Which is the top most site in the world?

Have you ever wondered which is the top most site in the world? Recently I came across very nice article. The top portal information is based upon in the number of unique visitors, and is also the top destination for news, a market. So here are top 10 web site according to vistors:

#1 : Yahoo Inc 101.3 million visitors (Yahoo.com)
#2 : Microsoft Corp.’s site with 95.6 million (Microsoft.com)
#3 : MSN portal, 92.1 million (msn.com)
#4 : Google, 80.4 million (google.com)
#5 : America Online Inc., 75.7 million (Aol.com)
#6 : EBay Inc., 55.2 million (ebay.com)
#7 : MapQuest, 39 million (mapquest.com)
#8 : Amazon.com, 37.6 million (http://amazon.com)
#9 : RealNetworks, 36.4 million (realnetworks.com)
#10 : The Weather Channel, 31.2 million (weather.com)

Found via yahoo news.

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