Permanently remove or erase data from CD and DVD

So you want to remove or erase data from CD and DVD… Here is new DVD/CD combo, which destroys the all data stored on DVD/CD.

PlexEraser is a data destruction utility that makes a recorded CD-R or DVD disc unreadable. The drive will “re-record” over the Lead-in and data sectors of a write once disc rendering the disc data unusable. Initially this feature will support DVD+/-R and CD-R media. Firmware upgrades will add support for DVD+/-R DL media. This utility is available with PX-760A/PX-760SA.internal DVD-ReWriter drives.

PlexEraser picture

But hold on Plextor will soon roll out new DVD/CD combo called PLEXERASER. As a name suggests it, destroy the data (it will only take 6 minutes to completely erase data).

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