AOL India launches its portal – WWW.AOL.IN

My friend told me about AOL India portal.

According to their site statement:

AOL India provides products and services ranging from the renowned AOL Messenger and free e-mail to compelling content that includes News, comprehensive coverage of Cricket, Bollywood, Hollywood, International Music and scintillating ringtones. AOL India especially caters to the informational needs of Kids and students; not to forget sage advice from Gurus from around the world.

The first thing I’ve noticed that it is not all compatible with Firefox. Many things are not rendered correctly. They need to fix this issue as well as add more content. AOL India has city guide.

AOL India launches its portal

Visit AOL India Online.

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  1. There is some fault as I am unable to get reponse freom connections due to some slowness in webiste

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