Movie review: Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag

I was looking for powerful cast and sholay II action. but there is no aag and no sholay. The movie is total disappointment. Let me tell you – Sippy’s classic is the best one. Please Mr. Sippy make part 3 (or sholay II), period.

Moive is more like typical bollywood gangster file which is nothing but RGV’s trademark for making the gangster files. Mohan lal may be the good actor but he did not speak a word of good hindi. A Very bad movie and please stay away and save your money.


=> Cast: AB, Mohanlal, Ajay Devgan, Sushmita, Nisha kothari
=> Director: Ram Gopal Varma
=> Rating: 1/5 (total disappointment)

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One thought on “Movie review: Ram Gopal Varma Ki Aag”

  1. Lets get this straight, I am a Ram Gopal Verma fan. His movies are slick, interesting and gripping. But this time it is none of the above. It was always an uphill task to live up to the rep of Sholay but our man Verma didn’t even put up a decent fight.
    Let’s start with the basics. The entire ensemble of actors is miscast. Every one in the movie should have been doing someone else’s role or none at all. Devgun is a weak Veeru ( His take on the Dharam’s sharabi scene on the water tank is rank terrible. In any case he has walked thru the movie like a zombie). Who the hell is this Prashant Raj a-la Jai? The man’s only USP is his height. The rest is nothing to write home about. The portly Mohan Lal lives the role of an overfed, over nourished Thakur/Narsimhan. I am sure the dosa shop in the neighborhood did roaring business during the shooting. The poor fella must have been so tired by the end of his gastronomic adventures that his dialogue delivery is worse than a literary recitation by a 5 year old. Nisha Kothari looks cute but then I have always been partial to Pahari women aur woh bhi Uttarakhandi, so you guys can form your own opinion. She did chatter dime a dozen but Hema bhabi ki yaad bahut ayee. Finally the Boss. Mr Bachhan after 40 odd years in cinema ought to learn that hanging his mouth like a lap dog and giving blank looks of his forest pool eyes is not necessarily good acting. I thought that his cub in his now-I-am-here and now-I am-gone did a better job in his two minute special appearance. Sushmita has always been, was in this movie and will always be outstanding. Sush baby I dig ya.
    The good news is not because of Verma ji but despite him. Occasionally you are transported back to the good ol 70s Sholay by the background music, hints of the original dialogues (Holi, kab hai holi…..only this time it is Diwali). All in all ladies and gentlemen watch it for the curiosity factor and for a subject matter for bitching all Sunday afternoon before or after the beer and bar-b-cue.
    Heard on The Week That Wasn’t: “There are only two good things in Aag and both of them belong to Urmila Matondkar”

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