Apple iPhone 3g Wireless Announced

Steve Jobs unveils a new version of its iPhone, with support for faster 3G wireless networks and faster phone.

Finally, Apple has unveiled a second generation of its iPhone, with support for faster 3G wireless networks and communication. It is third generation of mobile phone standards and technology. New 3g phone should provide broadband speed upto 384 kbit/s. Currently Nokia and Blackberry phone leads smart phone. I have palm Treo 700p smartphone and it works like a charm.

The 3G iPhone will be released on 11 July and starting price will at US $199 for basic model. According to BBC news:

The new iPhone also comes with GPS satellite navigation built in for location-based services. The iPhone was first launched last year and was criticised for its support for slower 2G networks only. Mr Jobs said the 3G iPhone was “three times faster” downloading content over a mobile network compared to the original device.

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