Antarctica Volcanos Found

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The first evidence of a volcanic eruption from beneath Antarctica’s most rapidly changing ice sheet has been reported. The geography of Antarctica is dominated by its south polar location and, thus, by ice. The Antarctic continent, located in the Earth’s southern hemisphere, is centered asymmetrically around the South Pole and largely south of the Antarctic Circle.

A volcano is an opening, or rupture, in a planet’s surface or crust, which allows hot, molten rock, ash and gases to escape from below the surface. Volcanic activity involving the extrusion of rock tends to form mountains or features like mountains over a period of time.

There are four volcanoes on the mainland of Antarctica that are considered to be active on the basis of observed fumarolic activity or “recent” tephra deposit
A volcanic fissure and lava channel.
(Fig. 01: Volcanic activity in progress [ Image credit: Wikipedia ]

The volcano on the West Antarctic Ice Sheet erupted 2000 years ago (325BC) and remains active. The volcano is located beneath the West Antarctic ice sheet in the Hudson Mountains at latitude 74.6°South, longitude 97°West. The British Antarctic Survey (Bas) scientists report their finding in the journal Nature Geoscience. Hugh Corr, Bas said:

We believe this was the biggest eruption in Antarctica during the last 10,000 years

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