Linux Playing encrypted DVD

Linux includes xine, totem or other DVD/movie player softwares. However when it comes to encrypted DVDs most of the DVD player software under Linux generate error:

libdvdread: Encrypted DVD support unavailable.

Many DVDs use css for encryption. To play these discs, a special library is needed to decode them, libdvdcss. Due to legal problems, Debian and most Linux distro cannot distribute libdvdcss, but it is available on other places on the internet. If it is legal for you to use css, you can download & run script (same script may be installed at location

A) Just login as root and type the command:
Visit url and download the script then type the command:
# ./

OR try as follows if wget is installed in your system

# cd /usr/share/doc/libdvdread3/examples
# sh

B) Once libdvdcss installed you can use them without problem.

C) However in some cases even after installing the libdvdcss does not resolves the problem. Some encrypted DVD still reports the problems such as:
“The source seems encrypted and can’t be read. Are you trying to play an encrypted DVD without libdvdcss?” OR “Media stream scrambled/encrypted” OR error windows as follows:

Xine DVD Software Error

Totern DVD Software Error

This problem can be solved by two ways:

i)Try to update your DVD software such as xine or totem

ii)Or install VLC media player. Under Debian GNU/Linux install vlc using atp-get command :
# apt-get install vlc

iii) Then start vlc and play DVD as follows:
Click on File menu > Select Open Disk > Select disk type > DVD > Click OK

Setup VLC DVD Software to play encrypted DVD

Please note that do not select/click DVD disk type as DVD (menus). This will result into same error. From Navigation and Video menus you can control rest of the operations or move to next/previous titles in DVD.

The Blue Planet

The Blue Planet – DVD is all about a natural history of the oceans. It includes superb image of marine life, information on new species and its habitats. In very the first episode when you see ‘Blue Whale’, you realized how amazing is ocean world and start to believe on God. It has some the most stunning footage of marine life that you never knew exists. After seeing this DVD my respect towards ocean and especially marine life is increased.

The entire DVD is divided into eight episodes. Each episode starts with introduction and followed by in depth coverage of the topic. It includes a very nice soundtrack from the award-winning composer George Fenton.

Episode # 1: The Blue Planet
This the opening episode. It explains the important of the oceans and complexity of the blue plant (our earth)

Episode # 2: The Deep
It takes you into deep dark sea where different animals plays each day the game of hide and seek. Different type of predators exists in deep see, they comes in all shapes, colors and uses weird techniques for hunting.

Episode # 3: Open Ocean
Open ocean is like a desert where nothing saves the burning sun above and the blackened abyss below. However, in this vast open ocean live many of the most spectacular predators.

Episode # 4: Frozen Seas
It is all about frozen worlds of the Arctic and Antarctic and it is compared, where the annual freeze and retreat of the sea ice governs the pace of like. Tempratures goes down as low as 70 celcesion and below, however spring comes and changes the life. respite

Episode # 5: Seasonal Sea
Following the seasons of the year, this episode explores the effects of the changing power of the sun on marine life in the richest of all the oceans habitats, the temperate seas.

Episode # 6: Coral Seas
Bathed in warm, clear tropical water and brilliant sunlight, coral reefs are the rainforest’s of the sea.

Episode # 8: Tidal Seas
Tides dominate marine life, dictating precisely where and when many will breed and tidal marshes are also one of the most productive part of the world,, yet life is not easy

Episode # 8: Coasts
The world above the tide line is possibly the most dynamic habitat in the oceans. Constantly in flus the coasts have a few permanent residantes but many must return from open ocean to breed.

It also includes additional features such as Making Waves

* Final words:

“This is an informative collection of rich marine life. A must have for you and especially of kids to gain compressive, knowledge on the natural history of the worlds oceans”

* Studio: BBC Video
* Rated: NR
* Special Features:
i) The making of blue planet
ii) Deep trouble an ecological documentry
iii) Blue 5 minute theatrical short
iv) Photo gallery

v) Interview with production team

* My Ratings: 4-1/2 out of 5
* Subtitles: YES (English SDH only)
* Number of DVD: 4
* Running time: 488 mins approx
Offical URL: It has articles, games and other information.

Mumbai Rain floods and IT

Recent record rain in Mumbai took its toll on IT too. Many call center located in Mumbai diverted work/call to Delhi and Bangalore. This put lots of pressure workload in this cities.
Network administrator had their worst nightmare. Many of cities ATM, phone lines, Mobile networks were down. Although connections resumes now.
My friend needed some money here in Delhi so he went to SBI as well as HDFC ATM and guess what both were down due to rain in Mumbai. Most of the banks in India have data center in Mumbai and rain hits it very badly. In these days of cutting edge computers, Internet, and satellites banking operations should be easy. I don’t believe then don’t have backup servers and routing in first place :( . We claim to be number of hot spot for outsourcing jobs, but we don’t know how to handle such disaster.
These days lots of private data center exists in Delhi, pune, bangalore cities. Why banks in Mumbai partner with them for backup servers and routing i.e. outsource your work to other cities in India itself so rest of the people get service.

Because they have don’t have backup plan in Mumbai the entire banking network went on blink (network is unreachable!!!). This is not good for for developing economic.

Nearly 800+ people are feared to have been killed in worst-ever floods and loss of billions of dollars. May they rest in peace.

Wikipedia has article on Maharashtra floods of 2005.

eBooks vs Paper books

Within few days of official release of Harry Potter book an online version is available to download aka eBook.

Both forms of have their own pros and cons. I prefer IT books in ebooks format, because it allows me to do copy past of code or command or even I can search it for particular command or topic. eBooks also gives an opportunity to normal people to publish book (self-publish) which can cross the boundaries very easily. If you are student then ebook is your best friend to save money. These days many universities provides the ebooks to students. You can take printout or carry the ebooks in portable device read it anywhere anytime. No more bookshelf. One think I don’t like about ebooks is its quality in terms of printing as compare to my computers digital screen. Smooth nice white paper with fine picture and printing quality also gives fine reading pleasure.

However, when it comes to collectors items then you I always prefer paper books. It gives best reading experience. Imagine hot cup of coffee and Sunday afternoon in bed with nice paper book, oh boy what else man want? To be frank when I was kid my grandpa everyday forced me to read newspaper and especially cartoons. Later I grown up with lots of story and other books gifted by my dad and mom. In short paper books gives an elite reading experience.

It is better not depend too much on technology as far as books are concerned :)


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Shahrukh khan’s Son Aryan And Daughter Suhana Khan’s Pic / Photo

Recently someone forwarded me nice and sweet pics:

Shahrukh Khan And Children
Shahrukh Khan And Children

Shah Rukh Khan’s son Aryan made his debut as a child artist in Karan Johar’s Kabhi Khushi Kabhie Gham in 2001.

Update: Another pic :)

Shahrukh khan's son Aryan and daughter Suhana sohana Khan's pic

Update: Another pic (thanks to sweta)
Shahrukh khan’s son Aryan and daughter Suhana Khan’s pic / photo