How to glow your skin

Bad skin gives bad impression. Fast food and other packed juices make the scenario worst. Your skin reflects what you eat everyday.

Bad skin gives bad impression. Fast food and other packed juices make the scenario worst. Your skin reflects what you eat everyday.

To glow you skin

  • Exercise every day. Make sure you walk for 30 minutes everyday. I seat in front of computer for more than 8-10 hours everyday, walking helps me to keep tab on overall fitness.
  • Drink lots of water. I drink 8-10 glasses of water and see your skin glow.
  • Include fresh fruits (apple, orange and other fruits) everyday. A bowl of fresh salad for lunch and dinner is must everyday.
  • Milk and curd is a must daily.

Try to avoid:

  • Eat homemade food “I used to eat at office cafe every afternoon. It was all junk food. Now I had instructed my cook to come early and make my lunch. I carry roti, dal, rice and subji everyday with me :) . Carrying food from home is one the best decision I had made ever.
  • Say no to oily food and restrict quantity of all sweets, nuts etc. If your skin is really a bad avoid all of these for 3-6 months (I eat sweet once a week).

These tips help to glow skin as well as keeps tab on your weight. If anyone has more tips, just comment it back here.

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  1. 1. Drink 8 to 10 glasses every day
    2. Wash your face with mild soap everytime you go out and come back home.
    3. Take cod liver oil tablets

  2. Do 30 min jogging, 15-20 min breath(yoga) in fresh air, 7-8 glass of water, avoid direct contact with sun and keep ur skin clean!!

  3. daily i get up at 4.30 morning and start the day by taking two glass of luke warm water followed with pranayam….. and in rest of the day drink atleast 3 liters of water. Avoid drinking water in between and jst after the meals. :-)

  4. Hi friends , u can do a easy home facial at home to glow ur face , take off of banana and add milk , make a fine paste massage ur face and neck for 10 to 15 min , than let it dry for 10 min , wash ur face with cold water c the difference , it feels so soft and good , regular massage helps ur skin to glow and gives u fairness ..

  5. hi i want to consult that how my skin will glow whenever i used to go out in summer my face became so dark i even cant sit with anybody. i washed my face thrice in a day so plz tell me what should i do.

  6. my face have dark circle and im so sad what can i do?????????????????????????????????????

  7. For Black Circles on faces ………. its problem with sexual instability ………….. if you musterbate stop doing it and try to avoid bringing sexual thoughts into you ……….. u will get rid of it with in 2 months

  8. add half tea spoon of lemon juice to 2 tea spoon of raw milk, wash it off with water after 10 mins. do it for 2 weeks u will see amazing results. apply sun block whenever u are out in sun. drink plenty of water. u can also apply mashed papaya and banana and wash it off as soon as it dries off.

  9. i am 34 yrs old i want to know that how i get ready for party & my make up remains as it is.Because when i get ready for any function my makeup remains dull within 5-10 minutes.And give tips for glow the skin.

  10. my baby girl is 2 year old and how to keep there skin as glow and it is possible to make stright hair curly

  11. i daily dring water as i get up in the moring 2-t0-4 glass of water….the effects of this water i can feel but the problem is that i looses my weight..and i dont want this coz i already….slim body….so the effect on this slim body aftrerward ,u can imaging…now tell me how can i get rid of it

  12. To keep your skin glow eat badam daily,drink lots of water and wash your face with mild soaps and use moisturisers, eat fresh fruits do pranayams breathing techniques, daily take glass of milk.

  13. prayers also give freshness to skin……. apply fresh aloe vera paste directly extracted from aloe vera leaf and leave it to dry, do it on regular basis it works amazingly on skin,its a remedy for sun burns blemishes dry and dull skin.
    one other thng dnt cut fruits from ur diet,eat any fruit daily spcially apple

  14. hey sandeep sharma u should take sweet things to get rid of it!!!!yupxxxxxxxxxxx drinking wate really workx to give a glow appearance!!!try it!!

  15. Yesss. Lots of water intake and most important thing is sunscreen lotion e.g. Suncros with SPF 25 or 30, because sun reflections also damage skin & makes it dark.Wash u r face daily with DOVE soap.These r the simplest things to be followed everyday to look younger.
    Trust me Its my personnal exp.

