India’s fastest broadband: 8 Mbps Airtel Broadband Connection

Recently Airtel a leading private ISP in India announced the first ever 8 Mbps ADSL plans for Bangalore.

This step is in right direction. Personally, I’m happy with MTNL 2 Mbps plan. At work we have 155Mbps x 3 connections so I never worried about bandwidth.

The cost is as follows according to official website:
=> 4 GB limit/month INR. 1299
=> 8 GB limit/month INR. 2222
=> 20 GB limit/month INR. 4444
=> 50 GB limit/month INR. 9999
=> 100 GB limit/month INR. 19999

I wish it was bit cheaper, I need 20 GB plan around INR . 1500. Currently service only available in Bangalore and Chennai city.

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50 thoughts on “India’s fastest broadband: 8 Mbps Airtel Broadband Connection”

  1. The Serive given by Airtel is Cool, but they still are not everywhere like MTNL and Reliance, as Reliance gives a Wireless connection too.
    Even i am Expecting Airtel Boadband to reach my Place in New Delhi.

  2. Hi, my name is parvez my house is situated in pillana garden pin-code 560045. i was having a reliance wimax connection i get fed up with that connection and i have terminated that connection. so i’ve from my collegues & friends that airtel broadband is a great connection so can anybody please help me to find the airtel isp in pillana garden.

  3. Can somebody tell me in Kalkaji Extension (near Okhla Industrial Area), which fast connection I can get ? I have used Reliance wireless, which is useless as it is very slow. MTNL always has issues with lines & most of the time, it is out of order.
    Is Airtel a cheaper and faster one ? I had used it sometime back, but, I found it to be too costly, if I compare it with free downloads they give & the speed as well.

  4. bandwidth is good
    but limited usage is really idiotic and damn costly
    i on average download 50 gb per month
    in india internet is really costly
    in japan 1 gbps unlimited connection is just 52 USD

  5. I cant understand why we have to break our skulls in order to find an economical unlimited “broadband” plan( by broadband I mean 2 mbps+) in India. BSNL has one but we need Landline for that.

  6. I use Airtel..
    my plan is UL 1299
    512 kbp/s during day time
    and 1 Mbp/s in the night ( 10 pm – 6 am )
    it comes with some other features..and unlimited bandwidth
    pretty good :D

  7. thanks to airtel owner ……………………………..
    i say the best broadband is airtel
    love for ever
    my life !!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  8. Reliance and BSNL both suck!!
    I have both…no one EVER comes to even HALF the speed they promise in the ads. Reliance Netconnect spped is pathetic. They promise 3.1 mbps but in reality it is just 200 KBPS nothing more you can expect.
    Every company in India has learnt to CHEAT consumers since there is NO LAW in this place.
    Even with repeated complaints to customer service it does not help.
    BSNL is a bigger story – they gave me an unlimited usage but the connection is just about 70KBPS. Although they promise 256Kbps.
    No hope for consumers in India. I wrote to TRAI also on these issues, no reply and no action.
    Jai HO!!

  9. Tata Photon Plus is a new Mobile Broadband Service. Tata Photon+ – the next generation technology offers a great mobile internet connectivity solution. With Tata Photon Plus you now have access to the internet at never before speeds. Call 9342427054 for more details.

  10. Hi,

    I would just like to clarify something to you, the internet connection speeds i.e. 256 Kbps/512 kbps etc and the corresponding download speeds 32 KBps/64KBps etc. are very different. Kbps means ‘KiloBits per second’ & KBps means ‘KiloBytes per second’ this means that a 256 ‘KiloBit per second’ is in fact giving you the full bandwidth if your download speed is >32 ‘KiloBytes per second’ meaning your download speed will always be approximately Browsing speed divided by 8 (8Kb = 1KB).

    Secondly, there are laws in place that state that internet connections should compulsorily provide a bandwidth of the above mentioned amount, it is enforced by TRIDA, I believe (I might be mistaken).

    Finally, it is my humble opinion that receiving a download speed of 70 KBps and complaining about it is downright spoilt, especially when lower income guys like me have to get by with a download speed of 22 KBps.

  11. always divide the the bandwidth they provide by 8 and the answer wud b the download speed u wud get!
    u cant get 16 mbps in super 16 airtel plan. u will only get 16/8=2 mbps max!!

    So first know the technicalities

  12. Yaar! airtel is too costly.I thinks MTNL is good.It is cheaper then others.Trust me.I am using it.You know that aircel 98 plan was one of the slowest browsers in the world…………..

