truthful enough to leave out the enlightenment part of Oneness University. Because you will contribute to side tracking someone, who is really serious about enlightenment, getting stuck and wasting time in Oneness University by telling them that Oneness University or Amm Bhagavan gives enlightenment. By all means promote Oneness University for giving wealth, abundance, peace of mind and “Break Through and Break Down” (which by the way the Oneness University has used from the book by John F. Demartini called “Breakthrough Experience” which was first published in 2002. You may recognize him- he was on the DVD “The Secret”) methods for living life. But spare the people who are serious about enlightenment.

    A Nobody

  87. Hi Dear Nobody,

    Your above write up about Muny Vashista is in class of its own.


    God Bless you.

    Ammabhagwan Sharanam.

    Love for me love for all

  88. Hey Nobody,

    Dear this is the first occasion I felt that you touched my inner self.

    Beautiful. Wonderful.

    Keep it up. All the very best to you.

    God Bless You.

    AmmaBhagwan Sharanam

    Love for me Love for All


  89. hey friends do not get involve with amma bhagwan,i was a very strong believer of them but then a very sad turn came in my life n i went to swarglok for personal darshan of bhagwan’s n talked to him,n asked him to give me back all of my confidence but still i am struggling hard to get it back,i have waisted a lot of my parents money n even my faith n love,i was a strong beliver of GOD n always do prayed my GOD,i mean lord krishna n maa vaishno,but then when i heard of amma bhagwan n their miracles by my hostel mates i started believing n i literaly started beliving n prayin for them n dedicated all my belief in them n was very happy at tat time but then when hard time came n i started questioning infront of shri murti no answers i got,n even met personally bhagwan but no use at all,n now i m in such a situation that i have even lost faith in my own GOD n had started doubting that is there any GOD in this universe,n this all is due to beliving in so called amma bhgwan so dont follow them,better belive in god of your religion,or any other religon but not on them who says i m the GOD,so that u can always b on right path

  90. mujhe sirf itna kehna hai ki aap bina experience kiye is oneness movement ko nahi samajh sakte……. kaun mamuli insaan aapko aapki zarurat ke waqt 50,000 rs la ker dega aur gayab ho jayega……… aap sabhi apni jagah sahi hain kyunki wo aapki sotch hai per aapka vishwas hi aapka ishwar hai aur mera vishwash mere amma bhagavan hain ……… thankyou aapsabki desire aapke ishwar puri karein ye meri amma bhagavan se prarthana hai….. best of luck

  91. Oneness University crumbling??? India originally had 1 Congress party. Then later there were splits in the party and now you have several break aways from Congress party. Does this type of events ring a bell with Oneness University? Now you have Amma Bhagavan’s own son, Acharyajis and other dasas breaking away from Oneness University. Things will get interesting now. Wait and see. Bhagavan and Krishnaji will be negotiating on the huge money making business and may be some agreement may be reached and all are back under Oneness University.

    I had been expecting this. First we had Freddie and Kiara Windrider defecting. Then we had the sole American representative Raniji defecting. It was a matter of time when Krishnaji would start claiming a bigger share in the whole empire.

    If the dealings or negotiations go right, then you can see Oneness University going into damage control.

    Onemanyallone, I saw your comments on YouTube. Why do you want to trust anyone apart from yourself? Trust only in yourself. The Guru is always within you just like it is for every one. Trust yourself and you cannot go wrong. Only precondition is that you are brutely honest with yourself and never lie to yourself.

    A Nobody

  92. Hi Suman Sagar,

    Your first post basically stated that you have firm belief in Amma Bhagavan. Then in less than 24 hours you have posted that you are interested in seeing God. What happened to your sudden turn around? I am assuming that the news about the Acharyajis and Krishnajis opposition to Amma Bhagavan is responsible.

    If you still have’nt seen God, then your devotion is not strong enough. Basically you can create the vision of God the way you want. The truth is that your mind creates the image the way you want. But should’nt you think that when you want to “see” God, you are trying to limit the infinte? In maths if I ask you what is 4536 multiplied by 678 divided by 454 and the whole square root, you will be able to give the answer by working it out (which would be approximately 82.30). But if I ask you for the answer to infinity, can you give me an answer? Of course not, because infinity is just that……it goes on and on. So just like that how can you expect to “see” God when our human eyes can’t even see round the horizon or the hole of the Milky way galaxy?

    Before desiring to see God first of all try to undertand what is God. Use the scriptures as a guide. Just by reading the scriptures once is not enough. The subtle meaning will only hit you after several readings and comtemplation. Just the common known line “Aham Brahmasmi” is well known as “I am Brahman”. We can understand what the words are saying, but can you really underdstand what it “means”.

    To me the translation does do justice to the correct meaning. To me it should not be “I am Brahman”. Rather the correct understanding should be “Brahman exists as I”. If you can truly understand what this really means, you have understood a lot. it is not based on how much you know (quantity) but how much you understand of what you know (quality).

    A Nobody

  93. Hi Suman Sagar,

    Something further to the maths question. If I ask you to substract 1,000,000,000,000,000,000 from Infinity, what is the answer? Inspite of the huge number with 18 zeros (also called quintillion- which 1 billion multiplied by 1 billion) if you try to minus that from infinity, the answer is still……….infinity!!! So God or Brahman which is infinite can not been “seen” with your limited eyes or even mind.

    Oh do I have a lot more to explain, but it might just get wasted. Please read the scriptures again and again. You will not believe the understanding that comes after reading it for the tenth time or more. The understanding is much more deeper than the understanding we get after the first reading.

    The Upanishads is the best place to start. If you feel that that is too difficult, just start with the Purnam verse

    Om Purnamadah Purnamidam
    Purnat Purnamudachyate
    Purnasya Purnamadaya
    Om Shantih, Shantih, Shantihi

    Just this verse alone if truly understood can bring about magical transformation through understanding within. Just read and contemplate the meaning again and again till you get the true understanding.

    I thought I had understood what the meaning of the Advaita sayings like “the Snake and Rope” and “the Ring made of Gold”. I was blown away when the true understanding hit me!!! The funny thing is that I cannot explain the true meaning!! It has to be felt from within your very core.

    The thing is that if one tries to find God, the person reaches the self. If one tries to find the self, the person find God!! Then you truely understand that the self and God are the same. That is true Oneness. Not some University which claims the same name.

    A Nobody

  94. It is so silly to read about Bhagavan saying that he has never said that the dasas are enlightened, but that they are in the enlightened state. Wow!! I am simply amazed by the man. he has specifically said that the dasas are higher than Buddha, Ramana Maharishi. Buddha and Ramana are considered enlightened the world over. So how can someone be higher than them yet not be enlightened but only in the “enlightened state”??!!

    People were being asked to connect to Amma Bhagavan through their Antaryamin and Bhagavan will read what they want. Strange how he never could connect through the Antaryamin of Krishnaji, Acharyajis and dasas who have broken away from Amma Bhagavan and read their thoughts.

    I have seen this happened before. there was only devotee who was giving deekshas and she had repeated stated that Bhagavan had given her the power to read minds. She kept on repeating this whenever she got the chance. Then one day her own daughter runs away from home with her boy friend and gets register married. How come this lady could not read the mind of her own daughter??!!!

