How Do I Remotely Reboot Linux System?

A remote Linux / UNIX server can be rebooted using following methods:

A) Login to remote server using ssh as root user and use any one of the following syntax:

ssh root@remote-server-ip


ssh root@remote-server-name

When prompted for password please supply remote server root password.

B) Type reboot command as follows:


You can also save time using the following reboot command over ssh session:
ssh [email protected] reboot
ssh [email protected] reboot

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11 thoughts on “How Do I Remotely Reboot Linux System?”

  1. just tell me how to login in ssh with ip and root password, i am using putty for login but when http is down not able to login, and other end ip is ping fine.

    pls tell me how i can reboot server myself..


  2. how to remotliy shutdown linux RHEL 5.0 systems
    i have only system ip not password

  3. how to restart remotely a hanged up linux server

    i tried ssh root@servername, but with no reply..?

  4. How do I get the GNU GRUB box off my computer??? Everytime I turn on my computer it comes up and I can’t enter ny system at all. Can someone please assist me.

  5. But if you’re ssh’ing then it’s not a remote reboot.
    is there a way to remotely reboot a server.
    server1>reboot -s server2

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