India unleashes 4th fastest super computer

India has now official broke into top ten super computers in the world.

For the first time ever, India placed a system in the Top 10. The Computational Research Laboratories, a wholly owned subsidiary of Tata Sons Ltd. in Pune, India, installed a Hewlett-Packard Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c system. They integrated this system with their own innovative routing technology and achieved 117.9 TFlop/s performance.

The twice-yearly TOP500 list of the world’s fastest supercomputers, already a closely watched event in the world of high performance computing, is expected to become an even hotter topic of discussion as the latest list shows five new entrants in the Top 10, which includes sites in the United States, Germany, India and Sweden.

Fastest Computers

  1. USA – BlueGene/L – eServer Blue Gene Solution
  2. Germany – JUGENE – Blue Gene/P Solution
  3. USA – SGI Altix ICE 8200, Xeon quad core 3.0 GHz
  4. India – Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, Xeon 53xx 3GHz, Infiniband
  5. Sweden – Cluster Platform 3000 BL460c, Xeon 53xx 2.66GHz, Infiniband

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Howto: Create a web page

One of our regular reader would like to know more about web page creation method. A Web page is a resource of information that is suitable for the World Wide Web and can be accessed through a web browser. For example this web site created using specialized CMS software called WordPress.

To create a web page, a text editor or a specialized HTML editor is needed. In order to upload the created web page to a web server, you need to use an FTP client. For example you can create a simple web page as follows using HTML language:
Step #1 : Start Notepad

Step #2 : Type the following program:

Step # 3 : Save and close the file as “test.html”

Step # 4 : Double click on test.html

Web template

Please note that the design of a web page is highly personal. You need to make a design according to your own preference. However, I recommend using
a pre-made web template to save your time. A web Templates let web page designers edit the content of a web page without having to worry about the overall aesthetics.

Many people publish their own web pages using web based products such as Geocities from Yahoo, Tripod, or Angelfire. These web publishing tools offer free page creation and hosting up to a certain size limit.

Special software

You can use HTML editor such as
=> Adobe Dreamweaver
=> Adobe GoLive
=> Microsoft Expression Web

Dynamic Web Creation software

Other ways of making a web page is to download specialized software, like a Wiki, CMS, or forum. These options allow for quick and easy creation of a web page which is typically dynamic. Wikipedia, WordPress, and PHPBB are examples of the above three web page options.

Flash Windows Vista / XP DNS Cache With ipconfig Command

ipconfig is a Windows XP / 2000 / 2003 / Vista command utility that displays all current TCP/IP network configuration values and refreshes Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol DHCP and Domain Name System DNS settings. You can use the same tool to clear out Windows DNS cache. This command has /flushdns switch to flush and reset the contents of the DNS client resolver cache. During DNS troubleshooting, you can use this procedure to discard negative cache entries from the cache, as well as any other entries that have been added dynamically.

Command to Flush DNS Vista

Login as administrator

Just open command prompt ( Start > Run > and type cmd > Press [Enter] key)

Type the following command to flush the DNS resolver cache when troubleshooting DNS name resolution problems, type:

As usual you read help by typing the following command:

Please see ipconfig command help page for more information.