How to increase your confidence immediately

Self-confidence is having confidence in oneself. This site has published list of 7 tips to immediately increase your confidence. From the article:
Ask yourself, What’s the worst that could happen?. Too often, we place excess importance on potential problems. We all have a certain amount of energy so let’s apply it to creating extraordinary relationships, advancing our careers and meeting our goals INSTEAD of wasting that energy worrying. Take action on what you have control over and minimize risks for what you don’t. Then invest your energy wisely.

=> 7 Helpful Tips To Immediately Increase Your Confidence

Besides all these tips; here is my own tip. Do not fear of anything in life.

In words of Swami Vivekananda – Be a hero. Always say, “I have no fear.” Tell this to everyone — “Have no fear.”. Fear is death, fear is sin, fear is hell, fear is unrighteousness, fear is wrong life. All the negative thoughts and ideas that are in the world have proceeded from this evil spirit of fear.

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  1. worrying is such an energy drainer. we only have so much time in the day. we only have so much energy. but.. we always have inumerable choices. why not make the choice that gives you joy?

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