Fanaa movie review

It will be fun to watch Aamir and Kajol’s first performance together. I think this is her first movie after her marriage.

I will watch it may be tomorrow or Sunday and I will update all of you later on

This is a good film not like one of those just entertainer, but worth of every rupees you are going to spend.

As usual, Aamir acting (don’t expect him as punjabi patriot this time) is world class and oh boy Kajol remainder me old good days. Zooni (Kajol) the blind kashmiri girl falls in love with the aamir who is masquerades as an Army officer is actually a terrorist. Songs are good too.

Go and watch this movie :)

My rating 4/5

Cast: Aamir, Kajol, Tabu and Rishi Kappor

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