How to take care of a CD and DVD Collection

Everyone has a great collection of CDs and DVDs. My collection includes Audio, Movie, Computer softwares/games, playstation & xbox games etc. Over a time of period, my collection keeps growing on… Here is how I take care of my CD/DVD collection to increase its durability.


Tips for to care of a CD/DVD

  • Always handle discs by the center of hole
  • Never wipe any disk with a dry cloth or shirtsleeve. Use CD/DVD cleaning products.
  • Always put disc(s) in their cases after usage i.e. you should return disc to storage case immediacy after use
  • Store disc in clean and cool environmen
  • Use special marker pen to mark label. Do not use any other pen or ink that might take time to dry

If any one has more tips please share with me :)

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4 thoughts on “How to take care of a CD and DVD Collection”

  1. you can also very carefully insert the discs into a system or case this prevents one out of all scratches

  2. and you can also prevent scratches by not moving or bumping into the system. If the system recives alot of vibration it could scratch the disc. so don’t cause vibration

  3. taking care of discs is a good way to not waste any money. so take care of you’r CDs, DVDs, Blu-Ray discs, and Game discs.

  4. My Dad has tons of CDs (I tried to count once and had to stop at 650, there were still A LOT MORE), he keeps them in CD towers and is VERY careful in handling them, he’s taught me a lot about caring for CDs as I’ve started my own collection of great music.

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