  13. hi friends im fom tamilnadu. im frm rural area can anyone tell me bsnl rural area free modem offer is availabe or it is over. i need immediate reply to avail connection

  14. speed is quite fine but the price is too high. the thing we must know is that the isp’s give the bandwidth speed. but the actual download speed will be 1/4 th of your connection speed. for eg., if the connection is a 2Mbps connection, then the download speed will be around 512kbps. this is true and happens almost in every connection.
    here somebody said that the 256kbps bsnl connection gives him 70kbps speed. i too use this broadband plan. i get an average speed of 28kbps. if i accelerate it to maximum efforts, it goes just upto 35-37kbps and not more than that. 70 kbps is a better speed in bsnl 256kbps plan.

  15. man all indian broadband providers suck , they suck to the core .. whats with the reliance providers .

  16. Hi indians!
    its appreciating to have a 16Mb bandwidth there in india.
    but its too costly.
    In Pakistan we students are given 1Mb for Rs 800/mon (student package) with unlimited download.
    i am using my cell as modem, that connects with 115Kbps for Rs 250/mon.

  17. hey it’s enough i advice u to use MTS 3.1 mbps broadband connection…
    it takes only 17 min. to download a 140 mb file and its speed is avg. 165 kbps…
    just pay Rs 999 and get unlimited downloads…….

  18. you are so lucky because you can get different broadband connection but in bangladesh it is not possible . because broadband connections are not yet available all cities it is only available big city like dhaka and chittagong and it is so costly if you want to 1 mbps connection you have to pay 5100 taka or 2500 RS !!!!!!!!!!!!

  19. I use British telecom broadband for my business. fastest net connection everrr :) :( :D :O :))))))))))))))))))

  20. I cannot agree more. Quality of EVERY DAMN service and product in this country is HORRIBLE – blame it on the ignorance of the consumers or the corrupt organizations or the illiterate support staff.

  21. ITS not actually unlimited. Its limited to 30GB… MTS says its unlimited but in reality every nationalised ISP sucks!! go for local ISP’s in your area,a nd trust me, local ISP’s r much better than nationalised ISP.. am from Durgapur,WB.. and i use my local ISP named AKASHTORY.. it gives me unlimited plans of 2mbps(250KBPS download speed) fully unlimited 24hrs for Rs.999/month… :)

  22. hey guys india could get the greatest internet connections if on ly AOL had set up their services here they got the license but they do not know how to provide their services to an affordable price for indian standards

  23. hey guys…
    The reliance netconnect is nice plan for notebook, laptop users. The only I didn’t like that they are not providing unlimited plan and the customer support is amazingly poor !!

  24. Airtel is so rubbish connection m feeling ashamed to have this connection m hving Rs999 unlimited plan its too too too too too too slow but wen i used reliance its speed is vry fast than airtel reliance helped me to submit my online projects, assignments. Airtel downloadings take One Month to complete HUH m fed up frm airtel connection so guys dnt buy airtel signal modem its toooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooooo slow and terrible..

  25. Really? The guy is paying for something he’s not getting — forget the class differences — and you support that? Paleeeeeze. You’re part of the problem then.
    I too subscribe to a BSNL 1Mb plan, but routinely only get about .7Mb (700Kb, by the way – and I’m an engineer). So, I’m not getting what I’m paying for either — and that’s when it’s working. So now I’m going to try switching to Airtel.
    Go ahead and tell me how I’m wrong. I’d LOVE to hear the argument

  26. Yeah … most every other country has this figured out. I was in Belgium last year for a month. The free internet AT THE AIRPORT tested at 16Mb down via Speedtest. India is the center of the technology universe? Hmmmmm …

  27. Nothing to argue, but airtel is as bad as the rest… noone offers a dedicated line it’s always shared.

  28. reliance is waste.once you take connection you have to pay high bills every month and even you ask to disconnect they dont and they keep on sending mails.i took for 3000.later it was 2000 for those who took next to it is 1200.but sala ambani will collect the extr amount from ur pocket in instalments

  29. everyone wants speed for internet.our basic machanism is to cheat. every server provider wants to cheat his consumers just to pocket more dough. we have to live up with this so long you stay in a corrupt country like ours. let us learn to be indians

  30. Could u please tell me anyone what is the reliable & fastest mobile broadband connection in india, iam currently in Mumbai.

  31. Nothing matches beam ( only in Hyd ) i am getting 10mbps ( upto 30 gb) and then 2mb/s unlimited @1000/m.

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