The President of India asks a question at Yahoo Answers

The question is – What should we do to free our planet from terrorism?

Yup, this is really the President of India, Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam. I am totally surprised by Dr. APJ Abdul Kalam using yahoo to ask question. Dr. Kalam is one of the most distinguished scientists of India, having received honorary doctorates from 30 universities and institutions. His focus is on igniting young minds for national development and transforming India into a developed nation by 2020. Can it get bigger and better than this?

You will also see answers from famous personalities including
=> Kiran Bedi

=> Akum Longchari

=> Leander Paes

=> Sri Sri Ravi Shankar

All of them providing their own thoughts on the subject.

You can also view the President’s video before you decide to answer his question.

You can also win some cool goodies by answering the question – The latest , fully loaded. Tablet PC with a high end webcam :D

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan Engaged

World’s most beautiful woman, queen of bollywood and Miss world 94 Aishwarya Rai finally getting engaged with superstar Abhishek Bachchan.

She began dating Salman Khan. They breakup a few years later generated a substantial amount of press attention. For a time, Rai was frequently seen in public with her co-star Vivek Oberoi.

Aishwarya Rai and Abhishek Bachchan Engaged

Now, Amitab Bachan confirmed that Abhishek got engaged to Actress Aishwarya Rai at Mumbai residence. However no date has been fixed for marriage yet.

They are going to be hot bollywood couple ;)

100 Things We Didn’t Know Last Year

The BBC news magazine has published list of 100 things we didn’t know last year.

Each week, the Magazine chronicles interesting and sometimes downright unexpected facts from the news, through its strand 10 things we didn’t know last week. Here, to round off the year, are some of the best from the past 12 months.

1. Pele has always hated his nickname, which he says sounds like “baby-talk in Portuguese”.

2. There are 200 million blogs which are no longer being updated, say technology analysts.

3. Urban birds have developed a short, fast “rap style” of singing, different from their rural counterparts.

4. Bristol is the least anti-social place in England, says the National Audit Office.

5. Standard-sized condoms are too big for most Indian men.

6. The late Alan “Fluff” Freeman, famous as a DJ, had trained as an opera singer.

7. The lion costume in the film Wizard of Oz was made from real lions.

8. There are 6.5 million sets of fingerprints on file in the UK.

9. Fathers tend to determine the height of their child, mothers their weight.

10. Panspermia is the idea that life on Earth originated on another planet.

Read the rest of list…

On which of these days in the month of Chaitra is Lord Rama’s birthday celebrated?

On which of these days in the month of Chaitra is Lord Rama’s birthday celebrated?
1. Purnima

2. Navami

3. Ashtami

4. Ekadashi

The correct answer is no # 2 Navmi

More information
=> Purnima – The Full Moon is the lunar phase that occurs when the Moon lies on the opposite side of Earth from the Sun. The older method of assigning names is based on seasons and quarters of the year. For example Buddha Purnima comes in May or Narali Purnima, comes in August.

=> Navami – This day is the birthday of Rama. Rama Navami falls on the ninth day i.e. Chaitra Masa Suklapaksha Navami

=> Ashtami – This is victory date for Durga killing Mahishasura.

=> Ekadashi – Ekadashi is fasting day. Ekadashi itself is a combination of ‘Eka’ (One) and ‘Dashi’ (Ten), meaning the eleventh day after the full or new moon.

This is a question # 8 (episode #8) of KBC3.

Cartoon creator Joe Barbera dies

Joe Barbera was an American animator, cartoon artist, storyboard artist director, producer and co-founder, together with William Hanna, of Hanna-Barbera. The studio produced well-known cartoons such as
=> Tom and Jerry (my favorite cartoon show)
=> The Flintstones
=> Scooby-Doo etc

From the article:
Joe Barbera, half of the Hanna-Barbera animation team that produced such beloved cartoon characters as Tom and Jerry, Yogi Bear and the Flintstones, died Monday, a Warner Bros. spokesman said. He was 95.

