Apple iPhone 3g Wireless Announced

Steve Jobs unveils a new version of its iPhone, with support for faster 3G wireless networks and faster phone.

Finally, Apple has unveiled a second generation of its iPhone, with support for faster 3G wireless networks and communication. It is third generation of mobile phone standards and technology. New 3g phone should provide broadband speed upto 384 kbit/s. Currently Nokia and Blackberry phone leads smart phone. I have palm Treo 700p smartphone and it works like a charm.

The 3G iPhone will be released on 11 July and starting price will at US $199 for basic model. According to BBC news:

The new iPhone also comes with GPS satellite navigation built in for location-based services. The iPhone was first launched last year and was criticised for its support for slower 2G networks only. Mr Jobs said the 3G iPhone was “three times faster” downloading content over a mobile network compared to the original device.

=> Apple announces cheaper 3G iPhone

Apple's iPhone in India ( Official Version From Vodafone )

Now you can get offical version of Apple iPhone in India. Vodafone set to offer the Apple iPhone to its subscribers in India before 2008-end.

Vodafone is all set to offer Apple’s iPhone in India and other countries such as Australia, the Czech Republic, Egypt, Greece, Italy, Portugal, New Zealand, South Africa and Turkey will also be able to purchase the iPhone for use on the Vodafone network.

This is great news for all fan boys. The iPhone combines three amazing products a mobile phone, a wide screen iPod and a breakthrough internet device into one small, lightweight, hand-held device with the best e-mail ever on a mobile phone. It allows for full screen web browsing, multi touch screen and applications such as Google maps. The latest software update can now allow you to customize up to 9 home screen pages anyway you like.

Vodafone set to offer Apple’s iPhone in India (image credit: wikipedia)

How to Secure Apple Mac OS X Computer

This article explains several other OS X security features that aren’t enabled by default that can do a lot to enhance your Mac’s security.

A nice tutorial about Mac OS x and security issues.

Apple’s approach to security can be a little bewildering at times. It’s a well-trumpeted aspect of the OS, marketed in detail on the website. Mac OS X has integrated smartcard support and Apple has certified the OS under the Common Criteria guidelines; a section of Apple’s developer site is devoted to the subject of security.

Airtel Apple iPhone in India

Airtel had signed a deal with Apple to bring the iPhone to India, later this year

Bharti Airtel, announced that they have signed a deal with Apple to bring the Apple iPhone to India, later this year. Vodafone is all set to offer Apple’s iPhone in India and other Asian countries.

Chekout press release for more information.

Real Apple iPhone review: It is a piece of shit

The (in)famous Maddox an American author and magazine columnist, wrote an interesting and real review of the Apple iPhone. I think it is a non-biased review:

No, I’m not going to get an iPhone, quit emailing me about it. I’m not getting one because I already have a phone that’s better: it’s called the Nokia E70, it’s the pinnacle of human achievement, and I love it more than my family.

The iPhone is a piece of shit, and so is your face (found via digg)

Download Apple Safari 3 browser for Windows XP and Vista

Apple has launched a version of its web browser Safari for Windows, competing head to head with Microsoft’s Explorer and Mozilla’s Firefox.

According to Apple’s website:

The fastest web browser on any platform, Safari loads pages up to 2 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. And it executes JavaScript up to 2.8 times faster than Internet Explorer 7 and up to 1.6 times faster than Firefox 2. What does all that mean for you? Less time loading pages and more time enjoying them.
A test version of Safari 3 for Windows XP, Vista and Apple Macs running OSX, is available for download from the Apple website. Apple is hoping to replicate the success of iTunes, which has proved enormously popular on both Macs and Windows machines.

“We think Windows users are going to be really impressed when they see how fast and intuitive web browsing can be with Safari,” said Mr Jobs.


=> Download link

Free Download High resolution wallpapers for Windows, Linux and Mac OS X desktop

InterfaceLIFT website provides graphical user interface enhancements for Mac OS X, Microsoft Windows, and Linux.

You can download desktop wallpaper, icons, themes, and news with a focus on community. New content is posted virtually every day on this site.

All you have to do is visit their website

Select wallpaper

Select Size and click on download

You can view, sort or select wallpapers date wise or size wise. Currently they are offering 1,236 desktop backgrounds in widescreen and standard format for use with all operating systems. New wallpaper is posted daily!

Visit InterfaceLIFT website to pimp your desktop :)

Howto speed up my Mac OS X computer

A nice list that will help you to clean up and speed up MAC OS X :)

From the article:

After Apple recently announced a delay to OS X 10.5 Leopard I had to delay my iMac upgrade until the Autumn. This led me to thinking about how to speed up Tiger to get the most out of my ageing G5.

This is what I came up with:
1. Repair Disk Permissions
Navigate to Applications > Utilities > Disk Utility. Select your Macintosh HD and select Verify Disk Permissions. If needed you can then Repair Disk Permissions.

2. Clear out login items
Its good to check that unwanted programs are not starting up when you login to your Mac. This can be done from System Preferences > Accounts > Login Items.

Download of the day: CoRD Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft Windows

CorRD is Mac OS X remote desktop client for Microsoft remote desktop and terminal services.
It is an open source native client for Mac OS X.

It is a Universal Binary, and allows you to connect to multiple servers concurrently. It was originally ported from the UNIX program rdesktop

Download link

=> Download CoRD