An extraordinary dinner that changed my life

Shaily Mishra has published very nice article in Times of India’s The Speaking Tree section titled as “An extraordinary dinner that changed my life”. From the article “One night God appeared in my dreams and asked me to have dinner with Him the following night. The venue was the restaurant not from my home and time was 9 pm I was confused. Should I go ahead and keep my dinner appointment with God or dismiss the invitation as a crazy dream?“. Read the full article online

This story gives very nice message “you have to be honest with God everyday.” This is what happens most of time with me. I am only honest on holey days and other days I do not remain honest. I am still thinking on this one….

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2 thoughts on “An extraordinary dinner that changed my life”

  1. Good on you for saying this. I think that people find it not only hard to be honest with God, but they find it extremely difficult to be honest with themselves too. If we were all able to do that, this planet would have been a much nicer place to live!


  2. It is an extraordinary article that changed my thinking!
    By the way, this article is now included in the English Text Book of Standard 10 of the Maharashtra Board.

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