    Anandagiri Acharyaji was once asked in an interview what does he consider as God. He promptly replied “Bhagavan”. Now he says that he is having “idealogical” differences with Amma Bhagavan.

    Oh Boy! All this “palti mar” is making me very dizzy!!!!!

    Bhagavn is now saying that he never knew that so much money was being taken and is now saying that courses are free. So why doesn’t he say that he will return the money already spent by so many people? He has already made so much money for the next several generations. Now he is acting exactly like Bill Gates and other billionaires by offering free courses. This is called “Philanthropy” when billionaires give money or offer services for free!!!!

    The best thing is that Bhagavan blames people for “spoiling” the dasas by giving them luxury. So now Amma Bhagavan, Acharayas and dasas are not at fault???? It is the devotees fault that there is a split??!!!

    I really feel sorry for the devotees that are still trying to defend Amma Bhagavan. One fellow even said that this is all “Leela” of Amma Bhagavan to destroy the last remnants of ego in the Acharyajis and dasas!!!!!

    I bow down in respect to the dellusion that the mind creates to sustain the false!!!! it is truely amazing to see how the mind can be so convincing.

    I am just waiting to see how this drama is going to unfold. I do not think that we have seen the end yet. Abhi picture bakhi hai!!!!

    A Nobody

  95. They should change the name from Oneness University to “Twoness University”!!!!!!!!

    A Nobody

  96. Dear all,

    Its really wonderfull that so many have so many views.

    I think some ways some paths strike to us. Sometime in our life.

    Probably it just catches with us in our unawareness. Sort of it happens.

    It shall happen and will be experienced by all. GOD blesses all.

    AmmaBhagwan Sharanam
    Love for me love for all.

  97. Hi All,

    Wish you all a very happy new year 2010.

    I was really surprised when I knew about the breakup in the Oneness University.

    Well these(the break away group) were the very same people who swore by the earth and the heaven that this is the thing and nothing else comes any close to this perfect Oneness and the Avtar The AmmaBhagwan.

    I have heard that 1. they want the significance of the DIKSHA to be changed 2. The way the emphasis is on the putting the demands in front of AmmaBhagwan needs to be changed. 3. More significance and important to be attached to the new age scientific cycolological functioning of our mind and its effect on energy & matter.

    Well what ever that means.

    It is the experience of all those people and their views. It is their freedom to choose their own path.
    But Initially I was definately disturbed and agitated. There are scores of stories where the so called Godman turned out to be and imposter. I wondered if I am now in to one of them.

    Then there are people like “A Nobody” who are hell bent on to expose that The AmmaBhagwan” is bogus and money making machine.

    Its his own experience. He is expressing with great zeal. Well that is definately worth great appreciation.

    What I learned is in end I will have to check my experience. My experience with the oneness organisation is still on better side. I have some differences but overall better relationships, Difficulties but still situation is better than before I got in to Oneness, Financially need more however still have more since with AmmaBhagwan, Life understanding there are questions, but lesser since with AmmaBhagwan.

    So in all my own decision is to still remain with the The AmmaBhagwan and organisation and be happy.

    All Those who want to leave the oneness they should but on their own experiences.
    All Those who want to be in oneness be with it depending on their own experiences.

    Little difficult and courageous. But thats the way it is.

    If its is a Hansa(The white Bird) it is so. we cant call it the crow for long.
    Similarly if it is Crow it is so. we cant call it Hansa for long.

    God bless all those who have different opinions and may grant them their solace.

    Namaste & AmmBhagwan

    Love for me Love for All
    One Many All One

  98. Hi One,

    I see you have taken your stand and have positioned yourself with Amma Bhagavan and not the break away group.

    You have said in your post that I am “hell bent on exposing Amma Bhagavan” and that you are depending on the proof of your experiences to believe in the authenticity of Amma Bhagavan.

    My dear friend, you are again missing out the point that I am trying to make. My contention is about the fact that Amma Bhagavan propagates the fact they can enlighten mankind. That is the only thing I am opposing based not only on my experiences, but also the experiences of many, many people who are on the path of enlightenment.

    I do not deny the fact that you as well as most of the people who worship Amma Bhagavan have seemingly benefited in better relationships, better financials and calmer lives. I do not want to go into the aspect that it is your belief that is responsible, but that’s another story.

    All I am saying is that Amma Bhagavan was promising (or a more precise word would be guaranteeing) enlightenment through their deeksha programs.

    Fact one- The Deeksha was and is being promoted as an “instantaneous” enlightenment.

    Fact two- Each time someone asked why enlightenment was not happening, people were told that the next process will definitely do it.

    Don’t you see the contradiction the above 2 facts? One Deeksha is supposed to be enough, but when asked why, then people are told that the next one will do the trick. Obviously, we had to pay good money for each of the enlightenment processes.

    I have said this before and I am saying it again. I am not questioning yours and others “miraculous” material gains through your association with Amma Bhagavan. All I am asking is if Amma Bhagavan is the real deal, then why do they guarantee enlightenment and then not give it? PLEASE DO NOT RESPOND WITH MATERIAL GAINS AS PROOF OR JUSTIFICATION.

    Previously, Bhagavan used to say that the dasas are all enlightened and in higher states than Buddha and Ramana Maharishi. Now he says that he has never said that the dasas are enlightened, just that they are ONLY in enlightened states. So that means that he can only give enlightened state but enlightenment?????? Simple logic will show the folly of this explanation. Buddha and Ramana Maharishi are considered permanently enlightened, whether they are in an enlightened state or not. When Bhagavan says that the dasas are in a higher state than Buddha and Ramana Maharishi, then for a fact the dasas should also be enlightened like Buddha and Ramana Maharishi.

    The people who are serious about enlightenment do not care if you or other believers in Amma Bhagavan have won the lottery or flew to Mars or anything like that. All that we want you answer is WHY IS ENLIGHTENMENT NOT GIVEN WHEN IT WAS GUARANTEED?

    Onemanyallone, do you want me to repeat the question again? Okay so one more time, WHY IS ENLIGHTENMENT NOT GIVEN WHEN IT WAS GUARANTEED? I only ask you to respect the truth and answer the question I have asked. Please do not pretend that you have missed the question and say something like “I have got a new car because I prayed to Amma Bhagavan” etc.

    A Nobody

  99. I recently saw a kid who was crying and making a scene to get a toy that was so obviously not for his age. But the kid was adament. He kept on saying that he wants the toy. The parents first tried to reason with him by giving a lot of different explanations as to why the toy is not suitable for him. They even tried to explain that the toy will hurt him because he is so small and the toy is meant for bigger kids. They even gave examples of other older kids who have the toy and how they were able to manage the toy.

    The parents even tried to disuade the kid by saying that they will buy 5 different toys that are suitable for his age but not the toy he wanted. They even tried to lovingly say that as parents they know about the dangers that could happen to the kid.

    Even after all the different explainations that the parents used, all the examples, all the modes of trying to convince the kid, you waht the kid was saying all the time?
    “I want that toy! I don’t anything else, I just want that toy! No, no, no I want that toy! I don’t want to listen to you, just buy me the toy! Why do I want the toy? I just want it!!”

