AMD to set up $3 bn chip plant in India

Advanced Micro Devices (AMD) has announced to setup chip plant and technology support for India’s first semiconductor manufacturing plant. The $3 billion plant will be set up by SemIndia, a group of overseas Indians.

Dr. Vinod K. Agarwal, is a Founder, President and CEO, SemIndia, Inc. He has made a rare transition from a distinguished researcher to a notable entrepreneur. With SemIndia, Inc., Dr. Agarwal and his colleagues, have a new enterprise to create “Semiconductors Made in India ”

Announcing the partnership, Mr Vinod Agarwal, Chief Executive Officer, SemIndia, said the project is expected to take off next year and will lead to a world-class industry in India to meet domestic and global demands of semiconductor chips for cell phones, PCs and set-top boxes.


Toyota Predicts Best Cars Could Come From India

Considering hardworking, well-educated people of India, it is not a big surprise for me. At a speech in New Delhi, Hiroshi Okuda the chairman of the world’s #2 automaker said that while Japanese automakers had remained stagnant, Thai and Indian suppliers were winning major quality awards and mentioned the possibility that the two nations could one day make the best automobiles in the world.

Stick Cricket – play cricket game on line

Stick Cricket is a game where the player tries to score as many runs as possible in twenty overs.

Recently, I found a new website called Cricket had become well established in India. You can play stick cricket and much more. You may need to register. You need to score as many runs as possible in twenty overs. “Cricket Academy” allows the player to practice batting against different bowlers with different bowling styles. Stick cricket multiplayer allows the player to play online against people from all over the world.

Stick Cricket play cricket online

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Congratulation goes to Dr. Vijaypat Singhania for breaking highest hot air balloon flight record

Dr. Vijaypat Singhania a textile tycoon (Raymond, India) has set a new world record for the highest flight in a hot air balloon, after a voyage lasting several hours.

The old World Record for the maximum altitude in a Hot Air Balloon stands in the name of Per Lindstrand, a Swede based in UK. The record stands at 64997 ft. achieved on 6th June 1988, in Plano Texas, USA. The Federation Aeronautique International (FAI), mandates that a record to be recognized must surpass the previous one by at least 3%.
He travelled in a pressurised cabin attached to a balloon as high as a 22-storey building. Watch Singhania’s attempt the world record breaking feat-Live! For latest updates at offical web site including record update. More information can be found at BBC asia web site.

World’s Tallest Buildings Roundup

World's Tallest Buildings

Tall building are part of our modern world. As geek I always find it fascinating and SkyscraperPage is well worth a look. Here you can find information each city by using the cities link at the top and working your way through to the navigation system to the building you want. On each building’s page you’ll find details of its height, purpose, when it was built, and where an illustration is available it will be displayed here too.
Each page carries pictures of building (using pixel art) they are amazing. Special note should be given to the Evolution of a Skyscraper and World’s Tallest Buildings sections. More information regarding worlds top 200 building can be found at Emporis top 200 tallest buildings list.

HSBC opens fifth service centre in India

Financial services giant HSBC today opened its fifth group service centre in India- at the Salt Lake here- to provide superior services to its customers worldwide. This center will provide new 3000 jobs in finical sector.

‘The decision to open the fifth Indian centre in Kolkata was taken after considering the infrastructural development and presence of quality human resource in the area,” chief operating officer Alan Jebson said.

One night @ call center

I have heard a lot about this book so my brother ashish brought book for us. First, it is a fiction work and not based upon true story.

The book is all about problems that most of us face in day today life (no matter if you work in call center or not). The book is all about young people who work in call center. Most of them face some sort of problem (girlfriend/boyfriend, money, no job guaranty, clients from US blaming/bashing (overrated) all Indian workers blah blah). In order to get rid of problem God calls them and guides them. Nothing to new, here if you have IT industry background or you worked in a call center. However, book has one good point how to get rid of your day today life problem, if you are stuck in such situation in life then read the book ( however if you are really stuck in life then you should read Bhagwat gita to solve all mysteries of life, IMPO)

In short, book is little over heaped and only useful if

  • You wanna kill your Sunday afternoon
  • If you never worked in BPO/IT industry they you will get some idea about work culture of small BPOs (please note that big BPOs in India follows very good work culture)
  • You wanna find out answer to some your problem in life in funny reading

Book details
Publisher: Rupa
Category: Fiction
Author: Chetan Bhagat
Price Rs.95/-
My rating: 2 ½ out of 5

Nasa’s Radiation Resistant Computers

Well on the earth we don’t need a radiation resistant computers. But when you go high in the sky you need the some sort of radiation resistant computers. But what is the need of such computers? Well let me take example of virus, who destroys data and/or just crashes computer completely, it can be frustrating for us. Now just imagine same situation for an astronaut trusting a computer to run navigation and life-support systems, such crash could be fatal.

According to NASA, the radiation that pervades space can trigger such glitches.

When high-speed particles, such as cosmic rays, collide with the microscopic circuitry of computer chips, they can cause chips to make errors. If those errors send the spacecraft flying off in the wrong direction or disrupt the life-support system, it could be bad news.

So NASA’s new project called Environmentally Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Computing (EAFTC) tries to address these problems. The idea is very simple advanced computers that can think clearly even when they’re bombarded by space radiation.

Chattr like utility under freebsd

FreeBSD has chflags utility or command which modifies the file flags of the listed files as specified by the flags operand. See tutorial on how to Setup file immutable bit which is just like Linux chatter command. Following are flags

  • arch: set the archived flag
  • nodump: set the nodump flag
  • sappnd: set the system append-only flag
  • schg: set the system immutable flag
  • sunlnk: set the system undeletable flag
  • uappnd: set the user append-only flag
  • uchg: set the user immutable flag
  • uunlnk: set the user undeletable flag