Anthony Kaun Hai movie review

Arshad and Dutt both are back again in new action movie.

This is not a comedy movie it’s an action packed thriller movie with some light movement.

Suju baba is a contract killer and Arshad is a conman. He is next on dutt’s list.

From the Y! Movie page, “Another defect — and this has nothing to do with the script — is that you expect Sanjay Dutt in the main lead [going by the promotions], but Sanju’s presence is akin to a special appearance. Yes, Sanju’s there at the start, in between and also in the end, but it’s Arshad’s story that he’s listening to. Sanju comes in after every 20 minutes and his screen appearance lasts for not more than 3-4 minutes [at times, even less than that!] every time he appears. Obviously, the die-hard Sanju fans are bound to feel disappointed!…”

Well if anyone got a chance to see this, let me know .. I am waiting for some feedback… ;)

Overall, this movie is a nice timepass. As usual, Dutt played a nice roll. I will give this movie 3 1/2 out of 5. You can watch it once.

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