Rare Borneo rhino video and pictures

A video camera trap positioned inside the jungle has captured rare footage of an elusive Borneo rhino, WWF and Malaysia’s Sabah Wildlife Department announced today.

Very few rhinos now survive outside protected areas. Several rhinoceros species became extinct within geologically recent times, notably the Giant Unicorn and the Woolly Rhinoceros in Eurasia; the extent to which climate change or human predation was responsible is debated. Current evidence indicates that they probably had survived many climate changes before modern man arrived. Scientists estimate there are only between 25 and 50 rhinos left on the island of Borneo

Rare Borneo rhino video and pictures

The 2 minute video — showing the animal eating, walking to the camera and sniffing the equipment – is the first-ever footage of observing the behavior in the wild of one of the world’s rarest rhinos.

WWF captures extraordinary video of rare Borneo rhino

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