Flicker create a static online gallery of flicker photos

Recently I found interesting online tool called Flickr Album Maker. With this tool, you can create very nice online photo gallery of all your photo in zippy for your blog or website. Visit Flickr Album Maker online form and it will create ready-to-paste HTML code for your photo gallery after submitting your information.

Flicker create a static online gallery of flicker photo

Slide show of sample photos:

You can get lots of other nice tool at fd’s Flickr Toys. You can create a slideshow and share it with your friends.

Movie Review: Rang De Basanti

This is gonna be nice movie I guess. Basically, a women from England comes to India to make a documentary about her grandfather’s diary which was written in the 1920s about the Indian Independence with five young men… It is director by Rakesh Mehra. It will feature Aamir Khan, Atul Kulkarni , Arjun Rampal , and Kunal Kapoor etc. Note sure bit my firend told me that this movie may be available in English version and it may be called paint it yellow.

I will update you guys later on movie… Sorry folks I was busy. Yup, go and watch movie it is really nice one.

Rang de basanti

Flickr How to Post Photos to Your Blog

This is really a cool stuff. You can post a blog entry on any public Flickr photo to TypePad, Blogger, LiveJournal, Movable Type and many other weblog systems, directly from Flickr! First you need to configure your blog account:

1) Visit http://flickr.com/
2) Sign in to your flicker account
3) Click on Your Account
4) Look for Blogging headings
5) Click on Your blogs > Click on Set up a new blog
6) Then select your blog type
7) Follow the on screen instructions to add account.

Post photo to your blog

1) Sing in to your Flickr account
2) Start browsing photo
3) Select photo on top of every photo your will see Blog this
4) Click on Blog this button to add photo

Have a fun :)

King – Kong – Amateur team claims It found signs of Bigfoot in kerala India

King - Kong - Amateur team claims It found signs of Bigfoott

It look like Peter Jackson’s king kong movie giant character was true. A team of amateur claims it found signs of Bigfoot. They found the footprints of a giant man who had shoe size of 29″. According to them giant was:

  • Weighted over 400Kg
  • May have been as tall as 17 ft
  • Full grown male had 29 inch foot print
  • Footprint found at Karalmanna, kerala, India.

If I considering any average height of male (5 ftp 6/” 6ft +) today it was really a giant. S R Krishnaswamy the man who lead the team said that “This is a site where many unknown geological, archaeological and anthropological facts lie buried”. I guess carbon dating and other scientific method may through some light in coming days. Only after detailed analysis, we can accept stories regarding giant and his Bigfoot.

Times of India has more information: King Kong in Kerala