Movie review Taxi 9211

Nana patekar is a taxi driver. He needs Rs.30000 end of the day to pay off his loan. John needs Rs. 300 crore by end of the day. Both are in big trouble.

Therefore, john plans to get by challenging his father’s will in court to prove he’s the rightful inheritor. And to get to court he needs Nana’s cab.

On the other hand, Nana needs every passenger he can get to pay off his loan. Now they meet and begins wildest ride for both of them.

I am sure it will great comedy and fun. I will update all of you later on.

The 50 Best Robots Ever

The 50 Best Robots pictures

They’re exploring the deep sea and distant planets. They’re saving lives in the operating room and on the battlefield. They’re transforming factory floors and filmmaking. They’re – oh c’mon, they’re just plain cool! From Qrio to the Terminator, here are our absolute favorites (at least for now).

From Wired Magazine with love: a nifty trip down memory lane that also doubles as a nerd test! There are plenty of familiar faux faces here, just waiting to say hi. R2D2, Hal 9000, Robby the Robot, Optimus Prime, the “classic sexbot” from “Metropolis,” the Terminator, and the Iron Giant all show up for the party. We were pleased to see the attack droids from the 1984 Tom Selleck sci-fi thriller “Runaway” and David Hasseloff’s first lifesaver, Kitt, the “smooth-talking, self-driving” Trans Am from “Knight Rider.” Even the Tin Woodman, “though technically a cyborg,” makes an appearance. Yeah, a lot of this stuff is super geeky (Autonomous Benthic Explorer, anyone?), but what can we say? Nerd out and see how you score out of fifty.

See The 50 Best Robots Ever!

QRIO Robot # 6

Keeping up to date yourself

A report of Mckinsey Global Institute in its latest report on Emerging global market, said only 25% from the total pool of Indian engineers are actually employable.

So how do you ensure that you stay updated with the cutting-edge technologies while studying?

Well you can take the help of Internet to read all latest development in science and technology. Ability to be learning continuously and without a glitch is important for all of us. Here is how I keep upto date:

Tech and Science news
Yahoo India Tech News
Google India Tech News
BBC Science/Nature news
Read various news group via Google group

IT and Technical Books
Safari – O’Reilly Books Online: Search across all of the technical books in the Safari library.

I always go with a band – TOI interview with Bryan Adams

Sunday TOI has published short but neat interview with rock star Bryan Adams. He shared tips on how to throw a party.

I am long time fan of Bryan Adams. My favorite songs are :) :
* Cloud Number Nine
* Summer of 69
* Everything I Do I Do It for You

You can read interview here (page # 4, The Good life section).

India win by 4-1 series and Lift Hutch Cup 2006

The last One Day International (ODI) Cricket match India won by 8 wickets and India win by 4-1 series :D

Congratulation Indian team!!! Both Yuvraj and Dhoni have done remarkable job.

Let us hope so our performance will continue and will take the up coming ICC world cup to home.

I liked the last session of today’s match, especially dhoni played very well :)

Hutch Cup 2006

First bird flu cases in poultry hits nation

More than 50,000 birds died in Maharashtra state. The state’s animal husbandry minister confirms news on Saturday (Source: local television news).

However, there is no report of human infections so far. Maharashtra is my state and it is, India’s richest and most industrialized state, has 100+ of poultry farms.

According to wikipedia H5N1 is an avian influenza virus subtype. The H5N1 flu is what is commonly meant when talking of “bird flu” or “avian influenza”. It is a viral disease that causes illness in many species including humans and is a pandemic threat.

See also TOI news

Aryan Unbreakable Movie

Sohail Khan and Sneha Ullal coming together in action packed Aryan – Unbreakable movie. From the promo, it looks like movie inspired by famous Sylvester Stallone Rocky movie.

It is all about a young man and his passion for boxing and love life (Sneha). He is the college champion. However, one day he gets married with Sneha and he quits boxing starts his life as a sports commentator. Since he is born as a fighter, it is difficult for him to live an ordinary man’s life.

Therefore, he decided to get back to game and become a national chap. Nevertheless, without any practice for years it is hard to come back into game…

I am looking forward to see this one… music is okay

Dell Computers sues innocent Paul Dell the web designer

I just read this story via Digg’s RSS feed. Then I had visited to Paul’s web site. It does not sells computer or IT product. He his just web designer, and this is another one of those David and Goliath stories.

Basically this domain name and business name includes his last name and Dell computer thinks he has committed acts of parasitism and of unfair competition to the detriment of the American company Dell Inc.

Sorry Dell computer I was just thinking to purchase one of your Laptop products but I have dropped the idea :D

Follow the complete news at Paul’s blog and Digg story. If you can help, then please donate to the money to Paul Dell to fight against Dell Computers.

Fight club movie review

So many hunks? watch out for tons of blood and gore tough guys and muscle.

The members of the fight club go to Delhi on a mission and meet Anna and other members. Two songs are good. Cast includes
Suniel Shetty
Zayed Khan
Ritish Deshmukh
Ashmit patesl
Amrita arora
Dia Mirzaq
Neha Dhupia and others

I will update you guys later on movie..If you are looking for timepass, then go and watch I will give 7/10 to movie.