AMD to set up $3 bn chip plant in India

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced to setup chip plant and technology support for India’s first semiconductor manufacturing plant. The $3 billion plant will be set up by SemIndia, a group of overseas Indians.

Dr. Vinod K. Agarwal, is a Founder, President and CEO, SemIndia, Inc. He has made a rare transition from a distinguished researcher to a notable entrepreneur. With SemIndia, Inc., Dr. Agarwal and his colleagues, have a new enterprise to create “Semiconductors Made in India ”

Announcing the partnership, Mr Vinod Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, SemIndia, said the project is expected to take off next year and will lead to a world-class industry in India to meet domestic and global demands of semiconductor chips for cell phones, PCs and set-top boxes.


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