    The kid start saying this and was saying this till the very end when the parents had to drag the kid away.

    I have been giving explanations, examples, and used other ways to explain the falseness of the Oneness University. But each time there is a response, it is always “my experience is that Amma Bhagavan are divine”. No explanation, no examples, no proof. Just a line that is repeated again and again.

    Just review the previous postings and you will see that.

    I have answers questions that put to me, but not once REPEAT not once were my questions answered.

    Okay do give explainations, proof etc. Just answer my question. That is all.

    A Nobody

  100. Sorry the second last line should read as “I have answered questions that were put to me, but not once REPEAT not once were my questions answered”

    A Nobody

  101. Dear All And Dear A NObody,

    I agree with you that the AmmaBhagwan have promised the enlightenment and not delivered it.

    I also recollect they have promised the Jeewan Mukti and we still in Jeewan and the Mukti seems to be a far cry.

    Instead they have said and got in to me very fundamental thing such as the charity begins at home.We all knew it but very few practised it. And that did make a very posetive change in my life style.

    We are spending lot of money and time in different books and courses then we get knowledge. Then we can answer many of day to day questions. But these answers are not our own. They are not coming from the core of our being so to speak.

    Till recently I was listening to questions of many troubled persons and giving them solutions. Some got satisfied some did not.

    But now I accept that most of the solutions I gave to people were from the knowledge I have gathered from the books, discourses and the courses I have attended. Ther was very small part of it that must have sprung from my BEING.

    Now also I am writing more from the knowledge I have gathered then from my own Being.

    Most people are doing this.

    So, AmmaBhagwan did not give us the enlightment because they may not have the capacity,


    They told us about the enlightment and other things so as to attract us and do mending in our very close and near people and the circumstances. May be without that promise we wouldnt ahve listened to anything from them.

    MAy be we are not yet ready for the enlightment.

    MAy be we needn’t do anything for the enlightment it shall dawn upon us automatically.

    Secondly all the masters say that this is the kind of sate that can not be decribed. What ever is said about it, is almost without fail is mis interpreted.

    So Dear Nobody, alternatively we can also accept that the AmmaBhagwan is a Big imposter. Ok. Secondly the fools of the world are still trapped in following them. Damn literate and spiritually knowledgeable people like me (One) are also still not getting away from the AmmaBhagwan.

    You have lost so musch of money.
    You have lost so much of time.

    Still the evryday donkey’s are not ready to learn from your experiences.

    Thats the way it has been with many masters, in the past. People in their days hardly belived them. When they were gone same people have made them the Guru And The God.

    So you may be one of those masters as you know the truth and you have answered all the questions that were put to you. So you can rest in peace.

    Or You may be still on the search. So accept that your answers are also coming from the scritures and not from your Own Being, The Source. And rest in peace.

    So can you leave the AmmaBhagwan as real smart Fraudsters/imposters to themselves?
    Then you will have to leave the ignorent donkey like me to myself.
    Go on as a social awkening crusader.

    God Bless you in your endeavour
    I wish you peace in your endeavour.

    I may use your own words used earlier. Do a rality check on your Knowledge and ways – are they yours or remembered from the databank of the spiritual masters..

    They lied to me about amny things, they promised me many things and I did not get,
    But AmmaBhagwan have been instrumental in bringing in me the Lot of Peace and serenity.

    They may just the cause and it may be lying in me dorment, But as they became the reason I am gratefull to them. For that I am Thankfull to The AmmaBhagwan. Even if they are big money cheats, for my money and time spent, I think I got more then its worth in my life.

    I am gratefull to you for you made me recheck the things in my life.

    Love for Me Love For All

  102. Hi One,

    So let me get this straight. What you are saying is that you are the only one who reads this blog and no one else? My friend, there are a lot of other people who also read this blog. There presence may not be apparent as they do not leave their comments, but they definitely read the comments. I am trying to the other people who read this blog’s comments and not just specifically you only.

    Do you see what you are doing when you are presenting justifications for why Amma Bhagavan are not giving enlightenment? Just see your own statement “MAy be we are not yet ready for the enlightment”. I agree that you also present an alternative statements as well. But see the statement you are using. Everyone who has ever spoken about enlightenment has always said that enlightenment is our natural state. So how can a person be not ready for enlightenment?

    Let me tell you what I have realized. I have realized that there is not such thing as enlightenment! There is really no event called enlightenment. I have realized that there is just ignorance which has to be removed. What is enlightenment? Enlightenment has been defined in simple terms as realizing your true self. In other words; the real you. Do you agree? So does that mean that the false you has to go then the real you comes in? Sounds silly when you think about it doesn’t it?

    The real you has always been there. The false you is just a super imposition which we have identified with. If you really look within…..no no, within is also such a wrong word. If you just remove the thoughts, feelings, memory, impressions, opinions etc and the association with the body and senses you can then see the real you. But even that is also wrong. The one seeing the “real you” is the real you. The real you cannot see or experience the real you. Do you understand what I am trying to say?

    The problem is that no amount of explanation can even try to explain the real thing. It has to be seen and realized by yourself. This is what is meant when you say “all the masters say that this is the kind of sate that can not be decribed. What ever is said about it, is almost without fail is mis interpreted”. The real you or self and how to be that can not be described.

    We have read in the scriptures “The rope and the snake” explanation and “the ring and the gold” explanation. I had thought I had understood what it had meant. But when the true understanding hit me I was stunned and I felt so silly for not understanding it before! But if you ask me what is it that I have understood, I cannot give you a true explanation, because the truth can only be realized and not explained. No one can “give” you the experience. You have to see or realize it yourself. Even the scriptures are just a bunch of words which “point” to the truth. It is still not the truth. The truth is you. The real you. The you that you have always been. The you, that ignorance has created, through maya is not being able to see it. Just because you can not realize it does not mean that it is not there.

    Realizing the true self is called Atma Prachiti. But for the realization to settle, we need Shastra Prachiti. This is why reading the scriptures are required. Just because a person reads the scriptures does not mean that the person is not self realized. Ramana Maharishi used to always carry and read “Tripura Rahasya”. Just because he read it does it mean he was not self realized?

    All the scriptures and some of the true masters have always said that a Guru can only be a sign post. A guru can only guide you. They can only point the way, not show you the truth. The truth has to be realized by the person. When you were in school and college, was there something that was taught to you that you did not understand? So what happened? Did the teacher or professor “give” you the understanding? Did they dig into you brain and planted the understanding? No they gave you different explanations till you understood. But however the number of explanations, you had to do the understanding.

    This is the same with the realization of the truth. A Guru can only give you pointers, not install the realization in you brain.

    The truth can not be truly explained. But the scriptures have a bunch of words that come as close to the truth as is possible. This is why I use the scriptures to at least try to covey the illusion of some person who claims to “give” realization.

    My dear friend ONE. You have made it very clear that you are still looking for material gains in life like health, wealth and happiness in relationships. It is clear that you are not on the path of enlightenment or self realization. So you can go ahead with staying in the delusion of the divinity of Amma Bhagavan. And do not confuse this as me giving you permission. You are free to do what you want. I am just giving the warnings to people who are serious about enlightenment to not waste time looking for it with Amma Bhagavan.