  16. Sugar!! Sugar d0es magc! Use it twice a week n ur skin wil gl0w. . Just mix it wit fEW dr0pz of water dn leav it 4 15 mins, ul c d softnes of ur new skin

  17. my face texture is vey dark as compared to the rest of my body. i donot even understand what is the type of my skin..

  18. main causes of dark circles are lack of sleep,stress,or iron deficiency.check out your problem.if u don’t lack sleep n don’t have stress then go for blood check up it must be iron deficiency then no matter what u do its not going to plenty of dates,jaggery,banana,etc.things which contain iron.

  19. My younger girl’s skin is oily and looking dull and she has blackheads on nose tip. How can i glow her skin and remove blackheads? she is 12 years old.

  20. Applying curd on face everday will help to reduce the darkness of skin due exposure to sunlight.Use almond paste mixed with milk everyday,drink lot of water and wash your face with cold water whenever possible.

  21. This can be due to the over exposure of face to sunlight.Apply curd on face everyday and wash with cold water whenever possible.

  22. Drinks a lot of water in a day.and do excerice daily.And dont eat more ice cream.My exprience i eat daily a ice cream,with that cream it glow on our face,so jst try it for a week.then ull c a difference.Its true.And every morning take a kiss on ur checks from ur loved ones ,it will become soft

  23. hey can any one tell me how can i remove my dark circles, my eyes not look young n fresh . so can any help me in this problem……………….pleaseeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeeee

  24. !. Take a yellow banana and a glass of milk after ur dinner in 15 min before u go to bed…
    2. Add cheese butter ghee 2 ur food…
    3. Sleep as much as u can preferably during afternoons as u find time…

  25. exercise is the thing which helps u ,proper sleep is a must as it relieves u from stress try remembering good things happened in life as it reduces stresss

  26. hey priya… ur not alone i have the same problem iv tried everything nothing seems to be working. can anyone help?

  27. Hello to my all friends, i m 40 yrs,we are three brothers and two sisters in family, all are married,i am elder one, my all family members including parents says that i look younger to my brothers, i took care always of my skin.. but i want to get some more glow, i want to look more young, so any of my friend, can tell me. which food is helpful to me,and how much quantity of food or fruit,or veg.i have to add in my daily diet.. usually i eat an ornage and a apple almost daily.. so friend, i m waiting for your suugestion and advice

  28. hai priya and anonymous your dark circles may be due to your stress……….
    reduce your ur stress try it and see if it didnt work out i’ll give u another one……………….

  29. salam!! my name is waqar and i want to ask that my for some tips for my skin, it is so oily, rough and have reddish spots on my face. i am so much worried about my face. it decreases my confident level. kindly inform me. [email protected]. or 03452437714

  30. Dear yamuna,
    try to avoid oily things and the most important wash your face 5-6 times in a day it will help you out definately.

  31. You should aply mixture of honey,rose water,curd and massed pottato on your face i hope it will helg u.

  32. 4 dark circls
    1 pure badam oil on eyes at ngt
    2 haldi plus lemon juice 4 to 5 mins will help also cucumber juice i tried .. N orange juice pack n also nevia lotion

  33. Hii Friendzzz To Glow ur Skin Pls follow the following steps Aviod sitting in Ac Cabbins , Eat home made food , Drink 15 Glass water . eat apple early morning Walk 5 Km A day AS how i did Now All are impresed of my Skin


  34. hi
    i m 30 yrs , i hv brown scars on my face, appeared for the last two months. No facial can improve it. It going darker and darker daiy. kindly suggest.

  35. hi my skin is not glowing i know drinking water gives effect on my skin but i can’t drink water coz i don’t like water and when i take a glass of water i felt dirty like vomit so wat can i do i take just 1 oe 2 glass of water in a day in summer and winter both……………..:(

  36. Hi Deepika,

    Try adding 2 table spoons of lemon or lime juice to about 300 ml of water. The juice should make the water more palatable and more over the juice of lemon or lime also is beneficial for cleansing your disgestive system.

    Take care to NOT add sugar.

    But if you want the benefits of glowing skin from water, you need to drink more than 1 or 2 glasses a day. At best, you need at least 2 liters of water a day. No hurry, work your way up from 2 glasses a day to 2 liters a day.