Barbera died of natural causes at his home with his wife Sheila at his side, Warner Bros. spokesman Gary Miereanu said.

With his longtime partner, Bill Hanna, Barbera first found success creating the highly successful Tom and Jerry cartoons. The antics of the battling cat and mouse went on to win seven Academy Awards, more than any other series with the same characters.

This is sad news. I grew up watching all these wonderful cartoons. Rest in peace, we will miss you.
Tom and Jerry Cartoon Show

How to build wealth – just follow these 10 rules

These are 10 rules for building wealth

Fumbling when it comes to investing? Don’t panic. There are easy ways to get your money to work for you.
Get rich in seven easy steps
=> Start early
=> Use your 401(k)
=> Keep it simple
=> Don’t try to beat the market
=> Don’t chase trends
=> Make saving automatic
=> Go heavy on stocks
=> Hold down fees
=> Ditch credit card debt
=> Defer taxes

10 Rules for Building Wealth / FORTUNE

Who owns the worlds half the wealth?

BBC World Service reports that – Richest 2% own ‘half the wealth’ and rest all of us fight in 50%. No wonder the people at the top of the tree are enjoying the best things in life.

“Wealth” has come to mean an abundance of items of economic value, or the state of controlling or possessing such items, and encompasses money, real estate and personal property. In many countries wealth is also measured by reference to access to essential services such as health care, or the possession of crops and livestock.

Report findings

=> The report, from the World Institute of Development Economics Research at the UN University, says

=> The poorer half of the world’s population own barely 1% of global wealth

Who owns the worlds half the wealth?

=> The richest 2% of adults in the world own more than half of all household wealth(
Wealth is heavily concentrated in North America, Europe and some countries in the Asia Pacific region, such as Japan and Australia.

=> These countries account for 90% of household wealth.

Read rest of Richest 2% own ‘half the wealth’ report

Download complete here

Money may make you a little bit happier

They say Money can’t buy happiness, or so the saying goes. But it may not be true at all.

Ed Diener, a University of Illinois psychologist, said that the connection was complex but that very rich people rated substantially higher in satisfaction with life than very poor people did, even within wealthy nations.

“There is overwhelming evidence that money buys happiness” said Andrew Oswald, an economist with the University of Warwick, in England. The debate, he said, is how strong the effect is.

In any case, researchers say money’s effect is small. It’s much better advice, if you’re looking for happiness in life, to try to find the right husband or wife rather than trying to double your salary, Professor Oswald said.

If You’ve Got the Money, Honey, You May Be a Little Bit Happier []

Shahrukh khan to host kaun banega crorepati (kbc) 3

amitabh bachchan photo

Kaun Banega Crorepati is an Indian game show. It was one of India’s most popular game TV shows.

First two parts (or seasons) were hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. Kaun Banega Crorepati Dwitiya (KBC 2) also hosted by Amitabh Bachchan. However show was closed by star plus (star network) after the host Amitabh Bachchan fell ill.

Now new is that king khan is all set to host 3rd part – KBC3. Shah Rukh Khan started his career in 1988 by appearing on various television series such as the war drama series Fauji playing the role of Commando Abhimanyu Rai and other series such as Circus.

Now the million dollar question – Will SRK make a better host than AB?

Update # 1 Official KBC3 website is online now here

Update #2 : I will post answer to entry question.

KBC cheat sheet question # 8: On which of these days in the month of Chaitra is Lord Rama’s birthday celebrated?

KBC cheat sheet question # 7: Which of these is issued by the income tax department?

1. Credit Card
2. Debit Card
3. ATM Card
4. PAN Card
Correct answer is PAN Card.

More info

=> Credit card is issued by Bank or Credit company
=> Debit card is also issued by Bank
=> ATM card is also issued by Bank to withdraw money but you cannot use the same for paying bills at merchant’s location.
=> PAN card is issued by income tax department, government of India.