    What do you mean when you say that the things have to “come from your BEING”? You are just using a word that you have read. That “being” has always been there. It is not sleeping or invisible. You are that “being”. Just ignorance obscures it. You are thinking that self realization brings some magic powers like some mystical library or data base which a person accesses in a 10th dimension. All this is part of the illusion or maya. When a sadhu met Shankara charya and said to him that he can fly in the air, Shankaracharya just sprinkled some water on the sadhu and said”There. Now you are a crow. Go fly around”. When Vivekananda told Ramakrishna Paramahamsa that he is able to see the future, Ramakrishna told him to stop his spiritual practices for some time.

    There is a great misconception that enlightenment makes a person a super person or magician. The miracles that people experience when with a self realized person is because of the ignorance of the people, not because of the enlightened person. People expect the realized person to be a great magician and sincerely believe they can do great miracles. That belief is responsible for the miracles. Not the person who is self realized.

    So ONE, you can ignore all what I have written or may write. This is only for the people who are true seekers of enlightenment. Do you people want self realization? Trust me, you can not get it from Amma Bhagavan or Oneness University. Read the scriptures, contemplate, meditate and look for a guru to help you by pointing out the way and guide you away from the false illusions that the mind creates. Even if you can not find a true guru, at least the scriptures can lead you to your self.

    A Nobody

  103. Hi One,

    One more thing. You said that you have been listening to questions of troubled people and giving them solutions. And you have said that some were satisfied and some were not.

    If you compare, isn’t it the same thing that Amma Bhagavan are doing? And just like with you some were satisfied and some were not.

    Although it would seem that both you and Amma Bhagavan are doing the same thing, the BIGGEST difference is you are doing it for free and Amma Bhagavan are doing it charging large amounts of money.

    But have you examined how you are able to give advise? I am sure that the advise comes from our own experience with the same type of problems. It is our experiences in situations that is the best teacher and we can hope to convey that to other people so that they can avoid the mistakes we have made. So the key is our experiences. Would you go to a Sadhu who has never had a family and is a Bramacharyi to ask for advise on family matters or issues related to children or sex education? That would be stupid! How can someone who has not experienced life with family and children give advise on such things?

    If you want advise on life in general you can approach an elderly person whom you know has lived life and have succeeded in over coming obstacles. They are there in our own communities and neighborhoods. They will give advise and teach you solutions and most importantly, NOT CHARGE YOU MONEY.

    But here you have Amma Bhagavan who according to you treat people like children to entice them with candy thoughts like enlightenment and give them solutions to life’s problems and to top it off charge them huge money!!! This is like a shop claiming that they sell Mercedes Benz and then give an ambassador car but charge the price of a Mercedes Benz!!! We can say that the car dealer did not want to give us the Mercedes because we would have made accidents because the place of first gear in other cars is the reverse in Mercedes!! So the car dealer was just saving people’s lives!!!

    But I must admit I find one thing very amusing. Your way of trying to denigrate yourself by calling yourself a donkey. Why are you doing that? Are to trying to control the situation by invoking sympathy and guilt in me so that I will stop? I am very much familiar with this method. I used to do it with my brother when I was a kid and for some time I used to do it with my daughter.

    Since you claim to floow Amma Bhagavan, at least try to use the teachings of your Amma Bhagavan. Bhagavan had said that life is like a game and people should play it like a game by playing hard and not worrying about the score (a modern twist of the principle of karma yoga). I enjoy my life and I also enjoy these periodic tussles with you.

    So just play the game and don’t bring in these silly mind games.

    A Nobody

  104. Hello “A Nobody”

    You said —
    “Since you claim to floow Amma Bhagavan, at least try to use the teachings of your Amma Bhagavan. Bhagavan had said that life is like a game and people should play it like a game by playing hard and not worrying about the score (a modern twist of the principle of karma yoga). I enjoy my life and I also enjoy these periodic tussles with you.”

    Playing hard and not worrying about the score. Thats great. A sign of your evolving. Congretulations.

    You also call this tussle. This is contradicting. You are so knowledgeable and know so much still think that there can be a tussle between you and me?

    Rest is also very well wrtten above.

    You can be a very good news paper column writer or may be can write a book on how AmmaBhagwan or so called Guru’s are cheating on humanity. I think it will sell good. It may make good buisness.

    One problem is it may bring you lot of money and fame , that is material gain. It looks you are against it. You are only seeking to re-member the true nature of our being. You will have to deal with this difficulty.

    I am sure you will come out with some solution to this difficulty. Or you may just leave it.

    You are saying..

    But have you examined how you are able to give advise? I am sure that the advise comes from our own experience with the same type of problems. It is our experiences in situations that is the best teacher and we can hope to convey that to other people so that they can avoid the mistakes we have made. So the key is our experiences. Would you go to a Sadhu who has never had a family and is a Bramacharyi to ask for advise on family matters or issues related to children or sex education? That would be stupid! How can someone who has not experienced life with family and children give advise on such things?
    It seems you are at a stage I was in some time back.

    If you think only people with a perticular field only can comment on it then,

    Thats fine.

    This gives good idea of your understanding of evolution of human consciousness.

    Very good for you. Keep going. Wish you all the best.
    Whatever the ..TRUTH is it shall reveal itself.

    God Bless You And Shri AmmaBhagwan Bless you.

    As you said it “So just play the game and don’t bring in these silly mind games.”

    Have a wonderful Life.

    Love for Me Love for All

  105. Hi ” A Nobody”

    Good Evening my dear fellow.

    Please if possible read some material on “reincarnations” or “Same soul many bodies” or “Messages from Masters”….by Brian Weiss MD or Origin of Soul the author I dont remember.

    God Bless You.

    Love for Me Love for All

  106. Hi One,

    For your information I have read and still have the following books of Brian Weiss.

    Many Lives, Many Masters, Through Time Into Healing (I have 2 copies as I had bought the second one without realizing that I already had one!), Only Love Is Real, Messages From The Masters and Same Soul, Many Bodies. I had bought these books many years back.

    Besides reading the books I have done Regression hypnosis in 3 different countries. One in Canada, another in New Delhi and one in Bahrain. I also had the CDs for self regression hypnosis as well as a CD for accessing “Akashic Records”. So it is not just reading the books only, I have tried out what was said in the books as well.

    I am not the kind of person who just reads books and just leaves it at that thinking “I know because I have read the book”. In every way possible, I try out the things I have read in books.

    Since you seem to be more inclined to reading “New Age” stuff, I suggest you read Yoga Vasistha. If you can really understand what is written in it, you will realize the thing about reincarnation. Read books of Ramana Maharishi, Nisargadatta Maharaj and see what they have to say about reincarnation. Don’t just read it; investigate it with your own self.

    Buddhism is very much a sect that strongly believes in reincarnation. But if you read the actual teachings of Buddha, you will see that the Buddha has never taught about reincarnation. So where did this concept come in? It is clear that there was out side influences that got mingled with the teachings.

    Think about it. The “you” is an illusion right? So can an illusion be born again and again? If the “you” is an illusion, then there is only consciousness. Every thing is consciousness. The whole world is one consciousness. The consciousness has fragmented into many. Just because the fragmented is born and dies, consciousness as a whole is never born and dies. An example to explain this is with your body. Your body is made up of millions of cells. Each cell dies and another cell is generated. Just because each cell dies and another is born, does it mean that you as the whole body is dying and being born?