    A Nobody

  37. actually jab main chota tha tab main bahawt gora tha par dhire dhire meri skin tan hota gaya.and also my face give me some tips to reduce tan frm my skin.please

  38. Hi,
    Regular Facial ,2 Ltr. water per day ,Massage in Night & One fruit daily is sufficient for glowing skin .If you do this you dont have need of any cosmetic.
    Good Luck for Beautifull Glowing Skin

  39. heqalthy mind, exercise for 30 mins a day and 2 L of water is the basics
    but also adding atleast 2 fruits of different colours daily in your diet and a sunscreen of SPF 30 for surely will help you for extra glow
    my mantra for basics one more will be: never sleep without washing your face and always apply a nice nourishing night creama ccording to your skin type: dry/oily/combination.

  40. my skin is oily & its not glowing give me some home made tips for that, & to reduce the pimples also suggest something.

  41. I am 24 years old, My skin complexion is wheatish but on summer it gt dark …and i gt drak circls also …i have combination skin..please suggest some remeides to remove dirck circle and to get lighter and glowing skin for ever.

  42. hi jaya,

    This is sahitya, by seeing ur problem i can give u a simple solution like apply the badam paste( badam powder+milk) daily on ur skin where it gets dry. very soon the dryness will go. try it out n tell me the result. all the best n be positive always. bye…

  43. hi abhishek, to remove tan try the egg white with honey and apply it on the effected areas.

  44. hi, i m shivani from delhi actualy mere skin bhut oily hai and mere face pe pimples bhe kafi hote he pls mam give me some tips for how can glow our face permanently………………

  45. hi, does any1 plz hav some good home tips my skin s dry and on my legs i have red little spots they not pimples but red n how an i please make my thigh soft n clear n my face i will reali appreciate it, if someone help me.

    Thank you x

  46. My skin is color and glow changing , get glow and the after days again it become dull and blackish why & how it happen?
    this is happening from 2 years

  47. Hi iam 26 year but looks like 30+ my face with wrinkle and patches looks without glow. Plese help me

  48. mix two table spoon of lemon juice+ two table spoon og rose water +2 tablespoon of glycerine.. apply it before going to bed at night.. and you will have a glowing and wrinkle free face in a weeks time..

  49. hi amrita,
    my skin is also like yours……………………………….
    my suggestion for you is:
    eat a lot of carrots………………………
    yes it really works….
    it would take some time like 3 to 5 weeks
    but i works…………………………
    gud luck amrita………………..

  50. help me please my skin is so oily…………………………………
    with out using any chemicals………………..

  51. all you have to do is exercise, lots of fruits and sleep. Another thing that would make your skin glow is being intimate. You get to enjoy but at the same time benefit with a glowing skin.

  52. my skin is very oily so plz tell me how can i glow on my face plz reply me very soon and my face on more grain so tell me solution

  53. hiii
    i have a very very oily skin and it looks clean n nice(glows) when i wake up in the morn but when i step out of the sun with in secondss marks on ma face becomes more visible and i luk realy dark….i tried many sun screans n alll but nthing actualy helpingg,,,can u give me some tipss to luk gud when i go out.

  54. I have much more imples on ma face with oily skin….and there is no glow and have dark spots of pimples wht shud i do….?

  55. hi,when i was child my skin was whight but now my skin become black.mam i really need your recommendation.

  56. u better ripe tomato juice on ur face….do it once for a day nd it gives u a gud result

  57. hey em nitasha from delhi…i hve problem of dark circles…do temme some suggestions to remove it…

  58. Hi ,

    i gain weight because of outside food and chocolate specially mint one.
    Can you please tell how can i stop eating it . i am worried because of this habit.


  59. my skin is oily n some pimples also.I felt really bad to face someone
    Please suggest me some steps to cure this.

  60. my skin is oily n some pimples also.I felt really bad to face someone
    Please suggest me some steps to cure this

  61. hey buddies..

    firstly try to control your dirtty thoughts..n young over junk food..
    control your breath capacity and try to increase it by morning walk..running etc etc..

    make sure abt your diet..tht u r eating healthy food..try to protect yourself from sunburn..sundamage..

    for non-veges..try to eat more fish in your diet..
    for veges..try cucumber..and veges..increase vitamin c in your diet..
    ”morning yoge” especially breath control..

    most important..crack jokes..laugh at your fullest..and u’re smarten enough..

    mmm..10 glass of water..sound and tight sleep..

