Our Brain Ahead Of Us By 10 Seconds

A new fMRI study finds that the outcome of freely made decisions is encoded in prefrontal and parietal cortices up to ten seconds before conscious awareness. Thus, these brain regions begin to prepare an upcoming choice before subjects are aware of it.

The brain is a part of the body that allows us to make sense of the world around us and to change our behavior to respond to it. In most animals, the brain is inside the head. The brain is kept safe by the skull and by layers of tissue under it called the meninges.

The human brain controls the central nervous system (CNS), by way of the cranial nerves and spinal cord, the peripheral nervous system (PNS) and regulates virtually all human activity.

A study has revealed that the brain makes decisions about 10 seconds prior to a person realizes it. Experts involved in the study said that looking at brain activity while making a decision, they could predict the choices the subjects would make, before they realized that they had made a decision.

=> Unconscious determinants of free decisions in the human brain

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One thought on “Our Brain Ahead Of Us By 10 Seconds”

  1. Not always true — there are situations in life, where you decide literally in one second — for example evading a flying object from hitting you (you decide direction of your move).

    As usual, conclusions fetched too far are drawn about our brain in popular-science media again.

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