    I must say that I found a single common thread in each of the regression hypnosis that I have attended. Even if you have never heard of regression hypnosis and what it is supposed to do, they all tell you what will happen (although they are careful to use the word “may”). So that it self is a suggestion which your mind picks up. Then during the session, they slightly and slyly nudge you into the direction of seeing the “past lives”. It may not be so apparent, but it is there. The mind is the greatest illusionist and when we are led by it, we can live in all sorts of worlds.

    I don’t know what is it that you are trying to convey with your book list, but this is what my response is.

    Okay so you do not like the word “tussle”. So I am retracting the word and replacing it with “healthy exchange”. Is that okay with you?

    So my friend, what do you mean by “evolution of human consciousness”?

    A Nobody

  107. Hi One,

    What makes you think I am against material gain? Because I am objecting to Amma Bhagavan taking lots of money? My friend I earn very well and have an excellent life style. My wife also earns very well. We have invested and still continue to invest in mutual funds, Exchange traded funds (ETF), bonds, insurance and retirement funds. That does not have anything to do with spirituality or enlightenment.

    So please explain what you are driving at when you say that material gain is a hindrance to “re-member the true nature of our being”??

    A Nobody

  108. Hi Dear ” A Nobody”

    I have mentioned few books and the reincarnation. You could have just said ” I have read those book”. Tell me if you have read many books and scriptures then you have just read it. Thats all. isn’t it? Tell me what kind of person do you think will need to tell others the long list of books and scriptres read?
    I am sure You know when does one want to give details of un-asked information.
    Also it is very common for us to see the materialistic persuit of others and condemn it. The beauty is you are saying you didnt write anything of that kind. Please read again “My dear One, You have made it very clear that you are still looking for material gains in life like health, wealth and happiness in relationship.”

    It looks obvious from this statement of yours that you are seeking enlightment or self realisation and not in persuit of material gains.
    You are giving the details of your materialistic possesions and capacity. You could have said that you have enough money to lead a good and comfirtable life style.

    Can you notice the contradictions.

    Think for a while who would like to give such details, The one who has or the one who has and still feels need of others acknowledgement.
    Many time we read. then we think we understand. Then we begin to preach the quotes of the masters in little different words as our quotes.
    Sure you are aware of these kind of mind games. Even after knowing we find ourself playig these games. As you are doing now.
    ( Well I was doing it. I came to know I was doing it. Then now I find myself occasionaly doing it)
    God bless you to come out of book and scriptures information image that you have created about yourself.
    God bless you to be yourself, happy and peacefull.
    Love for me Love for allOneManyAllOne

  109. Hi One,

    You know for a fact that I read a lot. So I did not understand your reason for providing your list of books. I have specified that I did not understand your reason and hence the response of listing out the books. I know what kind of person I am and I accept what I am. I am not trying to change what I am. So I am not really bothered to find a definition for the kind of person you have in mind.

    My friend, you have missed the point I am making. When I said that you are looking for materialistic gains I was specifying your pursuit of it with Amma Bhagavan. I had never gone to Amma Bhagavan for materialistic gains. Not because I reject wealth and abundance, but because I already have it. I had only got into them for their promise of enlightenment. So when I had said that you were looking for materialistic gains, it was in relation to the kind of people I am addressing when I am saying that Amma Bhagavan are scams. People who are serious about enlightenment are who I am trying to address. Not people who want Amma Bhagavan to bless them with material gains. If you were serious about enlightenment, then you would have seen the scam. But you do not see the scam because you are happy with the materialistic gains which you “think and believe” Amma Bhagavan blessed you with.

    That does not mean that because I am addressing the truth of the path of enlightenment, I abhor wealth and abundance. That does not mean I am the kind of person to reject wealth and abundance and sit naked in a cave.

    When you had stated that I can write a book that will earn me lots of money, I just responded with what I do with my money and to explain that I am already financially secure to not worry about getting more. You had said that by writing the book I will get lot of money which will contradict the path of enlightenment. You have a very serious misconception that enlightenment and wealth does not go together.

    I have stated what I do with my money. I have not listed what all I have. If you think that is shallow okay I am shallow. That is what I am. I have no problem. I can state it again and still not feel any guilt or shame. Why should I feel guilt or shame for what I am and what I have? That is what I am and I rejoice it.

    You are of the opinion that only a certain type of person should be on the path of enlightenment. That is you misconception. Let me narrate a story that was told by Swami Vivekananda to explain this.

    “Sage Narada was a great yogi who did a lot of traveling. One day in the course of his travel he came upon a man who was performing severe penance in the form of meditation without altering his position. This resulted in the formation of an anthill around him. He was meditating with a view to attain realization, which is the ultimate end of the spiritual journey. On seeing Narada he asked him to enquire with God as to when he would be enlightened.

    Further down the course of his travel Sage Narada met another person who was of a wild disposition. He too asked Narada to ask God when he will attain the ultimate end in spirituality.

    Later when Narada came by the same way where he met the two of them, he told the man who was engaged in deep meditation that he still has four more births to attain realization. Upon hearing this, the man wept and wailed, as he had to encounter with four more births.

    The other man was informed by Narada who pointed out to a nearby tamarind tree and told that he has to take that many births as the count of the leaves in the tree. The wild man reacted jubilantly and positively said that he only has to wait for a short time. Immediately a voice from Heaven said that he would attain God realization that very moment itself.”

    Enlightenment does not change the person. The person remains the same. A Zen saying explains this “Before enlightenment, chopping wood drawing water. After enlightenment, chopping wood drawing water”. But I can safely assume this is not your concept of enlightenment. Am I right?

    A Nobody

  110. Dear “A Nobody”

    You must have really read many.

    “A Zen saying explains this “Before enlightenment, chopping wood drawing water”.

    From the book written by others, read and explained by Guru “A Nobody”, pretending to be his own understanding. You are Pandit (Scholer) in real sense. Book knowledge and book knowledge further more book knowledge. When are you going to wake up? (Just a query. But even this question need’t be asked. Because You shall when your time comes. Based on quote from masters. Nothing mine)

    “But I can safely assume this is not your concept of enlightenment. Am I right?”

    What is this man ” concept of enlightment”.

    The God which is said by the masters within us and outside us, The Manifested and the UnManifested, Let The God give us the wisdom and courage to accept what and how we are.

    God And The AmmaBhagwan Bless you.

    Love for me Love for All

  111. Hi One,

    Why are you vehemently against reading of books and scriptures? There is nothing wrong with reading books and scriptures. Are you saying that only when the knowledge wells up from our own “being” then only is it valid?

    Let’s assume that you are waiting for news. Now the news can come from many different mediums. You could get it from the person who is conveying the news when the person visits you personally. You could also get the news from that person via phone, fax, email, telegram, SMS or the post. You could get the news from someone else who was asked by the original person to convey the news to you.

