Intel Quad-Core QX6700 Performance

ExtremeTech has published Performance for Intel’s newest quad core processor, the Core 2 Extreme Quad E6700. After running through the gauntlet of 3DMark and content creation tests, among others, the quad core CPU boasts impressive performance results, particularly in video and 3D tests. According to the article, video creators and 3D animation artists should probably start saving up.

From the article:
You can think of the QX6700 Quad as a pair of Core 2 E6700 dies built into one CPU package. The clock frequency and front-side-bus speed are the same. Both dies each have 4MB of L2 cache. The L2 cache is shared between the two cores on the same die, but not shared across dies. This really is very much a repeat of the original Intel Smithfield CPU, which paired two Pentium 4 dies into a single package and dubbed it a dual-core CPU.

CPU architects, marketers, and users can argue whether or not Kentsfield is a “true” quad core, but from the perspective of motherboards and software, it’s a quad-core CPU. You can even install Windows XP Home Edition, which only “sees” a single CPU socket, on a system with a QX6700, though that would be something of a waste.

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