The Best Question and Answer (Q & A) Site / Service

Q & A, generally meaning Questions & Answers.

The concept is very simple everyone knows about something. There are also lots of people without any knowledge. So both type of people comes together for knowledge sharing for fun and education.

This article puts Yahoo Answers, Amazon’s Askville, and rival question-and-answer services to the test.

From the article:
That’s one lesson I took away from my recent survey of the growing collection of social question-and-answer websites, where members can post questions, answer other members’ questions, and rate other members’ answers to their questions–all for free.

But it takes a lot of sifting to get truly useful information from these sites. Each boasts a core of devoted members who leave thorough and well-documented answers to the questions they deem worthy. And most of the sites have systems for rating the performance or experience of answerers, which makes it easier to assess their reliability, while also inspiring members to compete with one another to give the best answers. But not all of the Q&A sites do this equally well; after all, the companies that run these sites are selling advertising space, not information.

Final Result
1. AnswerBag
2. Askville
3. Live QnA
4. Wondir
5. Yahoo Answers
6. Yedda

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