    Now if you reject all the other mediums of communication and steadfastly hold on to expecting that the news should only be delivered by the original person by coming to you and telling it to you in your face, then the news is lost. Why criticize the medium that is carrying the news? Is the medium or vessel more important than the news? Then in that case, if the news was spilt up into different mediums of delivery and you accept the direct delivery in person, and reject all other mediums of delivery, then you have only a very small part of the news which will not make sense.

    I have said before that I use the scriptures to convey what I want to convey. Not as something that I want to claim as my own. I have said it before and I am saying it again. The books and scriptures are there but the understanding for each person is not the same. But if the understanding hits you deep within, that understanding helps you to realize about yourself. If you hear the truth from Ramana Maharishi himself and you understand; if you read the book of Ramana Mahrishi you understand, the understanding is only from you only. Not that Ramana Mahrishi dug into your brain and planted the understanding.

    For your information, I am not a guru. I know you are employing sarcasm when you refer to me as a guru. A guru (as a person) never exists on their own. A guru can only exist when there are disciples. The idea that a person is a guru comes to life only when there are people who claim they are a particular person’s disciple. I do not have disciples and I do not intend to promote myself as a guru nor am I interested. I have moved from the external guru to the guru within all of us. The external is just a sign post for the internal. I had an external guru who taught the truth. He is one of the true gurus. I remember some years ago when I told him that I see that he has the truth and I fell at his feet and asked him to make me his disciple. You know what he said? He coolly said “˜What you saw in me look for it in yourself.” After a year with him, I realized the futility of the spiritual game and understood the truth. I went to guruji and thanked him and fell at his feet. He said “Now you know that you and I are the same consciousness that is everybody and the whole universe. So why do you want to fall at my feet?”

    You will say that I am again using the words of someone else and I agree. But what I have realized and understood is not dependent on anyone. I have realized and understood for myself only, not for you or anyone else. Remember when I had explained how to experience the non dual through exclusion of thoughts, memory, impressions, emotions etc? In that state nothing can be explained because words have no meaning. Words have meaning only if you employ thoughts, memory, impressions, emotions etc. Words are so limiting to explain. Even if you brand me a fake, I have no issue. You are just one person. I have friends who understand what I have gone through and these are serious people. Most of them are much elder to me and we have mutual respect for each other. I have other friends who are not interested in knowing this and are content with prayer and devotion. I do not discuss this with them.

    As to your query on when am I going to wake up, my friend if you feel I am asleep then I am asleep. Just as I am a husband, a son, a father, a friend; to you I am a fiend. It is just one of the many perceptions of what I am to others. I just stick to what I am, not what others define me as. So, if you think I am a fiend and asleep, then that is your reality and I agree with you.

    I find it very funny and amazing how this discussion has turned away from what the core issue was being discussed. But even this is also enjoyable to me.

    So One, if you think people are not awake and needs awakening, good for you.

    Ultimately, this is nothing but consciousness discussing with consciousness and I enjoy the show.

    A Nobody

  112. Hi One,

    One more thing. I am sure you have read or at least heard the teachings of many of the masters, if not all of them. Tell me, what was different in the teachings of each of the masters? In other words, was each of the masters teachings different from the other?

    Each one of them basically says the same thing again and again.

    So would you use your rule of branding as book knowledge for the later year master as compared to the previous year master?

    This is what I am saying. Language and words are so limited to explain. If the words that are available are so limited, then can any person explain the truth any different from another? For example, let’s suppose there were only 10 words available in language that can be used to try to explain the unexplainable. Using different permutations and combinations of the 10 words, the maximum would be 100, right? Can there be a 101st explanation when the words available are only 10?

    It is said that there is no such thing as original thought as all that a person can ever think is already in the Vedas. So if you go by that, then no person in this world should open their mouths on anything at all.

    Each person in this world is a combination of 5 elements and 3 gunas. The combination in me is to read a lot. That is what I am. I not only read about spirituality. I also read about linguistics, post modernism, some quantum theory and a whole lot of comics! My daughter and I read comics and watch cartoons and both of us enjoy ourselves to the utmost!!

    So if you want to call me names, go ahead!! Just as you are using an anonymous name, so am I. Does any name calling of one anonymous person effect another anonymous in any way?? Not at all my friend; not at all.

    A Nobody

  113. Hi Dear ‘A Nobody”

    Quite well done indeed. Your write up above was good and different this time.

    This was one of the rare occasions I found your words in syncronisation with your state of being. This time it is to lot extent effortless. That is the thing I refer when I say of book knowledge is useless copy and The one that just flows through you is waht mmatters.

    When you write from yourself it is like a flow. There is no “I” ness in it. There is no craving to show off the knowledge. There is no hatred oozing out (not even for Shri AmmaBhagwan who cheated you left, right and centre) It does not carry the burdon of many books you read and many courses you have done.

    This time i could very well sense there was much of calmness in your writings. The contradiction to your opinion were led to rest by you in much peacefull way.

    Thats the beauty.

    Of course as you say there is no harm in collecting the knowledge. Its good I too agree.

    What will let us down is our assumption that someone elses teaching and experiences as our own. It was there experience and what they felt.

    Again as you rightly said they point towards a way.

    Lets not copy undersatnding of other masters and pass it on as our own understanding. That way we get stuck in the false ego. I myself spent long time there.

    Your above write up above is lovely indeed. That is a sign that you have definately evolved in the path of love & oneness(Well Shri AmmaBhagwan does not own the proprietry rights for oneness. so this oneness i am talking about can be of any body or A nobody’s for that matter)

    We all shall have our own views. we shall all differ on the course of action that each of us feel right.

    Its only at the end we shall know that all paths lead to same destination.

    lets us not assume to be at end (destination, awareness) when we are not there. lets be where we are. Appreciate the differences. the differences up to the limit of the foolishness. (So may be called by other party)

    I shall continue to have faith the divinity of Shri AmmaBhagwan. And you can go on explaining them to be as imposters.

    The maturity will be when I dont insist I am only right and neihther do you. When what I right is not emotionaly charged because of my anger or hatred.

    GOD bless you. Have a great life.

    Love for Me Love For All
    OneMany All One

  114. Hi One,

    You are really a sweet guy. I hope you didn’t mind this entire verbal onslaught from me since I first started putting my comments on this blog.

    I do not know which part of India you are from, but are you familiar with the slag term “Keeda”? If you do not know, you can ask around for what it means. I am a Keeda kind of person and I have been having fun with verbal exchanges like we have been having. Hehehe!!!

    It’s good to see that you are at least sticking to your belief. There are other people who drop Godmen at the first sign of scamming and then latch on to another and so on. They do not even have faith in what they believe and are led by words of others.

    Although I was having fun being a Keeda, that does not mean that what I have been writing is fiction. I have been with Amma Bhagavan and have moved away. Initially I was angry with the scam but was keeping quiet about it. Then when I met the guru I was telling you about, I had asked him why such scams happen and why people are not seeing the scam. The guru told me that these kind of scams are needed to understand how to recognize the truth. It is like the light of the Sun. if there was no darkness, we could not fully appreciate the light of the sun. Just like we do not appreciate the air we breathe but only appreciate it when we experience lack of air or pollution.

    On the question of why people do not see the scam, the guru told me that just like children who want to play some more time before getting back in the class room, there are people who still need to play some more in the name of spirituality. Once they finish their playing and attend class, they can realize the truth. After that it does not matter if they continue to play again, sleep or still sit in the class room.

