How to find and change Nintendo Wii DNS server IP address

Nintendo Wii is fine game console system. You can find out current DNS server IP address or change them using following method:

  1. Make sure your Wii is connected to the Internet.
  2. Select Wii Options.
  3. Select Wii Settings.
  4. Now click the right arrow once to view the Internet option > Click Internet
  5. Select Connection Settings.
  6. Now select the connection profile you are currently using.
  7. Select Change settings
  8. Select Auto-Obtain DNS settings i.e. click the right arrow three times until you see Auto-Obtain DNS settings.
  9. Click No, then Advanced Settings.
  10. Now click on Primary DNS and Secondary DNS fields and type in your ISP DNS server IP addresses.
  11. Select confirm > Click on Save and Finally click on OK to start the connection test.
  12. Next perform a Wii system update.
  13. And you are done!

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17 thoughts on “How to find and change Nintendo Wii DNS server IP address”

  1. hey umm ive been wanting to hook up my wii the internet for a long time and today i got their lan cable thing, and…it still dosnt work…. wheni just try with every thing on auto, it says 52120 which is their code for ” just turn your modem off and back on again and see if it works” so i tryed putting in allllll that info, the ip address, the subnet mask ect + the dns servers, then it says my wii has the same IP as my comp er something else. i dont understand , this is very frustrating if you can help me plz send me an e-mail. thank you

  2. Ian, dunno if you fixed the ip problem with your Wii, but try adding one number to the last four digits of the ip address to the is your ip, change to so the wii one is slighlty different. dunno if it works but thats what i was told to do for my DS.

  3. My wii changes the ip address i put in there for example i put in ***.***.0.5 and it automatically changes it to ***.***.000.005 not sure but i am pretty sure this changes things can someone please confirm/deny this?

  4. 1) hit start
    2) hit run
    3) type in the run prompt CMD
    4) a command prompt should open up
    5) type in “nslookup” with out the quotes
    6)Your dns should be the one that says adress:

  5. I have a nintendo wii but someone delet my internet setting
    for IP Address
    Subnet mask address
    default router address
    and i went out to get air station wireless- called buffalo usb 2.0
    can i put this in to my nintendo wii and connect with my laptop by wireless
    can you send me settings please
    thank you

  6. Adding the extra 0s is okay for the address. It will work the same with or without them.

  7. Great tip. I had gotten into the advanced settings but completely overlooked the whole right scrolling to the additional settings. Thank you!!

  8. How does one locate the dns infor for the wii????…….step 10 is my question…

  9. Hi boss, i wnt 2 in4rm u dat let u gve me DNS server cos of primary address n secondary address.

  10. Hi there
    I live in the Turks & Caicos and I watch netflix here but it is the latin american one , so if I change the IP adress on my Wii can I watch then the american netflix? does anybody know?

  11. 7. – Select Change settings. I do not get this step when I click on my wireless connection I am using. Could you help with this.


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