    ”boil milk half cup and add one full lemon jouce..apply on your face(in night only) n wash it in morning with noemal water”..

    have fun..

  62. Hi,

    my age is 27 and still i gets lots of pimples on my face. i tried medicine. Its had gone but again started 1 o2. I drink lot of water atleast 3 litres. I am working in night shift. so when ever i get in the afternoon, i drink 2 glass of honey-lime water. But i do not find any glow and reduction of pimples on my face.

  63. try to do brisk walk 1 hour before sunrise and c d miracles happening 2 urself for ur fatloss skin eyesight etc etc etc etc do deep breathing during the walk do it especially in feb 2 sep

  64. M y skin is oily but i dont have pimpuls ..but after each shave on my face some area gets a pimple like formation with little pian this due to the oily skin infection???? help me

  65. every thing takes time…night shift creats lot of heat in our body which causes many skin probles in us …
    before u go to work drink plenty of carrot juice and wash u r face with fresh water in every 2 hours.
    and one most true medicen is, apply u r saliva in the pimple reguarly …i am sure u will find that it get reduced with in 5 to 6 days tryyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyyy will work….even though u try this dont tell this to any one ………………………………..

  66. hi shivani

    take coconut milk and coconut oil and 2 teaspoon kasthuri turmaric, mixed all the three and boiled for 10min,then filter it.apply this oil daily before bathing and take bath with green gram powder.your skin really glow and yr color also improved……

  67. hi…..

    my age is 27 and i have pimples on my face…earlier it was clear but i think reason is i have taken some medicines related to periods in my marriage after this my face glow continue decresing & having pimples specially in summers…my skin is oily……

  68. hello mam i am 30 years old my skin is oily on nose area and my complacent is dark so plz give me home made suggestion.

  69. go to hell i luv to eat out and eat alot and lots of sweets with nuts but i am still fit

  70. Heyy.y.yyy…..
    my skin is oily… it gets oily after two to three hours…..
    due to oils my skin darkened…..

    plzz… help me ….

  71. mere face par bahut chote chote pimple hai aur do teen halke brown spot plz how to reduce it pl reply

  72. Take baisan,milai,milk and haldi mix up all these things and stir all these things and apply this paste on face twice daily and wash up with warm water

  73. i drink 6-7 litre water daily.
    firstly it help to glow face & skin
    seondly reduce fat.
    try & see result within a week.

  74. pleaze daily use everyouth daily face wash,drink lots of water in a day,drink fruit juices,when you wake up daily walk on refreshed green grass because effects your eyes plz try.

  75. I want to remove dark circle & meri chin and upper lips ke area me bhi kuch darkness haii want to remove this. plz give me suggestion.

  76. i have a dark black line on my nose. these are not blackheads. it seems that nose is divided into two parts.can u plz tel me how should i finish this line and how to keep our skin healthy and glowing

  77. hello!!
    actually i want to know how u started carrots; and how i can start and what effects u observed on ur face;is there any natural way to wash face

  78. hiii!! meri skin dhoop mai swimming karne sai kaali ho gayi hai!! aur mere face par white spot hai !please helppp!!

  79. Hi i am from Assam my problem is that my skin is dry and it is tooking bad.what can i do? PLEASE HELP ME…

  80. Dude ….best way to get fairer skin ever in ur life u must use raw AELOVERA juice (from plant) ….& see ur skin after 1 week ….2 week…and so on…u look 100% fairer skin as u want….its applied by my self & our Ayurveda also prescribed that…… further cosmetic’s needed……!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  81. i have dark complexion.i want to become fair.and my skin is there are pimples could i become fair & handsome?plz anybody give me solution…..