    Just like I wrote before that the particular combination of 5 elements and 3 gunas in me is to read a lot, the same combination is to participate in such discussions. I also leave comments in other blogs under the name “Man with a Big Mouth”!! I do not have any personal feelings against Amma Bhagavan. When I was angry with them before, I was keeping it in me and it was eating away. Till I met the guru. Now I am free to enjoy the show that this body makes!!

    All this is just a game to me and I enjoy it.

    So my dear friend, it was indeed enjoyable sparring with you on this blog. You are indeed a sweet guy and I wish you the very best. I will be stopping leaving comments as this is getting a little boring for me now. May be the urge will come again and I will participate in another blog!!

    So my friend, adios and good luck in your search. My daughter’s exams are getting over and my family and I are planning an going on a great vacation and enjoy life to the fullest.

    You have my anonymous email address, so keep in touch friend.

    A Nobody

  115. Hi Dear ‘A Nobody”

    Good for you. Good for me.

    Once again you wrote above flawlessly. Some time go through your previous blogs by you. Then read up these recent write ups. You will notice the contrast and the beauty.

    As you said rightly, The darkness is indeed required for us to know what the light is.

    I wish you great life that you deserve.

    See you.

    All dear this blog readers, make your choice.

    Go ahead.

    Have a wonderfull journey.

    One might be in dumps or in the seventh heaven, it is so. And it couldnt have been otherwise. There is no point in..cribbing or jumling with the joy.

    It is so. That is it. We like it or dislike it.

    It wont change.

    God Bless Me And God bless You all.

    Love for me Love for All
    One Many All One

  116. Hi One,

    I apologize for coming back although I had promised that I would be stopping. I just wanted to share something with you.

    I remember when I was in Mangalore and I wanted to go to a particular address. I asked someone on the street to help me with the directions. The person was kind enough (so I thought!!) to help with directions. Basically he told me to go straight for about a kilometer then a land mark shop, then turn left and go about 1 ½ kilometers, then left at the junction and go about 1 kilometer, then I would see a shop and then turn left and go about 1 kilometer and then left at the junction and go straight about 200 meters and I would reach the address. Since the total distance would not be more than 5 kilometers, I thought I would walk the distance. I walked the distance and when I reached the address, I was happy and mentally thanked the guy for helping me. But when I reached the address, I was having a funny feeling like I had seen this street before. It only then that I realized that it was the same street that I had started from!! I had started about 500 meters ahead of the destination address when I met the guy and instead of telling me to walk back to the address for about 500 meters; he gave me directions that circled the whole way around!!! My friends had a hearty laugh and sometimes when I think about it I still laugh. But the person who would have laughed the loudest would be the guy who gave me the directions!!!

    When I had met the guru, I realized that just like the Mangalore incident, I was going in a round about way when the whole time what I was searching for was myself!! When I connected the Mangalore incident with the search, I think I would have had a louder laugh than the guy who gave me directions.

    Life itself gives us the best lessons. I just didn’t recognize it. I had to wait for a guru to tell me years later what I could have learnt years ago!

    By the way, here are links of some interesting news articles which a friend of mine sent me that may be of interest.




    Wishing “One” and everyone else an interesting life ahead with many lessons that life has to offer.

    A Final good bye.

    A Nobody

  117. Hi all, And The dear “A Nobody”,

    Yes what you said about the going around when its so near to yu is very right indeed..
    Intellectually I know it. practically I am learning bit by bit.
    On saturday a spiritual cum psycological counseller was visited by whole of my family. each had their own issues. Each thought that they were right.
    There was inquiery on love and how it was expressed by me.
    I told,
    I was a hard hearted fellow. Emotions were not my cup of tea. I hated people who cried (Though I read that those who can cry are more humanly. I believe it to be true).
    Then about eight year back I was going through a frustarating phase of my life. Every day seemd to be a daunting task. My life was almost full of negativity.
    That was the time I have attended a course which offered Self Help and Spiritual guide lines. I have abosrbed many new concepts out of it. The overall life has become much smoother.
    Also That was the time I understood the need to express the love.
    Later at AmmaBhagwan courses it was further enhanced.

    They told us that our external world is the reflection of our internal world.

    That was also the place I came across the practical ways to look within. I saw few things such as fear and hate in me for some persons who are very close to me. I was surprised. But slowly accepted.

    I had practiced many things that up lifted the family relationships. Life has become definately much calmer.

    For sure there was still something missing.
    So coming back to the Counsellor I listed out number of things that I do that show the love and affection I give to my family members. But the counsellor said you need to give real love from heart.
    I asked how else i could give the love?
    Counsellor replied that it can not be said. You just have to give from the heart.
    I said Heart and kind of business is not my cup of tea.  I cant just fake the heart feelings. (No One Can)After that meet I couldnt stop but to go in contemplation.

    I am kind to people. I help people as much as I can. But the comodity “love” was in scarcity in me.

    I pondered, Why is the love and heart look like strangers to me?
    It dawned upon me,
    I found that there are few things in my body, my persoality, in my nature in my profession I do not appreciate. For which I blame myself.

    Surprising. Yes this was real surprise for me.

    It looked like I adored myself less. It looked like my achievements and goodness were overpowered by the things I did not like in my life.

    I was dazed. How could I have not liked myself and not aware for so long about it. But that was it. That was the truth.

    “” So The Point Here Is, I Discovered The Truth Of Statement “That If I Dont Love Myself As I Am, Then I can Never Love Others Truly””

    I was to go for movie. But due some reason it got cancelled.
    I got a Book from The Happy Thoughts “Talking to oneself” And another ” Fear, worry and ”

    These were perfect books for me for this period. Right thing at right time. Effortlessly. I did not try a thing.

    The thought of this revealation was spiraling in my mind well in to night yesterday. I couldnt sleep well. Inspite of that I felt light today. A different kind of joyful mood is existing today.   
    I think the quality of our relatiionship with ourself ultimately plays a very major in the kind of live we shall lead be it in relatinonship, professional, social and material life..

    For me what happened was I have begin seeing what things I did not like in me. Shocked initialy but slowwly acceptance started to come in. Automaticaly I landed up at book store after cancell of movie plan. Got right kind of books. And Realised the immense importance of accepting oneself with the posetives and negatives both. In whole I think I did not do much consciously. It sort of just happened.

    AmmaBhagwan Blesses All (Those who believe in them)

    God Blesses All (Those who believe int it)

    The soul within which dwells in all Blesses all. (Those who believe in it)

    Love for me Love for All


  119. Howdy from Howdy

    want to see bhagavan promise enlightenment on video? want to see dasa after dasa state they are enlightened on video go to http://www.abetterworld.net and pick up Mitchel Rabin’s Interviews with them

    want to know where much money went ask Rani ji and she can give you exact addresses of multi million dollar homes Bhagavan’s son has all over the world.

  120. It has been a year since you had this interaction with each other… I just want to say that I REALLY enjoyed reading it… I am not personally involved in the “Oneness Movement”, but I have many friends who are. I have had wierd feelings about it all along, so felt led to do more research into the movement; am I EVER glad the Universe blocked me from becoming a deeksha trainer… it probably helped that I have no money to speak of because I do not believe in working for money!

