Mac OS X remap or rename keyboard keys

So how do you remap or rename keyboard keys under Mac OS X?

Simply use DoubleCommand software.

It is a free program

DoubleCommand is software for Mac OS X (a kernel extension) that lets you remap keys, in other words change the way your keyboard works. Often used to make a PC keyboard more comfortable with a Mac, swapping the Alt (Option) and Windows (Command or Apple) keys, since they are in swapped positions on Mac and PC keyboards. DoubleCommand is a quick and easy way to fix this if you use a PC keyboard with your Mac.
Mac OS X remap or rename keyboard keys
Download DoubleCommand

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7 thoughts on “Mac OS X remap or rename keyboard keys”

  1. THIS IS TERRIBLE! people are wanting 2 know how to remap LETTERS not function keys. Try fuguring that out please.

  2. Yes- Specifically I wanted to remap the question mark to be back on top of the period.

  3. My ‘h’ key has started ging aposrophe’s rather than the letter ‘h’ for some reason so I want to remap it back to its correct character.

  4. My keyboard has been remapped ( i dont know how)… command key now works as command+arrow down. What can i do? :(

  5. Why is it terrible? Just because you are looking for something different? And no, people like me would actually love to have even more freedom remapping modifier keys. If people like you aren’t smart enough to google then that’s not the authors fault.

    Look into ukelele, this is most likely what you want.

  6. Being able to remap the fn key to the Control Key is great!
    Too bad it doesn’t solve my problem for wanting to map the fn key to the COMMAND key!

    > does anyone know how to remap the fn key to the Command key?

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