Top 10 tallest building in india

You will find most high rise or tallest building in the commercial capital Mumbai – a city of west-central India on coastal Mumbai Island. It is India’s main port and commercial center. No wonder both commercial and residenical space is a premium.

Remember a building above 24 metres is classified as a high-rise.

List of tallest buildings in India

  • The Imperial, Mumbai – 60 Floors
  • Ashok Towers 1, Mumbai – 53 Floors
  • Planet Godrej Mumbai, 51 Floors
  • Shreepati Arcade, Mumbai – 45 Floors
  • RNA Mirage, Mumbai – 41 Floors
  • Belvedere Court, Mumbai – 40 Floors
  • Oberoi Spas, Mumbai – 40 Floors
  • Kalpataru Heights, Mumbai – 39 Floors

the imperial building mumbai - tallest building in india

Above image is the tallest buildings currently under construction in India called ‘The Imperial towers’ in Mumbai.

What is the definition of the word wiki?

A wiki is website just like any other website which allows guest and registered users to add, modify, edit content.

A wiki is website just like any other website which allows guest and registered users to add, modify, edit content. Anyone can modify content. It follows online collaboration model and good for building wiki. Sometime wiki also refers to the collaborative software such as wikimedia.

According to wikipedia:
The first wiki (WikiWikiWeb) was developed by Ward Cunningham in the mid-1990. The word wiki is a Hawaiian word meaning “quick”. Wiki systems are therefore designed so that their content can be made available in a quick and uncomplicated manner.

Environment & Nature – See live breathing earth

Breathing earth was created by David.

If earth had lungs, an x-ray of them would resemble that of a chronic smoker. Using data from the World Factbook and the United Nations, this site by designer David Bleja elegantly contrasts the globe’s real-time dioxide emission levels with each country’s birth and death rates. A deep red color lights up to show countries currently emitting 1,000 tones of C02.

All the usual industrial nations are there, such as the U.S., China, Russia, Japan, India, and much of Western Europe. Small golden suns highlight a recent birth, while brown circles note a death. In the left corner, you’ll see a tally of how many humans have come into the world and how many have left it since you’ve been watching, as well as how much C02 has escaped into the atmosphere. The data may not be pretty, but the presentation is stylish and smart. And it may make you think before you take another puff from that tailpipe

See live breathing earth (Source yahoo directory)

15 Best Cool Places on Internet (www sites)

They call it as ‘Complete List of the 15 Best Places to Waste Time’ :D

It’s first thing in the morning and you’re at the office. You’re sipping your coffee and sifting through e-mail, but you’re not quite ready to delve into the real work of the day. So what are you gonna do? Fire up your Web browser and distract yourself by wasting time on the Internet.

=> The Internet Movie Database
=> Microsoft Virtual Earth 3D Beta
=> Triplets and Us
=> RuneScape
=> Rotten Tomatoes
=> AOL In2TV
=> HOT or NOT
=> What Would Tyler Durden Do?


Internet has total 100 million web sites

Wow. I remember creating my first site at university in late 90’s. Later I had booked a domain and created my own site in 1999.

But according to netcraft news internet has 100 million web sites:
There are now more than 100 million web sites on the Internet, which gained 3.5 million sites last month to continue the dynamic growth seen throughout 2006. In the November 2006 survey we received responses from 101,435,253 sites, up from 97.9 million sites last month.

The 100 million site milestone caps an extraordinary year in which the Internet has already added 27.4 million sites, easily topping the previous full-year growth record of 17 million from 2005. The Internet has doubled in size since May 2004, when the survey hit 50 million.

50 coolest Websites 2006

Time Magazine released its list of 50 coolest Websites.

From the site, These site suggested by time magazine readers, colleagues and friends, others discovered during countless hours of surfing. Many of this year’s choices are shining examples of Web 2.0: next-generation sites offering dynamic new ways to inform and entertain, sites with cutting-edge tools to create, consume, share or discuss all manners of media, from blog posts to video clips.

See list of all 50 coolest websites here :)

Watch the World Cup 2006 Match from Linux terminal (or from Windows) in ASCII

This is cool and wonderful stuff.

According to this article, “HAVING TROUBLE seeing the World Cup from your office due to the stubborn refusal of the BBC to broadcast video feeds over the web to outside the UK? Or maybe the concept of watching football offends your tech side?”

Just open terminal and type the following command:
telnet 2006

telnet 2006

See offical site for more information.

Explore the ocean with Ocean Explorer site

National Oceanic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) site has tons of information about Ocean where generally we cannot go or dares to go.

The site has photo gallery, video clips and education section. This section provides direct access to over 200 lesson plans, offers professional development opportunities for educators, and has an ocean career component.

I find this site quite interesting and I’m gaining lots of knowledge about ocean.

See NOAA site for more information.