    Anyway, I found an interesting part in the bible that has a situation VERY similar to this, so I will share it with you; it is found in Acts 8:9-24 in the new testament:

    9 Now for some time a man named Simon had practiced sorcery in the city and amazed all the people of Samaria. He boasted that he was someone great, 10 and all the people, both high and low, gave him their attention and exclaimed, “This man is rightly called the Great Power of God.” 11 They followed him because he had amazed them for a long time with his sorcery. 12 But when they believed Philip as he proclaimed the good news of the kingdom of God and the name of Jesus Christ, they were baptized, both men and women. 13 Simon himself believed and was baptized. And he followed Philip everywhere, astonished by the great signs and miracles he saw.

    14 When the apostles in Jerusalem heard that Samaria had accepted the word of God, they sent Peter and John to Samaria. 15 When they arrived, they prayed for the new believers there that they might receive the Holy Spirit, 16 because the Holy Spirit had not yet come on any of them; they had simply been baptized in the name of the Lord Jesus. 17 Then Peter and John placed their hands on them, and they received the Holy Spirit.

    18 When Simon saw that the Spirit was given at the laying on of the apostles’ hands, he offered them money 19 and said, “Give me also this ability so that everyone on whom I lay my hands may receive the Holy Spirit.”

    20 Peter answered: “May your money perish with you, because you thought you could buy the gift of God with money! 21 You have no part or share in this ministry, because your heart is not right before God. 22 Repent of this wickedness and pray to the Lord in the hope that he may forgive you for having such a thought in your heart. 23 For I see that you are full of bitterness and captive to sin.”

    24 Then Simon answered, “Pray to the Lord for me so that nothing you have said may happen to me.”

    Actually, as far as I can tell the people who are truly healing the planetary consciousness are those who are learning to cooperate and work together and share everything, whether they are part of Oneness Movement, or any other religion or cult, or not… truly being one and treating everyone and everything as if it truly is oneself, because it all IS.

    From every microorganism to the most infinitely vast realms of existence, it is ALL me… and we are ALL one with it, so must we continue to ask ourselves how we appropriately interact with each and every part of ourselves, from the greatest to the least, from the darkest to the brightest, from the most reprehensible to the most glorious. I bow to source within each and every one of us and within ALL things… may the Divine truly come through ALL of us and guide us in the direction that will benefit ALL things the most.

    I do have one question for “One”, which is why would you continue to support someone who is scamming people by the multitudes? Even if you benefited somehow from the process, why not just take the good from it and move on in life to something that is real? Is it because you are afraid you might lose some friends or something… I am just trying to comprehend why someone would do that?

    A Truth Seeker

  121. Hi The Truth Seeker,

    I appreciate your different point of view.

    More I appreciate is you are gently nudging me why do I keep indulging in Oneness although they look money swindler.

    You are nice and speaking from genuine concern for a fellow human being.

    You say,
    Actually, as far as I can tell the people who are truly healing the planetary consciousness are those who are learning to cooperate and work together and share everything, whether they are part of Oneness Movement, or any other religion or cult, or not… truly being one and treating everyone and everything as if it truly is oneself, because it all IS.
    =====My say=====
    I agree, yet to experience the isness. May be had glimpses. but not a prolonged state.

    From every microorganism to the most infinitely vast realms of existence, it is ALL me… and we are ALL one with it, so must we continue to ask ourselves how we appropriately interact with each and every part of ourselves, from the greatest to the least, from the darkest to the brightest, from the most reprehensible to the most glorious. I bow to source within each and every one of us and within ALL things… may the Divine truly come through ALL of us and guide us in the direction that will benefit ALL things the most.

    ==My say===
    I agree with you.

    I do have one question for “One”, which is why would you continue to support someone who is scamming people by the multitudes? Even if you benefited somehow from the process, why not just take the good from it and move on in life to something that is real?

    == my say ===For me its real. What is taught there is real. What I contempleted over and found out is real. So far as long as it is real I am with AmmaBhagwan. If the time comes I may move away from AmmaBhagwan. But as of now I am with them and I see no reason for to leave the movement The Oneness.

    Is it because you are afraid you might lose some friends or something… I am just trying to comprehend why someone would do that?

    === my say ===

    All people do that because they believe that.

    Today you are not with AmmaBhagwan and Oneness because you do not believe in their path.

    Because of which reason is of not any importance.

    I am there because I have some experience and I believe AmmaBhagwan to be God Incarneted.

    I wish you may join the Oneness movement.

    If you dont join then too I shall wish you all the best for your spiritual development.

    Which ever path you mau follow God Bless You.

    He loves you just as much he loves me. Because God Does Not discriminate.

    God Loves All.

    LOev For Me Love For All,

  122. Hi All
    Please dont say any wrong comment about amma bhagvan.I would like to say only one thing go and start worship of amma bhagvan.Becaouse i saw changes in my life and in my family still we are seeing the miracles in our life.If i say any miracles to all of you in this website you will never believe whatever i saw.I just request to all of you go and blindly starts worship of amma bhagvan.

    Amma Bhagvan sharnam.

  123. Now that 21st December 2012 has come and gone, what has happended to the mass global enlightenment that was to be triggered with the 60,000 (then upgraded to 74,000)? Everyone went to sleep on 20th December 2012 and woke up the next day with no change. The Golden temple is supposed to be located on the grid lines that will be transmitting enlightenment globally. End of Mayan calender was also used support the mass enlightenment. Switching of the poles was also told. Nothing happened. So how come nothing happened. Just like I said before, this is like the Y2K IT scam and nothing happened.

    I will be very amused with the reasons (if any) that will be provided to justify the NON EVENT!!

    A Nobody

  124. There is a You Tube video that was filmed in 2002 where Vijay Kumar was making predictions about 2012


    Watch this and you will know the extent of the lies that were told to get people to attend the programs. Check what was being said and check what is fact now. He said that 1/3 of the world population will be definitely wiped out (even if everybody gets enlightened). Population of the world 7 billion, 1/3 of that is 2.3 billion! The planet must be filled with Zombies who are actually dead but do not know that!!!!!

    Its a joke to listen to Vijay Kumar’s predictions and the proof of the lies is to compare that now with what is there in the world.

    A Nobody

  125. Its been more than 1 year since the supposed world enlightenment peddled by Vijay Kumar and his Oneness movement. The youtube link that I had provided has comments that show the understanding that this was all a scam by Vijay Kumar and Oneness movement.

    In spite of all this, I still see some people worshipping these frauds, although they are less vocal and proud about their touted world saviours. They do not try to convince people to worship or join the Oneness movement, they just stick to other brainn washed devotees and pretend that everything is okay.

    Its so sad. But there are some others who are desperately trying to find meaning in the words and predictions. If Vijay Kumar had said that 2/3 of the population will die, they reason that Vijay Kumar had saved people who were supposed to die. Or they say that it was not a literal meaning and come up with some bogus explanation. (More lies to explain the original lie?)

    Its sad and pitiful state of these deluded people. I hope that courage dawns on them to truely look at themselves and develop[e true Viveka to understand and realize that they were lied to and scammed.

    A Nobody

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