  82. hi! duh i have pimples both side to next to my nose and i make my skin dry bcoz of washing and my pimples are little bit red and small without pain but it looks weird and i am useing infecting cream every night it makes my pimples more small and wash my face with soap (dove) so any comment plz tell! i want my face clean

  83. Hi,
    Meri skin sawali hai.I want to glow this.right now I am using oliva bleach 5 to 6 times in a month & a creem of ponds white beauty daily.Is it correct ? give me a corrct path.
    is it possible to make my skin gori?
    please help me in this problem my age is 22 years

  84. hey amrita !! my advice to you for u r oily skin is try facial of basun , curd daily u will feel difference deffly, n also dont forget to steam the face before going for a facial it worked for me too frend ……t/c

  85. hey every day please try a home remedy “atta+milk+lemon juice+honey ” and apply it and wash …just check after 1 week and reply …aakriti

  86. I have used many cream to clear my face. But there is no effect on my face. My face looks dull. So i want a solution for it

  87. I have used many cream to clear my face. But there is no effect on my face. My face looks dull. So i want a solution for it & how to glow my skin my face…………………………………………………………………………..i have dark circle and face is dull plz give me solution

  88. hey hai deepak …..dis is amita…really water helps in getting glowness …..s it tru? but i drink 4 litres per day…but no result…should we drink in the morning????

  89. Dear sir ..12 yrs before i hv chicken pocks ….after that my skin of face and hands are not like young…. fade complexion and usuly allergic like rashes in my face in summer specially….so pls advice me for my glowing face complexion n remove allergies for ever. i will b thank full to you .

  90. I have dark circles too, they suck but putting cucumbers over your eyes helps- keep the cucumbers in the fridge so they are cold when you apply them, that helps too. Also a green based concealer under the eye does more good than a yellow or pink. And for the dull skin try to drink 8 big glasses of water a day with about a 1/4 cup of lemon juice. Its sour at first but you get used to it, and eventually its starts tasting more like lemonade than water- which is a bonus! Also you can go online and look at home remedys like a oat and honey facial or things like that.

  91. I had moderate acne. I told my mom i wanted to see a doctor about it and she happily agreed. The doctor gave me this topical called clindoxly gel and it has benzoyl peroxide and clindamycin phosphate in it, it works sooooooo well!!:) now im just dealling with the scars which i will ask about at my next appointment.

  92. i have blackness on hand ( sun taining) i did lot of treatment but no efect. I want permanent solution to make glossy my han as well as entite body, my hand are hairy.

  93. add multani mitti+besan+lemon juice+wheat flour+turmeric after this make a paste of this and aply on ur face and wait for 15 minutes after drying just rub that paste and use lke a scrubber….apply daily and see the results in 15 days…

  94. actually i have a very dry skin whenever after washing my face it becomes very dry again evn though putting a cream

  95. For Dark Circles have more food which is rich in vitamin A like carrot, Apple & also massage ur eyes with oil twice in a week, before u go for bath & also have a lot water

  96. even my doctor recommended the same..but its not helping me with the marks left behind and some blackheads..plzz help

  97. I have lots of dark spots and hair on my face….I got tired of all dis….This makes me look dull n ugly :( I have wedding of my brother in law in dis april before than i need to remove all dark spots from my face..As i have an allergic skin so no use of cream or soap…I use Pears (soap) from past 10 years but no change in my skin…I want my skin to be glow like a kid pls do help me

  98. Make a mixture of lemon juice and Glicerin.and apply it on your face.wash it off after 45 minutes and you will se the change.

  99. Apply fresh milk cream on your face before you go to bed and leave it for whole night.and wash itr off in the morning with lukewarm water do it everyday and see the change.

  100. khushi , clindamycin phosphate gel does not give immediate results.. it takes some time say about 1 week.. for reducing your blackheads try using clean and clear , it should help . And i you have any marks then try using melalite its an very effective cream..

  101. use vasiline body glow or body lotions is very helpfull to u drink water as much as possible fruits or fruit jucies daily.not irregulerly.within 5 days u will get results surely.

  102. Khushi,
    Try using the obagi Nu derm starter kit system. The entire nu-derm line is great for cleasning, toning, and acne marks. It works wonders, and i am speaking from experience.

  103. if u have lots of dark spots in ur face b4 going to the bed apply( aloevera,turmeric,2-3 drops of lemon juice and besan ) mix all these things and apply in ur face and massage 4-5 times and give circular motion and d if u have more do this 4 -1 month and see the result

  104. Drink 8-10 glasses of water n eat healthy and wash ur face twice n three times in a day

  105. Add a spoon of honey & half spoon of lemon n apply tht to face, leave for 10 mins n rinse through water so tht u can get a glowing face naturally….

  106. If you want to really make your skin glow i highly recommended eye rid serum which is help to make your skin glowing and healthy.

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