HydraCoach – Intelligent Water Bottle

HydraCoach - Intelligent Water Bottle
This is smart Water Bottle – it will tell you if you drank enough water or not :)

All you have to do is punch your weight, duration and intensity of exercise, the temperature, and altitude into the HydraCoach Intelligent Water Bottle’s hydration calculator, and it will calculate rest of the details.

From the product page:
The HydraCoach is the worlds first Interactive Water Bottle. It calculates your personal hydration needs, tracks your real-time fluid consumption, paces you throughout the day and motivates you to achieve and maintain optimal hydration. Our Doctors, Nutritionists and Fitness Trainers all recommend that we drink more water yet there has never been a device to help individuals adhere to the expert’s recommendations. The HydraCoach is the only product of its kind and a breakthrough in personal hydration monitoring.


  • Calculates Your Personal Hydration Needs
  • Tracks Your Fluid Consumption Throughout The Day
  • Paces You to Ensure Hydration Goals Are Met
  • Motivates You to Stay Properly Hydrated

=> See product price and availability information at official site (found via bookofjoe)

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