Howto: Keep wordpress blog private from search engines

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Recently I did setup a blog site for corporate client. This blog is only for company employees, its dealers/retailers business partners and other people related to core business. This blog is immediately pickup by both Google and Yahoo search engines.

They send me new request to remove blog from Google and Yahoo!. LOL, which is beyond my control. Anyway, I found a Google webpage that remove indexed data.

Next, I put entire blog in password-protected directory and I am working on wordpress plugin that will allow only authenticated user to see blog entries.

To be frank, blogs are available on the Internet exactly like other webpages. The only way to keep any blog (including wordpress, and other all blog software) hosted on your own server is to put in password protected directory from both Search engine and guest users.

So how do I put wordpress blog in a password protected directory?

I have already wrote about how to password protect directory using Apache and Lighttpd webserver. Please follow instructions as given on these two urls.

How do I find out the popularity of my web site?

SEOmoz has published new interesting tool called Page Strength, for all website publisher. From SEOmoz webpage, This tools gives following information:

=> The Relative Importance/Visibility of a Webpage
=> The Potential Strength/Ability of a Page to Rank in the Search Engines
=> Data on Popularity, Links & Mentions of the Page Across the Web

The tool is designed to satisfy the curiosity of webmasters, surfers and web marketing professionals seeking a better metric to quickly assess a site/page’s relative importance and visibility.

Overall, it is a great tool, IMPO. Visit SEOMoz’s Page Strength tool online.