Download Free best Windows antivirus software

Download Free best Windows antivirus software

These are three free guardians antivirus software for your computer system.

Softpedia has a small review of three anti-virus software that are free to use, complete with screenshots. Consider using Microsoft’s or Adaware’s anti-spyware utilities too to keep your XP healthy.

From the article:
Yesterday was a Friday 13th indeed, because I was just about to have some electrical cables inside my house melted, and I don’t want to think about what could have happened if this problem hadn’t been detected in time but let’s move to the computer world. Fortunately, no viruses here, and apart from one over voltage problem that gave a little work to my UPS, everything’s just fine. Having these in mind, I thought about giving you a hint on some excellent antiviruses that are also completely free, and which are pretty easy to find.

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